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  1. On 2/2/2021 at 8:09 PM, PannySVHS said:

    Thanks a lot guys!

    @au8ust Thank you, awesome information!! I joined the anamorphic group now. Thank you so much!  @Timotheus Thank you very much! Do you know if Lucas Pfaffs 3D print designs also work for Isco No.4, the Iscomorphot 16 MC?

    Yes the design works for the three models on the right (whose body design is identical).

  2. This is a very good and scharp scope with perfect ovals across the frame.
    Would benefit from a single focus solution like Rapido FVD16A.
    You need a front thread adapter then, like this: https://rafcamera.com/adapter-72mm-to-m75x0-75m

    For support, have a look at the great 3d print designs from Lucas Pfaff.



  3. 1 hour ago, Sharathc47 said:


    For the price (that will soon drop), you get a very very decent hybrid, that by now has several advantages at the price point.
    But it sure as hell leaves room for a more videocentric model from Nikon. Will they go there?

    Also, mark I Z6 & Z7 might become even more of a bargain now.

  4. 1 hour ago, Video Hummus said:

    I'm not sure what they could do that would be game changing?

    When talking GH6, obviously start with the GH5 feature set, then add
    - internal ND's
    - internal RAW or other edit-friendly codecs
    - APS-c sized sensor while maintaining MFT mount. It's been done before (LS300, Z-cam S6) and lots of MFT glass covers that sensor size. Add crop modes like on the GH5 to make sure the MFT glass with less coverage is still useable.
    - and yes, PDAF (although I don't care too much personally and don't count on them implementing it)

    ...a man can dream right? 😉


  5. Can we call it a fullframe GH5? Or is it missing some other pro things? It has 10 bit, 60p, timecode, LUT assist, waveforms... teleconversion modes too!
    Size is in the Z6, a7iii, R6 range. But (much) better video features. Except AF of course...

    Price will be important, as will availability of more affordable native glass. The new zoom is a good start. Now some compact F1.8 or F2 primes would be welcome.

  6. 7 hours ago, Grimor said:

    Someone know how to adjust infinity of core dna? I realized that my anamorphic and taking can reach perfect infinity point, but is in the single solution where I can't reach to the infinite and beyond! 

    Sorry to hear. How long have you had Hardcore DNA? There is a known batch with optical issues, more specifically not reaching infinity. Has been discussed a few times on Anamorphic Shooters facebook group.

    Best bet is to contact John and ask for replacement glass. Might be an issue though if you are not the first owner.

  7. The hype is just bewildering. Still (officially) unanswered questions:

    - amount of crop on 4k and higher res

    - recording limitations on 4k and higher res

    - AF limitations (DPAF?) on 4k and higher res

    - codecs, bitrates

    - price

    None of it in the announcement, yet the internet is on fire. I dunno...

    To be clear, I would love to see Canon take hybrid shooters serious once again. But with what we know now, it's hard to see how they have already proven that they do.

  8. 1 hour ago, ajay said:

    I don't agree with Tony Northrup on a lot of stuff, but I do believe his take on the EOS R5 is probably pretty close to reality. I'm having a hard time believing the rumors on the R5. The specs could be correct but with a lot of asterisks. In other words, 8k time lapse, short duration 4k at 120fps or severely cropped, etc....


    Agreed! He seems to be the only guy in my YT timeline who doesn't go bananas over these rumors.

    Its comes across like people in an abusive relationship telling themselves "no THIS time it'll be different".
    (...and then the cripple hammer comes flying at you once again).

    Could be different this time. But I'll believe it when these things are released proper.

  9. Anamorphic Store products are very pricey for what they are. Their single focuser is rather crappy (see the anamorphic shooters FB group). I would avoid.

    Rapido has a much better deal. The single focus solution is much better and has wider coverage.

    You could also consider putting several parts together yourself. Cinelux ES goes for 300-400. FVD 16 is 550. Then you will need some clamps and a support (let's say 150-250). In other words, 1000 dollar gets you a lot.

  10. How important is (wide) coverage for you? 55mm on fullframe with this lens is hard to imagine, aps-c or smaller would make more sense. In general, chubby and short with big elements provide widest coverage. That's why the 8z variants (16H, B&H, Sankor Anamoprime) are so popular (mind the crazy edge distortion though). He is talking about a smaller lens (probably 16S or 16A).

    The new Sirui might actually be an interesting point of entry too... cheap, sharp, good flares imo, compact, no rigging issues and single focus. It's just that the squeeze is low (1.33x) but perhaps an oval aperture mod might improve the bokeh. I am waiting for @Tito Ferradans's review. He will surely address it's strength and weaknesses.

  11. Hey @mercer, did you mention your budget already? You can get started with a a single focus combo for around 500-600 dollar... Find a nice 200-300 dollar scope (16c, 16d variants etc.) and add a SLR Magic Rangefinder for 279, that is a great deal you have in the US. Sure, the RF has it's quirks and caveats, but you can get a taste of single focus freedom for an affordable price.

    If your budget is a bit higher go straight for the FVD16, which is a good investment no matter what, as it performs well, has a non-rotating front and neutral coatings.

    Then, when you have a  scope and single focus lens, the quest for stable rigging begins haha...Pooli might help you out there, but take one step at a time.

  12. Hi, I can confirm that Sankor Anamoprime and Compact are clones of Kowa 8z / 16h / B&H.
    Identical glass and body (after stripping down excess parts).
    These are a bit undervalued as such, since not everyone realizes this.

    The 5e I have never seen or worked with myself.

  13. 2 hours ago, Eugenia said:

    Not for me. I need a small package. While the EOS R itself is not that massive, its native lenses are and an external display/rec would be a no-go. I'm only 4'11" and I don't have much strength to keep such a rig on my shoulder for more than a couple of minutes (same reason why I don't use my BMPCC 4k rig much). I need a package the size of the M50/A6400/X-T30 with a 16x-50x kit-lens-size IS lens, along 10bit log rec. And if it happens to have ibis, even better. GH5 comes closest, but its AF is not good, so I pass. My hopes are for next year's Fuji. I need a true "one-man-crew" camera and I do have a feeling that it's Fuji that will deliver that.

    Yeah the X-T3 with that 18-55 seems a good fit? Or also too heavy?

  14. The way Nikon handled the PR around the proresRaw update is so poor. I can understand that they were trying to generate some hype but still... Imagine they had announced proresRaw just now. People would praise them up to heaven. And bitching about a paid upgrade? I mean we don't know what it costs, but if it's in the GH5/V-log league, who would have cared?

    Now people feel as if Nikon is breaking promises or giving them a bad deal.

    They need to get this update out ASAP.

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