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  1. He's in the US I believe, and received his pre-order.
  2. I was talking shit... but really even if they dont acknowledge him, I'm sure they know him, and if they do nothing it wont change the fact that there are many "youtubers" creating videos based on his write ups, all while many R5 hopefuls are still waiting on their R5 pre-orders. Even Matti is talking about canceling his order. LOL
  3. We see Matti mentioning EOSHD, and the other Youtubers are using his articles as reference for uploads, Canon might be trying to figure out how to get Andrew on the team.
  4. I actually have the R5 and a set of RF lenses, so I can personally confirm the behavior of the cameras overheat protection protocol is questionable. I've seen it throw the warning at idle, and in the menus. I've used it with the ninja V for over an hour continuously and after it became really HOT, switched over to recording internally in HQ modes with full time allowance as if the camera had never been turned on prior to internal recording. It puzzles us all but I'm certainly not going to buy a C300 mk iii or a RF cine camera in an attempt to fulfill the void in what they sold as the R5.
  5. Very weird... Speaking on the external recording, He actually says 'we don't know if it has potential to damage your camera, and please do keep that in mind' I guess if Canon doesn't speak to it, the shops have to say something to their customers.
  6. 'People that tend to do more stills than video work, but still do quite a bit of video work, this is going to be great'. another quote that stood out... the problem with these kind of statements is, its not what Canon said the camera would be! I remember DPreview, and Canonrumors were full of frustrated photographers feeling left out because all Canon was promoting on this camera was the video specs of this so-called hybrid.
  7. I agree, I usually like their videos... but you pinpointed my reasoning for posting this video here.
  8. ProAv talking about overheating, and customer response calls... The confusion of the R5. It's all weird!
  9. Who can really know besides Canon, however at the time of the official R5 launch, I had open a pre-order for the R5 at one shop and at another shop I had a pre-order for R5 and the R6. I received R5 shipping notification July 29th from the one shop where I pre-ordered the R5 only, but the shop where I had a pre-order for the R5 and R6 sent the following email on the 31st of July. "We have cancelled your pre-order for the R5. A refund has been processed and will be in your account in 3-4 business days. I found out only yesterday that there was a delay that was not communicated with us fr
  10. How do you know he's using the 1DX 3? I know he's been quiet on the R5 but last I'd seen, he and Matti were making fun of anyone disappointed in the R5.
  11. 33 C... To me, theres no need for Andrew to test more, this is only confirming suspicions that something about their clock and temps do not align. His camera behaves very very similar to mine with the temp changes during any kind of operation. His fridge 4 °C, or my backyard at 104 °F, doest make much a difference... it behaves in a way that suggest it's more of a clock setting for shutdown than it is internal temp. my test yesterday drastically different ambient temp. LOL Each take was 5 minutes per clip, with a Jpeg shot immediately after each clip EXIF data temps: 5
  12. Exactly... and this was at the camera prompted shutdown. Camera was barely warm to the touch at that time. I've seen steady 65 C when the camera was flaming hot in 104 degrees for 1 hr plus continuous external recording. After a 1 hr of running externally camera showed all internal times to available at full record times. So how can it shut down at 60 C? Firmware tricks! I've saw a steady 65 C with the previous internal recording test shooting continuous for 29 minutes until shutdown.
  13. You're welcome. The counter at the end of the 5th clip, and 5th JPEG said I could record 3 minutes of 4K HQ... it shut down 3 minutes and 19 seconds into the 6th clip. pretty interesting.
  14. Yes, that is correct. A shop bought production model currently 1.0.0 firmware.
  15. @Andrew Reid Test this morning - Outdoor temp 77°. Each take was 5 minutes per video clip with a JPEG shot immediately after each clip, then immediately started recording the next 5 minute video clip. 4K HQ EXIF data temps: Video take 1. - 31 C JPEG: 42 C Video take 2. - 41 C JPEG: 49 C Video take 3. - 48 C JPEG: 53 C Video take 4. - 53 C JPEG: 57 C Video take 5. - 56 C JPEG: 59 C No overheat warning so tried another 5 minute clip with take 6... Video take 6. - 59 C ( threw the overheat warning 38 seconds into the
  16. @Andrew Reid quick note... Today I took the R5 outdoors in 104°F again. I wanted to record 4K HQ internally only, specifically to check EXIF data after overheat shutdown. EXIF data showed the camera temp was 30 C at start of the test Camera counter showed the 25 minutes on the timer. Shot 4K HQ continuously... strangely it threw overheat warning at 26 minutes, and lasted until 29:06 ( that is better time than when it overheated at idle in the menu ( 22 minutes ) ) After shutdown I restarted camera to check times and for 4K HQ it read 5 minutes. Took a photo, the
  17. How can the camera build up heat to throw the overheat warning sitting in the menus at idle but run for extended times externally without getting a warning? Firmware cripple?? How can one shoot in 102 degrees externally for an hour with a camera that is said to overheat without even a overheat warning, but overheat internally indoors in cool air? Firmware cripple?? How can one get exif data that says the camera had a temp of 65 C / 149 degrees in 100 + degrees operate without an overheat warning but another user saw overheat warning at 46 C?? Firmware bugged the F out?? Doesn't
  18. The external files does not show camera temp in exif data. The reason why I snapped the photos immediately after recording internal and external. Which was 65 C, and then 64 C for second photo. My thinking was, if the camera is smoking hot at the end of a continuous external recording, once you immediately switch over to internal recording, camera temp is now reported with CFexpress card so the camera should still respond as if internal temp is high enough to produce warning or shut down based on temp at that time.?? Is my thinking way off base? Exactly... doesn't make sen
  19. Another photo just now, exif data shows the R5 camera temp is 38 C, this is within minutes.
  20. Todays test: Recorded 4K HQ externally with Ninja V - Canon LP Battery in camera for 1 hour continuous with no card in camera. ( at 1 hr the cameras very HOT to the touch ) all this in direct sun light, and very hot. No overheat warning. At the hour mark, I take the camera indoors but continue the recording externally. I immediately insert the CFexpress card while still externally recording. The camera temporarily shuts down but immediately comes back on when the card door is shut, it continues to record externally. still no overheat warning. I shut down the external recordin
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