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  1. I tried this. I turned the camera on let it sit at idle with no card in camera, once I got the overheat warning, I shut the camera down. I then grabbed my 1TB cfexpress card put it in camera, and the time allowance for HQ recording read 10 minutes. Started a recording, changed aperture, and iso, as soon as you open the battery door camera shuts down, pulled battery and reinserted the battery. All values were as left at shut down, and 10 minute limit remained.
  2. On it. May have been posted here but here @1:01:30 Mehdia Mehtal tells ProAV that external recording bypasses the heat limitations but emphasizes that the camera must be powered from the mains.
  3. Yesterday Amazon dropped off the last piece I needed for my Ninja V to try my own R5 / Ninja V test today. Yesterday - First attempt: Camera setup with the overheat control setting on, screen on, 4K HQ 30. No card in camera. Canon LP-E6NH battery in camera Camera was sitting in direct sun light at 97°F Continuous recording started and camera overheat warning came on at around 37 minutes or so, it shutdown at around 42 minutes, which aligns exactly with what John Gress stated in his video that Trek of Joy posted here earlier. When camera shut off, I immediately turned i
  4. WOW, why??? Just dont understand why that would even be a thing to do.
  5. No when you pull the card and record externally it seems to allow HQ recording for sure, but it also allows longer record times in HQ modes without overheating. I'd be really interested in hearing the outcome of your test on this. Hilarious!
  6. My apologies if I'm not speaking clearly... I'm only speaking to recording externally without cards in camera.
  7. Must have missed that. A few other guys said it was a noticeable difference between HQ mode over non HQ modes through HDMI, happy with the result. I believe Gerald had the CFexpress card in camera when he tested the external recording. He confirmed this on twitter after he saw the nolife guys video. That could be the difference. With the Cfexpress cards being active at all times in camera, I would think that this has something to do with the differences seen in results from Geralds test to others. In his latest R5 and R6 video he talks about the cameras inability to record simultaneo
  8. It's been Yes, It's been posted... I believe Gerald Undone confirmed there was no quality change when shooting in HQ modes through the Ninja, and mentioned a drop in sharpness with the normal 4K modes.
  9. The way I see it, this forum has played a major role in how huge hybrid cameras have become for actual filmmaking. That happened because Andrew and others were finding workarounds and solutions to these small cameras most Pros would never use on paid productions. Yeah theres always gonna be opposing views, and brand favorites but it's easy to recognize a hater. That Nezza is talking more about "Canboys" than the R5 itself... LOL
  10. You and everyone else interested in buying new cameras has the right to choose whether to buy or not... Tech discussions are cool, but the whining, and negativity is played out. The hottest topic on this board is the R5 and its funny that some are here whining daily, repeating the same reasons to avoid buying the camera over and over again like most don't already know about the issues, and a few others are open to workarounds and getting called canboys just for looking for solutions to the issues. Super silly, and shouldn't be that serious. Buy it or don't buy it! I'm not into the "lets get to
  11. I get the backlash for the R5 and R6 overheating, but we all know what it is at this point until Canon changes things. To have the proud polar opposites of "fanboys" and so-called "canboys" posting around the clock about the "Fanboys" and so-called "canboys" seems like some hater shit. It is corny asf really. Nobody has to buy the R5, and if you didn't pre-order it you don't have to worry about the shortcomings of the camera. Mad about someones willingness to use a camera they paid for with their own money. LOL
  12. Has the Ninja V prores raw update been released for the GFX100 yet? Hadn't heard or seen anything new on it.
  13. You do not have to run a dummy battery. The workaround seems to be not having a card in camera, while you can still use the LP-E6NH batteries in cam. The 'Enginnerring Filmaker' guy seems to be determined to find out... I guess we'll see.
  14. Heres another guy claiming he ran externally (Blackmagic Video Assist) without card in camera until batteries died @ 2 hours. So this seems to be related to having the card in camera.
  15. I like the look of the patent concept images minus what looks to be fixed lens... already have RF glass, so if it's RF mount I'm down.
  16. I saw a NFS video where they went through the modes, showing short clips but hadn't seen an overheating test. I'll check it out.
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