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  1. No not at all... If I update firmware and lose a workaround it wont be anyones fault but my own. I've tip-toed into these updates since the beginning fearing that Canon was only updating to seal up some loose ends.
  2. You're all welcome. Cant say I wasn't comfortably reluctant.
  3. Just confirmed that the Date change "hack" is still live with New firmware on R5.
  4. Add me to whatever list exist for the R5 visionrogue workaround works. I'm on firmware 1.1.0 with, and without the battery grip. Camera overheat warning flashes, make date change, pull battery, and then all times reset for all modes.
  5. Those R6 lens kits just released seem to be sitting in-stock in the bug guys warehouse, B&H and Adorama are showing in-stock status.
  6. The picture is said to be the actual camera and shows internal ND control buttons. They definitely wont allow it to hinder the possible c200 update, c300 mkiii or c500 mkii.
  7. After testing v1.0 along with the new firmware, still says what we all know... Timer limited.
  8. Hahaha. I was lost too. I sent you a PM about it. Something was going on with the Sanddisk card I was using. The R5 gave some read errors a couple times, I reformatted, and it would work on and off but it was a really old card. I switched back to my Prograde cards and everything was fine. I don't know honestly will test more to solidify all this.
  9. It works... Not sure what was going on. I needed to confirm a few more times. Anyone that updated can follow this up to echo but seems like its ok.
  10. Not sure what witchery is going on now but if you want to keep your battery pull abilities Hold off on updating. It seemed to work when I tried a few times earlier, but after using the R5 throughout the day trying different modes... dont update, and if you did... MY BAD.
  11. Battery pull thermal timer workaround still works.
  12. I updated the firmware this morning then repeated old external test. Recorded 4K HQ externally for over an hour with no card in camera. After 1hr 16 minutes passed I stopped the external recording, and inserted CFexpress card. Once the R5 booted back up the counter said 20 minutes. Showed 25 minutes after shut down for less than 5 minutes. So it seems the external recording is still good.
  13. https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&pto=aue&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=auto&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=https://cweb.canon.jp/drv-upd/eosd/eosr5-firm.html&usg=ALkJrhhjgCoNGbTHOjJ5KBPzgPnWPWwAbg
  14. Hope they dont sprinkle in a little more cripple
  15. Who here with an R5 is gonna be the first to update? After all this, I'm feeling like I may need to move slow with R5 firmware updates. No formal response, but just the firmware update that they mentioned before we call came to know what we know now. They might try to low key close some loose ends.
  16. They barely even spoke of stills during the promotion of the R5 so no that isn't sufficient. They sold us video.
  17. "Let's just say I did a favor for Elon Musk and he Musk give us 8K now."
  18. I like the unified cage by wooden camera... they do have some B-stock that are marked down on their site. https://woodencamera.com/products/b-stock-unified-dslr-cage-small-wood-243600?_pos=5&_sid=d1ae16fe2&_ss=r
  19. In ProAv's Q & A video, Mehdia Mehtal spoke about unlimited recording externally as long as camera was powered by the mains. She said you wouldn't have to worry about limits, externally but emphasized mains power. She also spoke vaguely about Canon lifting time limits at some point. EXIF data on the camera after recording hour straight in 104 degree Texas heat ( direct sunlight ) didnt go higher than 65 C, and after instantly switching to internal recording the camera acted as if it hadn't even been powered on prior with full times available in all desired modes. Camera was very hot to the touch as well. It also seemed to cool down very quickly as EXIF data showed it was at 30 C within 14 minutes.
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