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  1. Haha, ok so what you are saying is: I can blame the camera, or me for doing pans. Great. Can't wait to get my hands on RAW then. One more question if you shoot 4k and pan and then convert to 1080p would this make it less shit? Cheers.
  2. Hey Guys and Kaylee, so I am adding the finishing touches to my first "proper" coorperate image clip, man what a cluster fuck but still fun and quite a steep learning curve on every level, communication wise, shooting and editing aswell. To get to the point. Some clips I have shot espacially ones where tripod panning it feels like I am back in Canon t2i country resolution wise. On top of that I have shot the pans in 50p and when rolling in 25p it seems fairly choppy, slowmo seems to sober it up abit. I was wondering if someone has a trick for Resolve to even out the chops? Further would the precieved resolution los (maybe just motion blur?) be less when shooting in raw as the compression can't really handle it and mushes it up? Just in general I am trying to get to grips with how it works as pretty much all the glide cam shots i did seem to be super smooth (as in not choppy) AND sharp but they are not straight pans. Is it a sensor readout problem? Anyway maybe so can enlighten me a bit, cheers.
  3. Pretty sobering. But everyone knows canon dpaf is the ducks nuts. It's just they are cunts. If i could afford a 6k camera for fooling around I would kind of be working on productions than would gain me 6k and up. It is just not, I found a cheap gh5 and made a nice short or what not territory. And in that sense the z6 seems to do quite well if you compare it to everything canon has done in the "up to 2500€ 4k? realm". Would i switch to canon, yeah totally, been there. It's just like so said upstairs, you can vote with your wallet.....
  4. No idea how deep you want to get in the game? But I would consider to at least stick with one discipline. If you will try to master rap, beatmaking, producing, Puhhh. See you at the other end, unless you want to spend the next 5 years in the closet. I would suggest keep it simple. get beats from the internet, contact people ask them for beats. Once you have recorded over it. Get someone to master the stuff. And/or keep it fun trashy and simpler give it some "live recoding" feel and fuck HiFi dont do drugs and gang stuff ?.
  5. No one stated the obvious so far. It is a shame they did not put a round a eye piece on the two cameras.
  6. Same here, one week worth of editing, and the fucker wouldn't start rendering it out. In the end mpeg and xml was the only thing what I could still save it in ---> could recover of what i had in resolve. It's just too much stress
  7. Thanks for all the insights. Can't you just flick through histogram etc in pic viewing mode by clicking up/down with the joystick?
  8. @Dustin same here. 2 month into not touching premier, Pugh. I have found BASIC editing fairly easy to switch. The only thing I keep getting wrong is deleting clips (and their space) because in resolve it can eat up other clips and sound. There is delete and there is backspace. Other than that it's a breeze.
  9. It also depends what your actual intent with the material is, how good does it need to be? It is kind of the same question that has been asked last week. How can you make a tiny hybrid cam look like its cinema? We'll you kind of cannot, but you can get pretty far. My feeling for sound is, it is so much more harder to bring it to a high class level, if you are a one man band and shoot out in busy places.
  10. From my little experience: the camera mounted shotgun mic is totally insufficient to record someone talking. there will always be a great amount of background noise humming airplane train and what not. I got skunked so many times. Shot in calm rooms and the shotgun mic picked up some random hiss and hum from air conditioning and stuff like that. Even a lav can be insufficient with loud background noises. Just my two cents. But than again a shotgun mic is better than no mic at all ?
  11. +1 same recently got zoom f1 does the job. I am not into high fidelity but the version with the lav seems to satisfy my customers need for quality sound. On this you can connect different accessories like stereo mics and I think also xlr phantom thingy. Let's say this thing is fairly fool proof... Unless you have a second dude pointing that thing right at someone's head and out of frame this will be desaster bound to happen.
  12. hansel

    AXIOM Beta

    Well, on the road you can easily drive 160km/h with 100hp. With 400hp obviously, too. But on a normal viewing situation 4K is already a waste while 8k is simply for show off race car drivers were 99% of humanity just shake their head about this guy in a lambo. It is manly just penis size at this point and everybody knows size is very important and storytelling is completely unnecessary if you can have 8k or a lambo respectively.
  13. @Geoff_L it would be great to see or hear about g lenses with VR in combo with ibis. Or on top of that plus electronic VR. What works best where, e.g. For still, panning, etc.... Cheers
  14. Ok guys stop trolling at once. It’s all great, I can shoot everything with a 20mm and introduce ANYTHING else in post cropping, shake....only question is if they have a grip so I can shoot portrait mode. It’s practical bliss for the casual shooter...
  15. Yeah, all valid points! i sometimes think simpler is better. For instance I liked Vimeo more when I could just put it to 1080p and let it preload then watch it later full in good resolution. Without the adaptive part fucking up my streaming experience, same goes to YT. A plus is also that I have absolute control over streaming quality ---> no, "YT is fucking up my grain" ? Or you could go @viewport and serve to screen size? Surley it will never be as elaborate as YT but the general focus would also be different. Video quality would be important, rapid fire served entertainment with ads not so much.
  16. Self host is as straightforward as: <video width="320"height="240" controls> <sourcesrc="movie.mp4"type="video/mp4"> <sourcesrc="movie.ogg"type="video/ogg"> Your browser does not support the video tag. </video> No os updates no policies or what ever. Only trouble is amount of traffic on your server if you have loads of views. Not sure what is cheaper. For 20 € per month you get a good amount of server space and traffic bandwidth, my provider says traffic flat rate but am not sure if you have loads of requests if the server would be able to handle that. No, don't do evil, no third party cookies etc...but also no community
  17. Any intelligence is welcome As I have only just made the switch to resolve.
  18. Free version. Still wondering I should get studio version with a free p4k or try to fish for a code or dongle somewhere...would it make a difference? Yeah I checked that first but if you go for their advice you quickly go into five digit territory....
  19. Not editing 4K and also coming from the Stone Age but recently got a standard msi x299?!? 1080gtx and ryzen 2700 and only 16gb ram. My resolve system fine tuning seems to still lag but it is lighting fast rendering stuff (for that it hardly uses any gpu). It looks like you'll need gpu umpf for more nodes, nr, ... while scrubbing and live playback. other than that my gpu seems to be idle pretty much all the time.
  20. Looks like they start from 130€ license code or dongle no idea if it’s legit.
  21. @Andrew Reid wanna get rid of the studio dongle... it will significantly reduce shipping costs to the midlands ?. Also It saves me from getting the besotted p4k. Will pick up and pay cash ?
  22. Hilarious, I wish the p4k would have been in some kind of flat profile “factory setting” and he would have complained about the contrast of the image and no apparent sharpness. This test was an eyesore and a waste of my time! This is going full loop back to that camera blogger reviewers thread, I mean what is he doing on yt even talking about cameras, I dearly wish for him his intention is to sell Sony or what not otherwise he has to be simply trolling.
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