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  1. Definitely fake, but at least you liked it.
  2. https://www.43rumors.com/ft3-unconfirmed-rumor-about-a-new-panasonic-g90-with-same-gh5s-sensor/
  3. Rumor has it, Panasonic is going to release a G90 that has the same sensor as the GH5s, but will also have IBIS. LOL.
  4. I guess I was caught off guard and forgot how some people will reach for just about anything in an attempt to troll, and play gear detective. LOL As they zoomed in on the shades, I spotted the tally in the exact location that it sits on the 4k pocket. Me either, shrugs... For a small company, Blackmagic shows a magical ability to bring the WORST out of some people during the build up to one of the camera releases.
  5. I hate to, but guys take a look at this nonsense: some cameras really make people mentally check out
  6. Yikes. Besides the emotional distress, his edit must have caused you physical pain.
  7. I'm selling a Fuji XH1, with grip. The camera has been lightly used, and babied since the purchase date which was day the camera was released. I am the original owner. It has the latest firmware update installed, and I have never had any operational issues with this camera. Will come with original box, camera strap, 3 batteries, charger, included flash, and all manual content. $1700.00 includes Paypal and Shipping within US only. I also have the Fringer EF to FX Pro adapter for sale as well.
  8. Yes, agreed... AF-C is much better. Cant say much for Auto ISO as I don't use it. I have never had an operational issue with my XH1, and I shoot Manual with peaking on all ways. All that said, my XH1 with battery grip kit is for sale. While I love the camera, I have recently upgraded some other gear, and am selling the XH1 to lighten the load. LOL
  9. I have a like new Breakthrough X2 3 stop ND filter for sale. It is 49mm. purchased for my fuji lenses, but sold the lenses so this is for sale. retail: 79.00 Looking for 36.50 shipped and Paypal'd within the USA
  10. I'm in the US, so I'm locked in to pay the $1295 that was advertised by BM. I have no experience with price hikes after paid deposits. Excuse my assumption that you guys that pre-ordered in Europe, or outside the US should expect to pay whatever price was set at the time of placing your pre-orders.
  11. I see, that's no good! Anyone who's seeing that should reach out to BM because everyone who pre-ordered, regardless of location should be locked in at the advertised price of $1295 US.
  12. I understand that, my point is the price hasn't changed. If the language changes the price will change according to location. Price is still $1295, and if you change to Canada you get $1349
  13. Check the currency tab at the top. Its still the same price, you must have the flag changed to Canada
  14. As stated earlier, it was there when I ordered mine, and I'm their first order.
  15. For all those concerned about HRC's listing with the bmpcc picture, the picture has been updated. http://hotrodcameras.com/new-gear-nab2018-pre-order/ Authorization hold is a funds hold that the place on your card when you submit the order, but the hold falls off, and is never completely processed until your order is shipped.
  16. @Juxx989 I can tell you that if your experience with HRC is anything close to my past experience(S) with them you'll be more than happy.
  17. Giving false information as to the pre-order queue placement. They would tell me that my camera was gonna ship on a certain day due to being one of the first to order, to only have to call back when I didnt receive a tracking number and have another person contradict what the previous person stated. I can assure you that the "Deposit is non-refundable" text was there on Monday. ( it was when I ordered mine, and I'm 1st in line ) I have seen it on every pre-order product that I have ordered through them.
  18. I always used B&H in the past, but after a few headaches... I have been peordering through Hot Rod Cameras. They have been A1 with every order I have placed with them.
  19. LP-E6 Battery. which is like 2.8 oz
  20. Yeah, maybe their service will offset your feelings on the tax. I had orders with BH, and Adorama while placing orders with HRC, and HRC beat both companies on two separate occasions.
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