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  1. Secure views by any means necessary... since when did Leaf blowers start blowing cool air?
  2. We've seen videos with refrigerators, and now a leaf blower... Am I naive to think Canon would respond in some way after a couple days of this? I mean they really sent out production model R5's to youtubers like this was all a non-issue, like their disclosed time limitations were simply advisory to prevent overheating.
  3. Precision Camera out of Texas with the R5 @ 03:32 talks about over heating... it's obviously hot, he says it didn't shut off but theyre obviously going to try and maintain those pre-orders so who knows.
  4. Another guy/church group with feedback on their time with the R6. @ 05:31 talks about their experience with overheating. ( indoors )
  5. Sad thing is, he put in a fridge and it didn't make much of difference. After he took it from the fridge it didn't last long.
  6. LOL Safe bet that Behiri's response to this would be: Chris and Jordan are just testers, what do they know about real film making?
  7. Agreed. He states that he used a pre-production camera so maybe something was up with his unit ? DPreview guy said they used a full production unit for their review. I cant call it...
  8. I don't follow C5D's reviews very often but on this review he shot for two days or so and did not provide any specific details on modes, and settings. Clearly he was very let down by the R6 but whats the point in this feedback if couldn't clarify his recording times, and how/when the problems occurred. His write up on the issue below, I guess he was like Fu-K it, it overheats.
  9. @2:29 Bryan Chen, a casual shooter who's only interested in using the R5 for family videos shows the R5 4k vs 4k HQ. Normal 4k Looks pretty good.
  10. Obviously he knows what he's talking about however the S1H with its fan is bigger than the R series cameras. The R5 is bigger than the R already so I'm not sure they could have maintained a size similar to the R with the addition of ibis and a fan. Guess you'd have to bite off the direction of Sigma's fp. Kudos to Sigma for that.
  11. Yeah I was shocked when a friend of mine with an X-T4 told me he was seeing overheating warnings within 10 minutes.
  12. @10:28 Overheating test results on production unit. Says "normal 4k" no overheating.
  13. Technical Artist has also used the same footage for both the R5, R6, and the Sony Xperia.
  14. what spec? Messed around with 5 of the clips on my Mac, FCPX no issue.
  15. Looks good to me. He's says he didn't experience any overheating issues in 95 degrees... though he wasn't pushing any of the time limits with short clips.
  16. Not sure this was a canon ad, more of a personal test... I do not believe Moc works for Canon.
  17. at 33:00 Drew MacCallum (Canon), and Doug Guerra (B&H) discuss shooting in all modes without overheating.
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