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  1. Would be brilliant to share seriously cinematic footage on pornhub. Wonder if they have a "only porn" sharing policy?
  2. No idea but isn't it viable to host yourself? Since I am off of Vimeo, for customer review I just upload to my own server. Easy since html5 but for massive amounts of view obviously not sensible.
  3. @kye thanks! I know where you are coming from now. I guess it's the question when a picture/clip is truly finished and different reasoning can be applied for this. E.g. For an 10sec tv ad you would go do a complex grade and effects etc. while on a runngun doc with interviews it is just not sensible to do so for different reasons, and p4k is probably not the right tool anyways. I guess it's exactly the same for photos in that sense.
  4. Since everybody is going on about what a masterful knowledge is required to render a "Video" raw file, I am wondering how it differs to exposing a photo raw? And what other knowledge and skill set is required compared to an experienced photographer?
  5. Yeah the 35mm dx is ? And for next to nothing a nobrainer.
  6. Hey Andrew, i have a friend who is working at ice, one of the major revenue calculation?!? Companies in Europe ( or Germany), this basically works like it is working for parties and events. You play certain stuff at the event and the you'll pay GEMA for the individual tracks played or something like it. YT works the same way ( in Germany). Ice is checking views and then giving this to GEMA or who ever, not sure, which is billing YT. GEMA was or is in big money fights with YT. Old story of national against international Duda. Long story short, event people don't ask individual record labels if they can play a track, they deal with GEMA and are free to play whatever they want. What I am saying, just as a general feeling, in Germany all rights holder will be served if you play (upload/view) a track on YT and Tag the song so it can be then counted by Ice. Not sure if it helps, good luck! Maybe read some at ICE. Will ask my matey about it next time.... ....sorry more jibberish, I think here it is also the same for doc film stuff news etc. they use what they want and then rights holders can be served by GEMA afaik this is how it works here.
  7. Great to see a first test being done but I am not to sure how real world this scenario is. What he is doing should've done in a scientific way. Let's say it snaps focus in 0.1 second and z7 in 0.2sec, I wonder how much is feeling in this and how much is relation. Some shooters might wildly jump focus from infinity to closeup while demanding milisec snapping, for me something like constant af is much more important...one could also say this has something to do with good technique, pre focusing and so on...
  8. Haha, 4k60 is pretty much useless to anyone seriously interested in high image quality. ?
  9. We'll all this jpg look comes from choice of picture profile, no?
  10. Puhhhh, cheers thanks for the insights. Ok, so my gut feeling is not that far off. I do a couple of fashion photo shoots a year and although it is not that much of an extensive prep (as with video, I think) experience shows that you need a handful of people knowing what they're doing to have it all come together right.
  11. Well, slightly overwhelmed. In general I would love to take a slice of it home meaning I would love to translate some of it over to my event reportage run and gun stuff. So first question before throwing myself off the roof, please don't tell me you did this on the weekends with a mate helping a little...?!? Because to me this looks like a well organised and equipped shoot with a fair amount of people involved. Makeup, styling, location scouting, bloody amazing lighting etc...
  12. Foxconn suicides will be peanuts against this.
  13. Ahhhrrrggghhh. The only thing I ever wanted was ff and peaking and 120p and Ibis and dpaf and not from a sony body ? @Andrew Reid my life will be constant nightmares until your salvation aka z7 review. ??
  14. Haha, man that a7iii is probably the most fool proof ff budget go out and get stuff done hybrid camera out there. Only time will tell if the zmount can succeed... auto indexing should also work with FTZ no?
  15. 105/125dc, yeah like I said there is a fair amount of awesome glass that is all manual now with z6/7. BUT, for Nikon shooter focusing was manual up to this point anyways, for video. It is a bummer but Af-D glass is from the 90s and early 00s so it is kind of ok to slowly move on...
  16. Well there is a shit load of pretty awesome and cheap Nikon glass around, if you don't want the cream of the crop. Holy trinity three generations ago, should work you can get them for 500 each ish. Then the latest afs 1.8 series 20, 24, 28, 35can be had for roughly 500 each, not bargaining here for +-100 bucks here. Afs 50 1.8 can be had for under 200, 85 maybe 300. Let's suggest we can pull you over to the dark side here. You would be pretty well setup with a grand worth of used glass ?
  17. Nikon is making still quite a few manual lenses, obviously these will only meter but not af. Then they still make some screwdriver lenses they become manual. All current AF-S lenses meaning anything that came out in the last 19 years or so is (no idea when they introduced af-s) going to work pretty flawless FROM WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE on my computer ?. Time and tests will tell....I have heard or read that there is about 2 or 300 lenses that work.
  18. Hey, like I said. I am doing fashion stuff. Here are a gazillion people out there doing the same BUT, are they the best bag designers in town? Have the best skilled production? What's your expertise? How does it mirror in the real world? If we make a prototype and I would put it on my table (or insta yt respectively) no one notices, no one cares. You got to be that bag guy, In your fricking village. If someone thinks about picking up a camera or writing or what ever, he knows he needs to call you because you are the dude in town. "Yeah sure I can help!" If you have no skill no knowledge why would anyone want to see or talk to you? Not joking here. Show us your reel, boom!!! Maybe you would have 5 more fans, off you go....Not sure who it was, maybe @Oliver Daniel posted some work two weeks ago, it just shows he is fucking serious about what he is doing. If i show my product to industry people they see it is made with skill passion and knowledge. Don't waste people's time....I know a couple ad's and account managers in advertising here. If a young guy come up to me and says "hey do you know anyone who could..". I can put you in front of the right people but it is your stuff knowledge skill agreeableness that wins them over. And don't tell them that you are not into advertising. Because why would you care for an audience if it is not for the money for to make more movies or to buy a yacht. (Unless u r lunatic) Intern with the kings here on the forum. Visit @mercer help him with his shoot?..... Good luck. p.s. It is not about mailing lists it is about people respecting you for what you do and having a good time doing it....oh gosh sorry.
  19. Haha, instA is the answer. It is also broken now but fuck email. I know we're you getting at, but it has to be mind blowing content for someone sharing or subscribing to you. i have a fashion brand, it is the same struggle. First your content/product has to be ace/standout/crazy/cats. If that is not the case then why are you doing it? Like everybody is saying, get your shit out there and make it count. E.g. If I walk into a shop with my bag people say "wow nice bag, what is this" this is because I know what shop it is what other stuff they sell etc. get your audience right and they will hopefully get what you are up to. if they don't change product or audience. AND then, hustle man HUSTLE!!!! Adding to that, look at @eoshd yt channel roughly about 156 followers I think (sorry if it is 156k). He is starting also on a new platform. Adding knowledge banter reviews...etc to the channel will make it blow up the next year or so, at least I am hoping for Andrew. Just get started and do stuff that counts to you and there is other wierd people out there that might think it's valuable to them.....you only need a handful of people on the mailing list, but you need the right people on it. Use a medium that people can share and like easily to build an audience....
  20. I am one of this these coal mine shooters mz favorite lens would be 10-200 f0.95 on ff. I work with night googles on so I can see what I am shooting. I usually fall to dust once light hits me surfacing, sorry had to get that out my system. Jokes aside, nikkor 24-120 f4 is a good money making machine...
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