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  1. Been using mine with the 35-100 since the 18 and no problens with IS. What did you read?
  2. According to the manual you only have 5axis if you use the Electronic IS. 5-Axis Hybrid. It work at least like this one mine. Also this mode crop further the image (did not see sharpness loss)
  3. Just got mine yesterday in Japan (GX7MKII) and LOVE it. It has a bit more moire than my GH4, Stabilisation works very well! It will not replace aany Gimbals, but Dual IS and my Came-TV single are doing a way better job than with my GH4. There are a lot of new features that I really like too, I hope we will see them on the GH5 too. Now, the most impressive part, for me actually, is that the photos are MUCH better and shaper than my GH4... I am impressed here. Now a quick question, did any one tested the diffraction compensation on this camera? I am curious if this is something that worth using?
  4. Thanks for the precision. Metbones is still king but their price in Japan is just laughable. Their products are sold at more than 1100 USD here.
  5. Hi Just saw that in the press here in Japan a few minutes ago, the BAVEYES EF-MFT AF 0.7x. a new speebooster. Much cheaper (in Japan at least) that metabones (around 50%) http://stkb.co.jp/info/?p=3201 As I am lazy here you are a G Translate version of the announcement KIPON BAVEYES "BAVEYES EF-MFT AF 0.7x" of the series, for mounting the Canon EOS / EF mount lens on the camera body of the Micro Four Thirds mount, e-mount adapter (focal reducer lens installed) Announcing a new! Equipped with an electronic contact, it has achieved a stable high-speed auto focus. Camera shake correction mechanism, in the transmission of the Exif information support. Manufacturer's suggested retail price: 55,000 yen (excluding tax) ● possible to electronic control of the lens in the iris from the camera side. ● corresponding to the lens in the camera shake correction mechanism. ● realization of high over-speed AF. ● corresponds to the camera shake correction mechanism in the body. ● focal reducer lens mounted. High quality focal reducer lens of BAVEYES series that has been designed by Germany IBE / OPTICS company because the focal length of 0.7 times ※, can be taken in a wider angle of view. For focal reducer lens has a high light collection efficiency, will F value is bright one stage. ※ reference value of the focal length of the after installation When using the 50mm lens: 50mm × 2 (Micro Four Thirds focus magnification) × 0.7 (BAVEYES focus magnification) = 70mm angle of view equivalent (35mm-format equivalent) When using the 35mm lens: 35mm × 2 (Micro Four Thirds focus magnification) × 0.7 (BAVEYES focus magnification) = 49mm angle of view equivalent (35mm-format equivalent) 【Compatible models】 Olympus PEN series (Olympus OM-D series has interference with the camera warship part, not be mounted), Panasonic LUMIX G Series, Blackmagic Design made camera, such as JVC JVC made 4K camera, the Micro Four Thirds mount camera body. IBIS seems to work well
  6. Thanks for the tips! I am not too found of diffraction and I will have then to adapt my "timing". Will check into stacking/averaging as well. Cheers
  7. Hi I was shooting (a few hours a go) some landscape including Mt Fuji and tea fields But! I have some really bad heat haze over the green tea fileds, how to deal with that in general? Cheers
  8. TSV

    DJI X5R - Price drop

    On an OSMO it will be fantastic indeed, but still way too expensive, at least for me.
  9. I am really interested in getting one, but worried that it will not work with the, possible, GH5 and will have to change...
  10. WOW. Never had such problem with mine on a GH4 and I rarely use ios with it... you either have a problem with the lense or your camera...
  11. Thanks Liam... I will make sure to watch this video. And you are spot on, I am not doing a lot of post production, just slightly correct or boost colors if needed. I though of having an external recorder and after toying with an external monitor (that I no longer use) It is actually utterly unpractical in my case. The added weight of the monitor increase risk of shaky videos when shooting outdoor, on a single spot I can move my camera as much as 30 to 50 times in a single hour, ppl will immediately spot you with a recorder... Now, a Recorder without a screen that unload files on an external SSD and that rely on the basic info of the Camera while keeping 10bit output I would really consider it, but as they are and being alone with my backpack surrounded by tourists or in the middle of nowhere alone is a bit tough. Well so far all points to keeping my GH4, get a speedbooster and wait for the GH5... I will try to rent a A7SII and play with it for a day or two to see, but it does not seems that this kind of camera is made for me...
  12. It is true that the for the price the GH4 is a killer... I can only dream of a GH5 with IBIS (surely) and Descent ISO1600 (or at least as good as the GH4 at ISO800) Unlike most of you I am not a professional (even if I earn money from what I am doing), and I am not confident enough to use a lens fully manual so I like having AF even if it is slow, enhance greatly reducing my choice in lenses. Now, what I am doing is more related to "Nat Geo" (Well without the skill for sure) than creating a film, explaining why sharpness is what matter for me. I want the sharpest image when I shoot a temple or a flower for example, I am not building a story on my videos, I am just merely show to others the natural beauty of Japan with, hopefully, beautiful images. This is why I always stay at F4.5 on my 12-35 since I know this is the sharpest aperture that my lens can handle.
  13. Hi First of all thank you for taking the time to help me here. While I know that there are no real review on the A7SII, I am thinking of moving from Panasonic to this new camera and for the following reasons : 1. the GH4 low light capabilities are not there 2. No IBIS on the GH4 (Even with a Gimbal (Came-TV Single) and IOS shots are not silky smooth) Now, however I am EXTREMELY pleased with the GH4 in general especially its sharpness in 4K, the battery life of the GH4 is fantastic (only need two batteries for my usage everyday), the GH4 and the 12-35 is affordable and so on. This said, I am considering moving to Sony. Now the question that I have is : If I move to the A7SII which lenses should I consider? Initially I am willing to get these two lenses in order to replace my Combo 12-35 and 35-100 : - Vario-Tessar T* FE 16-35mm f/4 ZA OSS Lens - FE PZ 28-135mm f/4 G OSS Now, I know that there is a 2x crop factor on MFT compared to FF (GH4 vs A7SII), but, correct me if I am wrong, the GH4 crop even further when shooting videos and I was wondering if the 28-135 alone would give me at least what I have with the 12-35mm or not. If it is the case then I would only take the 28-135 for the time being. Can someone confirm this? Do you have other recommendation in terms of lenses? Note : I know that I will need at least 3 to 4 batteries on the A7SII to get what I have with the GH4I only shoot in 4KWhat I do not know yet is if the A7SII is as Sharp as the GH4A cheaper low light alternative to the A7SII in order to extend my GH4 life until a GH5 would be to use a speedbooster and the Sigma Art 18-35mm (I am also considering this cheaper way)Going the Sony way will allow me in the future to get an FS5 alongside the A7SII and keep the same lenses (no need for adapters) Thank you.
  14. DJI and its horrible support... Yeah! Don't get me wrong I love the idea and would probably get one, but after 3 month of total nightmares dealing with DJI support I fear the worse.
  15. Sorry for my ignorance and hijacking this thread. But there is no way to get 4K with the 18-35mm from Sigma? Even if you are using an adapter or speed-booster?
  16. Hi, Thanks for getting back to me. Well, the RX10II cost as much as the AX1000 and it is as bulky as the GH4... What will make the RX10II superior to the AX1000 beside the S-Log? Better AF like Handycam experience?
  17. My first 4K Camera was the AX1000 in its 60Mbps version (before they released the 100Mbps firmware). I loved it and had good time with it, but the GH4 with the correct lenses made better/sharper videos and then I sold the AX1000. However I realised that in some cases (following a crowd during an event) the GH4 AF was a pain where the AX1000 never failed me. I was about to purchase another AX1000 when I realised that the RX100IV was a really capable camera that I can always carry and mount on my Came-TV single (unlike the AX1000) when following people... But the question remain, does the RX100IV offer an AX1000 like experience in terms of AF or better than the GH4? Is the RX100IV 4K will be at least as good as the AX1000? Any feedback on this would be much appreciated. Cheers
  18. Thank you! After reading your post I will go for the booster on the GH4 (Low light is a problem for me with this camera) and will opt for most probably for a none booster like for the A7RII when I can afford it!
  19. Oh! I get it! No which one is better here? The Booster one of the non booster one? I am thinking on Getting a 18-35 and the XL Booster for my GH4 but wonder if I should not move up to the A7RII...
  20. Just a stupid question, but I though (maybe incorrectly) that you needed an adapter to mount the Sigma 18-35 on the A7RII??? Am I wrong?
  21. Panasonic GH1 Released Mid June 2009 in Japan http://news.panasonic.com/press/news/official.data/data.dir/jn090518-1/jn090518-1.html Panasonic GH2 Released End of October 2010 http://news.panasonic.com/press/news/official.data/data.dir/jn100921-1/jn100921-1.html Panasonic GH3 Released End of December 2012 http://news.panasonic.com/press/news/official.data/data.dir/2012/10/jn121025-3/jn121025-3.html Panasonic GH4 Released End of April 2014 http://news.panasonic.com/press/news/official.data/data.dir/2014/03/jn140325-3/jn140325-3.html Releasing V-Log in October could only mean that we will not see an upgrade of the GH Series before 2016 and releasing V-Log around this this period is another way to artificially extend the life of the camera and stay relevant. Personally I will most probably have moved to the 7R II or a 7S II (if they ever make one). I really doubt the a GH5 will come with a better Low Light support (A la Sony) that have plagued the GH series since the GH1. (Note that I loved the GH1 and GH4, but better low light support would be terrific)
  22. MicroSD Cards is the worse possible media to choose from. MicroSD cards has for a very long period of time be the solution of choice for Android powered devices manufacturer like HTC, Samsung, LG and so on while Apple for example never offer such solution. No let's put a side the fact the Apple want to secure their device for a minute and concentrate on why MicroSD cards are bad. Several studies has been made that MicroSD cards are in fact the cause of many problems with these devices for two major reasons : 1. Speed issue Vs Internal memory 2. High failure rate Vs Internal memory Because of these two major reasons, Android powered device manufacturer are now moving slowly but surely away from MicroSD cards in favour of internal memory. Now if such companies are going away from MicroSD cards we should then consider the fact that they may be write about these products. Personally I tend to agree, I had in the past many faulty MicroSD cards on my phones and since then I try to go away from them.
  23. I haven't try their latest version but I believe that this is the BEST way to store footage on the go for anyone that do not want to carry a computer http://www.nextodiusa.com/ I used to own their very first model a few year back which only support CF cards (equivalent to their ND2730, but with CF slot only). I used this product when covering Events. It was amazingly fast, extremely reliable (never failed me in 4 years of usage) and let me shoot pictures without worrying. I am planning to get another one of this since my last 4 days trip the 2 128GB and 2 64GB SDXC I own were not enough and I did not wanted to carry my computer and an external drive. These model apparently support Alexa (UDF file format) Files http://www.nextodiusa.com/product/2525A/nvs25_udf_en.html & http://www.nextodiusa.com/product/2501_UDF/en_nvs2501UDF_feature.html When I purchased mine (the company just started business in Korea) they sold the unit without any HDD, today apparently it is no longer the case.
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