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  1. 175.00 shipped within the USA. Perfect handheld solution for a minimalist setup. GH4, G85, GH5, XT2, A7S... similar sized cameras.
  2. 185.00 shipped within the USA. Paypal. Will also ship international with the shipping charges covered by the Buyer.
  3. Lukes facial expression at 3:51 tells me it's a new sensor.
  4. yeah, the speculation/rumors dont match up, but it's close... And for the slow motion shooters, they are saying slow motion at 240fps (FHD).
  5. Maybe @Neumann Films will post a shot from his project here that will suffice?
  6. 43rumors: Effective pixels: 10,280,000 pixels Total number of pixels: 11,930,000 4/3 LiveMOS sensor 12 fps ISO 102,400
  7. Yes, I watched the video again in 4k, and realized the red ring stands out pretty good in that particular scene. After taking the screenshot I noticed I was wrong with what I originally thought. From what we see, I don't think there's a difference in screen size... but who knows. Heres to hope, ?.
  8. I took another look, and realized what I thought I saw with the AF/AE button was not the case. ( LOL ) Looking at another screen shot, it's pretty much identical to the GH5 with it's button arrangement, and labeling. The only visible difference that I can see is the drive mode dial red ring, no red buttons... Either way, I'll be putting my name down for one to be shipped my way as soon as it's officially announced.
  9. "A Merry Xmas to us all; God bless us, every one!"
  10. If your GH5 camera that you purchased last week is working as advertised, you shouldn't be annoyed or pissed. If S35 sensor was what you were really after you probably shouldn't have purchased a GH5 last week. Just playing along, but honestly... If your new/ish camera is working as advertised, you should love using your new camera, I mean you've only had it a week.
  11. Send it to me I'll make sure it gets uploaded.
  12. Forget the nonsense about red buttons... anyone else notice the difference around the AF/AE lock button on the GH5 in comparison to the camera body in Lukes photo? Different Camera for sure.
  13. I understand that you only purchased the GH5 3 weeks ago, but it has been released since March, that's a bit more than a few months. If there is announcement Dec 15th, at that time you'll have the option to really weigh things out and know if your buyers remorse is justified. Until then, I see no reason why you cant enjoy your GH5 for all the other good things that enticed you to buy it just 3 weeks ago.
  14. Redrock Micro Mini Handheld rig for mirror less cameras. This rig is in excellent condition. Price: $245.00 Payment method: PayPal Lightly used Redrock Micro Mini Handheld Rig for Mirror less Cameras. Excellent condition. Can be configured in a variety of ways to suit most shooting styles. https://shop.redrockmicro.com/product/mini-handheld-rig-for-mirrorless-cameras/ I am asking 245.00 shipped within the USA. will ship internationally at buyer expense.
  15. I thought I had this sold, but the buyer needed a day which turned into days, and so this is still available. Excellent microphone, excellent condition. $350.00 shipped within the USA I will ship internationally at buyers expense.
  16. For Sale: Lightly used Panasonic DC-GH5 (Body), it is in excellent condition. It has V-Log installed. Will come with box, charger, two OEM batteries, and included paperwork. Latest firmware installed. Camera has absolutely no issues. Please note: I blacked out the Lumix, and GH5 logo with acrylic paint. It looks great to me. GH5 - $1750.00 shipped within the USA. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Metabones MFT to Canon Speedbooster XL, like new condition. Updated to latest firmware. looking for $540.00 shipped within the USA. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Breakthrough Photography X2 3 stop ND filter $65.00 shipped within the USA. ( not pictured ) Can ship outside the USA if buyer pays additional shipping cost. Pm me if interested.
  17. I have a used Rode Stereo VideoMic X for sale. Excellent condition. Will come with the Box, and the Pop Shield and Wind Shield. I'm located in the DFW area of Texas Looking to get $350.00 shipped within the USA OBO.
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