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  1. Also, thank you, thank you for letting your dark scenes be dark. I feel like in the gimmicky high ISO craze, suddenly we've become concerned about taking darkness away. The darkness is as much a storytelling tool as the light. We don't always have to see the detail lurking in the shadows. Let it be a mystery.
  2. Haha, I stumbled on your video on my own and posted a link in a new separate thread. I'm very impressed AND I like the style and flow of the narrative in this trailer. It is very shall we say, "French"? Some of the footage is a little soft, I'm not sure the technical reason behind that on your end. I watched it on my 55" 4K TV and it doesnt hold up well. It's almost as if there's condensation or vasoline on your lens. I know for myself I have the opposite challenge, meaning I always have to add slight Gaussian blur to my footage to warm it up, and match other cams. The NX1's 6.5k s
  3. Super impressed. One thing I want to mention is that the level of professionalism shown above has more to do with a good story, believable characters, good locations, composition and lighting than the camera. In fact, you don't want your audience to even think about the camera, or any other technical aspect, you want them engaged in your story.
  4. BTW- some NX1 slow motion inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/user/playmobilindustry
  5. I was in the same camp but I recently saw someone here post a link to an official statement announcing they are closing their entire digital camera division. It was a S.Korean publication. That being said, Samsung has a tendency to word things vaguely, and sometimes open-ended. This could be a factor of poor translation but as an American I have a hard time putting their statements into proper perspective. The way the article was worded seemed like Samsung felt that they could no longer compete in this space because in their view, consumers were dropping DSLR, mirrorless, and point-and-sh
  6. Absolutely. It's my vision, I'm in control of how well (or not) I craft my image/scene. This is my rate, and my techincal requirements. This philosophy is hardly anything new. I don't typically place myself in artistically-circumstantial situations out of my control, largely speaking. There's always the tendency for small fails here and there, but those are usually logistical unknowns. Again, I'm the artist. If I have no control in what I place in my viewfinder, who does? If I have a shoot scheduled outdoors and it suddenly rains and clouds block all my golden hour light, I w
  7. That's the main difference, but another distance is the rib style of where you turn the lens to pull focus. Cine lens's have more of a geared ribbing for follow focus systems. AND cine lens are prime focal lengths. And on a minor note Cine lens's look freaking cooler.
  8. Without companies like Samsung who have extensive research and development labs and endless funds to experiment, don't expect huge technological leaps in the product cycles of current top manufactures. In my opinion, Samsung not only did themselves a disservice by "closing" their digital camera business, they did a disservice to their existing and potential customers and the entire industry as a whole. Look how much Samsung has influenced Apple over recent years?
  9. No personal offense to you friend, but low light cinematography is largely a gimmick in my mind. If one learns to properly light a scene there's no need for insane ISO values. With lighting moving into the realm of LED and portable there's just no excuse anymore. Who would have thought that light gathering sensors respond to...light.
  10. Let me propose this thought in the meantime. Was there ever a time in which 120fps @ 1080 was suitable or widely accepted by an average audience? I think it's important to remember in the face of ever evolving technology that "good enough" doesn't simply go away just because "better" comes along. I'm as guilty as the rest of you for wanting, possibly even lusting over the latest and greatest camera tech. And certainly when you hit the professional circuit many operators and even some clients will judge you solely based off the equipment you associate yourself with. But I have to remind my
  11. I'm not sure how well the dedicated 60mm macro is but if you want macro capabilities in the meantime on any NX mounted lens you can purchase an adapter, even with electronic comm to the camera: https://www.amazon.com/Fotga-Macro-Focus-Extension-Samsung/dp/B00FQBWXW6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1500504759&sr=8-1&keywords=nx+macro+extension+tube https://www.amazon.com/Unpre-Focus-Macro-Extension-Samsung/dp/B01IQZWRWO/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1500504759&sr=8-4&keywords=nx+macro+extension+tube I've purchased the first one and it works perfectly fine.
  12. "NX1 on a one-hand gimbal crane (the Zhiyun Crane) or on an Edelkrone slider." My exact setup. I can't recommend both of these products enough. They work very well with the NX1.
  13. These images prove a few things about the NX1 and many cameras in general and I'm super happy you shared these to help me prove something I tell colleagues all the time. 1.) The secret to getting NX1 footage to look warm and or filmic to is first turn the sharpness down in-camera to -10. Samsung purposely uses sharpening algorithms in many of their products because their user research tells them that most people are attracted to it. It's the same for their tendency for bold contrast and saturation. While this is good for large screen 4k TV screens, it will make your footage look like vide
  14. Yep, I was afraid of this very occurrence myself. So many NX1 pros I respect, and in some cases were responsible for turning me on to the NX1 jumped ship not long after Samsung sort of vanished. I still can't find an official statement from Samsung on closing the market in North America, if anyone has that please share it with me. I'm talking official statements from Samsung, not speculative articles. Their US based website STILL advertises most of their NX cameras, and lens lineup. First it was the Sony A6300/6500 hype which honestly didn't last very long due to Sony's notorious overheat
  15. If you like Samsung NX products tell Samsung to keep them alive. Have your voice heard by easily signing the petition below: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/samsung-keep-nx-alive
  16. Guys, let's keep this topic focused on getting signatures, even if it proves to be too late. At least we collectively spoke out instead of simply letting Samsung's market researchers be the only voice at the table. We need as much signatures as we can get. Please feel free to share the link as you see fit. Thanks guys And could the moderators please pin this topic so it doesn't get buried?
  17. If you like Samsung NX products and want Samsung to keep them alive sign the petition below and have your voice heard! http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/samsung-keep-nx-alive
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