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  1. I was planning to try placing the CFexpress card in the freezer so glad you tried it. Not shocked it didn't produce any eye opening results. Will be trying another "HOT" shoot today, it is supposed to hit 104.... I will follow this with immediately snapping a few shots to have a look at the exif data.
  2. I also tried sd card today, and behavior was the same in sd compatible modes. Using the foloowing cards. Prograde 128gb SD card Prograde 1TB Cfexpreess card. Both from cold start have same behavior. Camera warms up in the same way ( going of touch alone ) Both cards are warm upon removal after extended times recording.
  3. Sun burning scorching R5 camera shooting 4K HQ in 102 degrees with no cool down period, just inserted CFxpress card while recording externally, then turned off Ninja V, and R5 said full record limits were available in every desired mode. All that freezer for 11 hours talk is meaningless to me. Point is, I didn't need a freezer and the camera was so hot it could have melted cheese.
  4. Yes, he got 4 hours but he definitely had to have the screen off. The dummy battery doesn't play much of a role beyond allowing recording past the LP battery life. I've tried all his his test, and the R5 screen seemed to be the difference in whether I got the overheat warning or not. External recording... GREAT! Obviously prores makes things a bit better dealing with the codecs of the R5... My only issue here is, I WANT TO KEEP THE CAMERA SIZED AS IT IS out the box! Am I asking too much? LOL Thats o no go if Canon doesnt make absolute sense of these time limitations + recove
  5. It's not like you can just plug in the HDMI cable and forget about overheating... with the R5 screen active, I couldn't get past 42 minutes recording externally as it would still overheat and shuts down at 42 minutes. ( tried this 4 times, hot and cool ambient temps made no difference ) During these times the camera was never as hot as it was to the touch during my test yesterday. Yesterday with the R5 screen in a power save state, recording 4K HQ externally over HDMI, the record times seems as if they'd go as long as you have battery life left. As hot as the camera was yesterday, I
  6. Andrew, I've attached a screenshot of HQ, and Non HQ. Theres a visible difference. For me, mirrored display throws the overheat warning at 37 minutes, and shuts down at 42 minutes. Also note when my camera threw the overheat warning at 22 minutes while at idle, I had no card in camera just set to record HQ mode. Seems like you could get unlimited recording dependent upon battery life when screen is on power save. I have seen no overheat warnings here. Without card in slot, it shut down in 42 minutes ( screen was on ) With a Cfexpress card in slot, but recording to HD
  7. yes... the camera temporarily shuts down any time you open the card door if on. Doesnt matter if you just powered it on for the first time, or after hours of operation. Comes back on immediately once the card door is shut, and I could pretty much immediately record full time lengths in any mode once I switched from HDMI to the card and the camera was HOT, not warm... but it needed no cool down time, to record at all favored modes. However, I wouldn't say the camera allows unlimited recording just because of HDMI... The camera screen has to be in power save mode to keep the overheat warn
  8. It flashed the overheat warning on me around 22 minutes just sitting on the tripod with the display setting changed to 30minutes instead of 1 minute. No previous operation of the camera. It has overheated recording externally at 42 minutes. indoors and outdoors. Strangely I recorded 4K HQ externally yesterday in 102 degrees for 45 minutes straight with the camera blazing hot to the touch, ( hotter than any camera Ive touched ) brought the camera indoors while still recording because I was somewhat concerned about how hot it was, no overheat warning, all this was about 56 minutes and
  9. Thats why I'm questioning it... He had to put his in a freezer to regain time, I didn't have to after shooting 4K HQ continuously outdoors for 45 minutes in 102 degrees. Turned the camera off and on and saw the counter was at 20 minutes, then a few tics later went through all modes to see and confirm all times were as if the camera was never even on. This was while the camera was very warm to the touch. Canon can at least fix the recovery time, cause it definitely doesn't add up based on the test Andrew asked me to try.
  10. Ive had the camera show the overheat warning with CFexpress card installed, and without recording just at idle. Following the overheat warning I shut the camera down and powered on again instantly and the camera showed reduction in HQ recording times telling me I could only record 5 minutes of 4KHQ. This makes no sense after what I saw with the camera yesterday. Camera was the hottest I've ever felt on any camera. Shooting 4K HQ in 102 degrees... Counter went from 20 to 25 minutes fast, pretty much maintained full HQ time allowance for filming to cf express card Checked all modes 8K, 4K
  11. I'm not sure what Canon has going on here but its strange behavior! The way I see it there is no way this camera should have been providing cold times as hot as it was at the point where the Card was installed. No Joke. It was HOT HOT! Sat for a total of 12 minutes and was at the 25 minutes for HQ. I have never let it sit with sensor exposed or card slot open. This is the same camera that shut down at 42 minutes in 97 degrees... with no card in body and would only allow 5 minutes of HQ recording once I put card in before. It shut down at 42 minutes indoors as well. Andrews idea cleared t
  12. I'm not the guy to take on opening up a camera but today I'm outside in 102 degrees recording 4K HQ externally for 45 minutes straight with no overheat warning. ( Camera screen off ) and the camera was very HOT to the touch, much hotter than I've experienced at any point during my test and I have shot in 97 degrees where the camera shut down at 42 minutes. Only difference was that the screen was on before, and here it was off. The camera felt much hotter today though. It was hot enough that I was concerned. I was pretty shocked that it didn't overheat, and even more shocked it didn't show
  13. Now it's back at 25 minutes... Has only been off for about 12 minutes and is warm to touch.
  14. So today it is currently 102 degrees here. I took the R5 and Ninja outside to record 4K HQ. Camera was out there for about 45 minutes. The backside of the camera was very hot, I'm sweating my ass off as it is hot ASF!!!! but camera did not show the overheat warning. I then stepped inside with the camera still rolling. Grabbed my CFexpress card, when I opened the card door the camera temporarily shut down, when I inserted the card and closed the door the camera went right back into action recording on the ninja. The time shown on the counter said the 20 minutes. This is while the camera is very
  15. I'll try as well. Yes, turning the screen and evf off increases recording time. got an hour straight today without overheat warning and I stopped it at 1hr could have gotten more I think, but before with screen on could only get 42 minutes before it shut down.
  16. It's definitely gonna take some pressure. Andrews doing well with that but its definitely gonna take more people to get loud.
  17. So I just tried recording externally with R5 screen off. (Using the R5 battery, with no cards in camera) This was indoors in a cool room. I started the recording on the Ninja at 09:14 I stopped the recording at 10:15 Recorded 4K HQ continuously for 1hr and 1 minute with no overheat warning on the R5 screen, and no overheat shutdown through the duration of that hour. I immediately shut camera down, then unplugged the HDMI cable, and removed battery. I then reinserted the battery and put in the CFexpress card, turned camera on and overheat counter said I could reco
  18. Plugging in a HDMI cable doesn't really make much of a difference though. Camera still overheats, and then at that point if you were to insert a CFexpress card you would still be met with the time limitations in HQ modes.
  19. Yeah, I pulled battery while camera was recording. As soon as you open the battery door, camera shots off anyway. Pulled battery and then reinserted battery, available time did not change.
  20. I guess in a world where the right thing is done, we wouldn't be experimenting with cooking the internals of our R5's in the first place.
  21. It's crazy that whoever the source is for Canonrumors, and it's CR2 rated rumor post today, gave him the feeling that he should add 'but dont expect a huge boost' in recording times limit increase. am I wrong for expecting a substantial boost after Andrew's latest blog post
  22. I'm experiencing the same with recovery. My R5 is currently showing 15 minutes of record time available in HQ, this is after the camera has sat for two hours. Camera is cold to the touch as well.
  23. Yes with card in camera but at idle ( not flipping through menus or anything ) no operation other than being powered on.... STRANGE. Camera doesn't provide any time info until a card is inserted in camera, with card inserted, at idle, the camera threw overheat warning at 22 minutes indoors in cool air. Thats half the time than when I was recording continuously for 37 minutes through external recorder indoors and outdoors in smoldering heat. I don't think ambient temps play much of a role at all. Seems this whole deal is set in motion the minute you select HQ or high frame rate mo
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