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  1. Yep, I owned it .... it was impossible to match footage from the 500d with my friends 550d (T2i for you americans). 720p with magic lantern was "sufficient" though.
  2. Thank you for this evolving review Mattias Did you get to try a C mount Zoom (I think you had one) one this camera ? Curious of the capabilities to go from S35 to S16 on the same sensor, at the flick of a switch. I do not get why people keep pixel-peeping. Of course it's gonna fall appart if you grade it too hard ... it's an 8 bit codec. The picture looks goods and that's what matters.
  3. Oooooooo indeed. I have to check reviews to evaluate the screen quality. Are those mini SDI connectors reliable enough though ? The thing is, it costs more than half the price of my camera. A rig should be still higher on my priority list ... Too many options, too few cash :s EDIT : Just saw that the BM Video Assist doesn't record interlaced (no internal 3:2 pulldown), which my camera outputs (AF100) .... I'll have to go with a Atomos Samurai Blade (which also seems to record DNxHD BTW) which has proper SDI inputs but no HDMI (not that I need it though ...) and is around the same price. Thank you Mattias for having pushed me on the right train of thoughts
  4. Not really related, but do we have any cameras available shooting in Avid DNxHD ? As a windows user, it is way easier to work with DNxHD rather than Prores.
  5. Can't wait for your review I hope it's not that good, as I just bought an AF100 :o
  6. Based on previous comments, what I learn is that no one really wants to spend 3k$ on a light camera and make compromises. We can either go cheaper (1-2k for used equipment of very good quality) or spend a bit more and get the full package (JVC LS300 is a very reasonable choice indeed !) PS : Don't want to mess thing up, but how can ProRes 422 can be "better" than RedRaw ? FIles are a bit smaller but I'd even prefer to shoot AVCHD or H264 if I want small files of good enough quality.
  7. May sound stupid, but I would not want any of them for this price. I'd rather have a used FS100 or AF100 (or equivalent) and spend the remaining cash on lenses, mics and lighting. I'm not in that 4k or High ISOs race anyway.
  8. Hello everyone, Long time reader, but never wrote yet here. As I have to find money to buy Andrew's FS100, I am selling the gear I don't use that often. I am sure that some of you will find some interesting stuff. Prices are negociable. Krasnogorsk-3 16mm Film Camera with Helios 44-M (58mm f/2) Good working condition. Unmodified. 100€ + Shipping Bolex P4 - 8mm Film Camera Good working Condition, with original leather case 40€ + Shipping Minolta XL-Sound 84 - Super 8mm Film Camera With soft case, hand microphone and "boom" mic with cables. 30€ + Shipping That's all for the movie gear. I also have photographic gear to sell, do not hesitate to ask for photos.: Fuji AX Multiprogram DX + Fuji 50/1.8 + Sigma 75-200/3.8 (camera is quite bad but lenses are good) 50€ + shhipping Fujica ST-901 + Fujinon 55/1.8 (great lens !) 70€ + Shipping Konica FP1 Program + Konica 50/1.8 (Very easy to use camera) 30€ + Shipping Petri 7S Rangefinder (45/2.8 Lens) (Good little Rangefinder and quite rare) 20€ + Shipping Pentax ME Super + Pentax 50/2 (Classic Pentax gear) 50€ + Shipping Canon Canonet G-III QL 17 Rangefinder (40/1.7 Lens) (Very nice rangefinder, fast lens) 80€ + Shipping Voigtlander Vito CLR (Color Skopar 50/2.8 Lens) (Built like a tank and very sharp lens) 40€ + Shipping Zenit EM + Practika 135/2.8 + Super Varexon 28/3.5 (The 28mm is quite wide for an M42 lens) 80€ + Shipping Miranda RE-II + Miranda 50/1.8 + Miranda 135/2.8 + Miranda Waist-level Viewfinder + Miranda Macro tube (The waist level viewfinder is rare, the set is hard to come by) 100€ Prices are open to negociations and remarks. I am based in Le Mans - France The items are just being sold here for now, I will put them on ebay later. Best regards
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