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  1. Yes, I'm aware he did say that but having the camera for three days and producing something with it, I assumed he meant that the 3 days time he had the camera wasn't long enough to speak to every situation. That said, I get it Andrew... you think its unusable, and unacceptable. We'll see. My post wasn't intended to change your mind.
  2. Clearly environmental factors play a role... Andrew K @5:06 says that over the three days he had with the R5, the camera did not overheat.
  3. With this RF glass I have been sitting on, I pre-ordered both the R5 and R6.
  4. I search youtube, and vimeo routinely looking for GFX 100 footage, especially after 2.0. There's a few recent uploads posted by Fuji but I'm looking for non affiliate examples.
  5. The price leak was absolute nonsense. I thought it was just a placeholder and it seems to have been as the page has been updated to call for a 200.00 deposit. https://www.camera-warehouse.com.au/canon-eos-r5 Also, Joe over at camera-warehouse
  6. Market share still commands the price and I doubt they're going to damper the R5 momentum down with going that high. Sony will love for Canon to price the R5 out of its lane.
  7. For sure. Strange they haven't responded to you on the issue which is almost worse than the issue itself. Losing shots to power failure is definitely unacceptable. Maybe your blog post will induce a response.
  8. Listing could be a placeholder. Theres no way they should be accepting orders for the camera at this point anyway.
  9. I appreciate the heads up on this. You might remember in the past I asked you if you had any SL2 footage you could share as I had been considering this camera for a bit. Guess it's backorder status and lack of footage online saved me.
  10. You dont have EF lenses? You mentioned them in your original post.
  11. Yes with adapter. Canon has a VND adapter that I would go for if I had EF lenses.
  12. https://www.canonnews.com/public-outcry-too-much-video-in-the-canon-eos-r5 The "stills only" guys aren't having it with the R5 but they actually have to. Not sure what they expected of the R5 when the rumor sites were pretty accurate with the specs leading all the way up to the development announcement and press conference. The leaked info was pretty video centric from the beginning. While 8k wasn't at all necessary, after the R and RP, I feel Canon had no choice but to come with heavy specs in the middle. Stills guys dont want to pay for video features. If I buy, I'll gladly pay for the
  13. Yes, I agree. A good number of those "photographers" will still buy especially if they have already invested in the system ( lenses ). Most of them seemed irritated ( basically pouting ) that Canon's focus during the announcement was video specific. As for video shooters, Im not so sure those that left would comeback for the R5, if the cost is over 500.00 more than the S1H. A few of the video shooters here are waiting to hear what the R6 brings. Over heating, record time limitations may still be the thing that keeps competition in the game. Never said former Canon users left because o
  14. I was shocked to see so many in the R groups sour about it... not sure how but I guess all the video specs made them feel forgotten. People will always complain about anything.
  15. Not so sure... photographers are all over Facebook expressing feelings of being left out with the video-centric spec's being promoted so heavily first. Photography wise there are other options to consider at any price point. You go too high, and you lose the crowd who are already happy with the glass they own. To convert buyers onto RF lenses that are pretty expensive in comparison to EF versions, you'd have to consider that it would cost over 10K once you were to add a lens kit to the 4999 that you estimate. That cost opens buyers up-to many options, especially if you're talking body only. 5D
  16. The recent rumor posted by CanonRumors states that it will be an RF mount XC10 style body. https://www.canonrumors.com/rf-mount-cinema-camera-in-the-works-cr2/
  17. They printed it. https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/explore/product-showcases/cameras-and-lenses/eos-r5
  18. I'd think Canon would want it out as soon as possible. RF glass sales are dependent upon of sales of R series cameras and with couple RF models in the pipeline, I'd think summer release as long as COVID-19 allows it. Also Canon Rumors is saying Canon supposedly has plans for an RF mount cinema camera .
  19. hadnt seen any S1H samples with the FD's but heres a S1 video with Canon FD 55mm f/1.2 Canon FD 85mm f/1.8, and Angenieux 28-70 f/2.6 Angenieux 70-210 f/3.5.
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