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  1. Yes, just a post... not in context of AF.
  2. I think he might have meant the original 12-35 2.8
  3. @Neumann Films Did you use neat video on any of the speedbooster footage?
  4. Someone commented on the video with "you're not doing Panasonic any favors with this video" I guess he felt the guy was right he deleted it and uploaded it again.
  5. Be hopeful, in time all of us will see either way.
  6. Waiting on actual test is it... I hear you, and NO, we're not calling anyone a liar, just saying they have consistently said this was an area of focus based on user feedback. I'm thinking they answered that request.
  7. I guess it's all about Interpretation, but they say improved. Maybe you've all seen this, but if not, go to the 5:50 mark. Just another video ( a rough video ) but Matt Frazer speaks on the auto focus the same way he has in every video I've seen, but says it's "Auto focus system is on steroids" I understand marketing hoopla, but based on the consistent claim that the auto focus is a major improvement up from the GH4 I'm expecting a solid auto focus improvement, if not Matt, and Lumix will have told blatant lies. He addresses the GH4 every time they discuss auto focus and acknowledges that it was a area to improve going off of user feedback.
  8. Tiffen Ultra Contrast 3 Filter 67mm ( for sale ) EXCELLENT condition. No Issues... 30.00 shipped OBO with in USA.
  9. He means Dual IS, the IBIS has been confirmed to work with non lumix brand lenses. Luke has stated that he's used a Sigma lens on the GH5.
  10. I'm pretty sure you just described Trump. ( more of a celebrity than a politician, he's smug, etc etc. ) hahahahaha
  11. I hear you, only I haven't seen a post in this topic that warranted a tear down attack masked as criticism. It should always be constructive, or it's wasted.
  12. I think I remember him saying a couple days ago that he hadn't, could be wrong, but either way I'd like to know also.
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