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  1. Well 36 lenses is enough for me. ? No idea how many nikon has recommended but 14-24, 24-70, 70-200 and then a hand full of primes say 20 28 50 85 180 300, sorry that was six plus the three zooms. Maybe a supertele makes ten in total. ? Sorry, I don't get it. A lens that resolves 46mp in photos is suddenly not good enough for video were it is rezed down to 4k? I get the rest but again why would this be more critical in video? Which hybrid cam can shoot 8k video at the moment?
  2. Sorry, was trolling. I will stay out of this thread. These Sony colour discussion and writing home about how incredible the a7III is have melted my brain. 6 month ago @jonpais gh5 was the ducks nuts before it got completely trashed by gh5s and now with a7III it has become a drag to use. Sorry to everone.
  3. Well if focusing an enlarger was problematic then surely moving subjects are a nightmare to track. I understand that tech is an enabler and that is great. You made the right choice the latest Sonya is great.
  4. I wonder how bottom feeder video production was even possible before 2018 and Sonya 73. Basically there is no skill required anymore to shoot groundbreaking stuff.
  5. Amen to that Andrew. Surely Nikon needs to wake up and get going. But the last full frame Nikon dslr's have been awesome and still are for a hybrid shooter...translating that over to a mirrorless is nothing to be ashamed off and definitely good enough for me.
  6. I know they sell a fair amount Mf. lenses. And rightly so some of them are Manufactured to a standard that have and will out last any electronic plastic lens. Better some compatibility issues (for low grade cameras) than no compatibility at all. What screw lenses are they still selling? Wow, it seems like lots of the af-d stuff is still at least in stock if not in production.
  7. You might be right, it's just that I don't care really. What do you mean by tech grinding glass, coating, focus, weather sealing, etc.? Surely they don't sell any screw drive lens anymore. They will have it in the adapter and it would be smart move to do so. Sorry I don't get the lens concept part. Afaik lenses have glass in them and a servo motor that is focusing. How is Sony ground breaking tech compared to canons dpaf lenses? That apparently do. a much better focusing job in video?
  8. @webrunner5sorry dude but in no way Is nikons lens lineup outdated. How can you say this while there are still millions of f mount lenses being shot everyday no matter if video or photo.
  9. all i hoping for is that the f to z adapter, if there will be one, is going to af my old screw lenses. That would be mental, even if it is just for photo af.
  10. I have never used a very expensive fluid head I can only imagine it would be like a finger in a pie. But he "only" wants to put a d800 on it. I tested this amazon travel tripod for 100 bucks once and also no fluid head smooth enough to do a straight forward pan on it.
  11. @MdB thank god i know f... all about sensor tech. But you make it look like Nikon is allowed to pick what Sony is giving them. I doubt that is the case. Why would it be 46mp? Was that something Sony just had laying around? Probably time will tell once those 46mp sensors start poping up everywhere.
  12. It's got nothing to do with actual doing "film" making so I voted away with it. I agree that there are pressures topics regarding freedom of speech in the realm of artistic expression etc... but for me discussing them here does not advance my knowledge of constructing arguments in a visual way. Maybe a sub forum can bundle the message, media and artist, rights discourse better.
  13. @cantsin that is what I am worried about. I think they should have tried to boost it instead of reducing it. But then again I also have not much knowledge about the subject. When I shoot PHOTO real estate sometimes (not super super high value) I sometimes stopped to bracket stuff because the d750 RAWs are that crazy that if exposure is up to 3 stops over I might even be able to recover a fair bit and it is god enough for the purpose. I wonder how that relates to RAW video on the P4K. I surpose my question is, does the 13 stops relate to jpg oder raw were you have a great amount of data?
  14. @Robert Collins I am a noob but if you can't see the differences how Nikon/Canon render mixed lighting compared to Sony like @Django was trying to show you than colour is existentially lost on you or you are trolling....
  15. I think you are getting two different things mixed up here. "Colour science" data acquisition and translation of the sensor pipeline on to the memory. The other thing is "filmic look". As a photographer you should know, there is no wrong or right, there are trends and is changing and evolving depending how you look at it. What film? What format? Lenses? Push, pull, resulting grain......put in endless factors here...... Canon compared to Sony simply has a fairly well controlled translation of what the sensor is capturing in regards to the human eye. That.
  16. Cheapest/smallest thing that comes to mind is Nikkor Pancake lens 50mm 1.8 (I know not that fast). It's 50€ The other 550€ you can give to charity or buy a speedbooster or you are half way to a BM..........CC4k
  17. One of the main reasons to go mft :D
  18. I only have a steady cam thingy but its ok without AF if you know what you are doing. Obiously shallow dof is only possible if distance stays the same....otherwise hyperfocal distance shout be fairly easy with a mft camera if I can do it with full frame....
  19. What about the mitakon lens turbo 2, any good? Thinking I might get one once I will be able to hold a "P24K" (bmdpcc4k) in my hands...
  20. For me it feels like the Pocket is a cinema camera, basically fully manual also for lenses etc. I feel like if I pay 2 grand for an A73 I would then be stuck with a "system" and need to invest in their lens setup, same with GH5. The "system" obviously brings big advantages, the drag is I would instantly feel like I have to now get a 20, 28,..., 50, 85, 300mm plus maybe a 24-120 (if something like it exists. The P2 is just a "sensor" with all it's limitations. It doesn't demand anything but a fairly "professional" approach to shooting stuff. They don't call him @Anaconda_ for no reason.
  21. @mercer just creeped me out with the thought that the price might increase after the initial pre-order launch. I feel like the price is absolutley right, like no second thought right. If it would be more around or up to 2 grand I be much more reluctant to actually get it or lets say suddenly I might start consider other options and possibilities...
  22. If you are lucky it might come earlier than September, but you look like a couple of cm here and there will not kill you
  23. I know, they like to make it sound snazzy.
  24. FACT!!! Having a hand-layed-carbon-fibre-textile-vac-bagged body would strech their (and our) budget slightly
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