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  1. So, I am back from my little shooting trip (See picture below ;-)) and I was testing the LS300 this afternoon (on the balcony) with my 12-23mm since I was not really impressed by the Olympus selection they gave me... Well I have to dig into the settings (I rested the camera) but look at these 3 samples. It look like that the colours are smoothed with some kind of candy effect. Are my eyes deflective or? Also if you check on the 3rd video, I have some strange effects on the electric poll on the right side, something that I never saw with my GH4 for example. Folder with 3 sample videos : https://mega.nz/#F!K582lYRB!0qD2XJUVcgbEseinx6lSEA
  2. the Ronin cannot balance correctly the GH4 with a basic lens (Been there, done that, waisted a lot of money). The Ronin M is, apparently, better suited for light cameras like the GH4.
  3. ​Hi John. My mother spent most of her life in Spain and I've been pretty much everywhere (including Portugal for surfing) even at Bardenas Reales (Gorgeous by the way). But the sun there is still milder than in Japan or, worse, Hong Kong (been living there quite some times). Here you are two pictures below to show how bad this screen is and why you should avoid it. The one with the car park represent the best scenario, the second, the worse. So far I am using this Monitor as a monitor once the shoot is done to make sure if I have to reshoot or not.
  4. ​Something like this would work, but definitively not portable in my case.
  5. ​You are welcome. And yep the SmallHD Sidefinder maybe the best solution for us... I will see how it goes.
  6. ​Welcome. Once I get use to it and "RTFM" then I am sure I will do better. As for the lenses they where Olympus MFT ones. And the one that I used for this test is the "M.Zuiko ED 12-50mm f3.5-6.3 EZ" And actually a lens that they recommend on their Japanese brochure since the LS300 support the Automatic Zoon control of the lens. This said, I also agree with my Panasonic lenses will do better.
  7. Here you are my first experience under heavy sunlight with the LS300 1. Full Auto https://mega.co.nz/#!OktEDASD!-v21Iq-OIT3zOdA9Ld8WKXwN3AKE0e1EuJ2j6zmk4xo 2. Manual https://mega.co.nz/#!qodSiJqS!HBwMgwbBF-XAdZi9yXpTqbaU2wXk4aLVKxcrGLFcHis First I will leave the LS300 at home and will go to my shoot with the GH4. I am way more at ease with the GH4 than the LS300. The lack of artificial horizon, no histogram and no real Exposure compensation info on the camera really troubles me and I do not want to risk shooting something and throw it away. I am also biased in a way since I am more costumed to cameras but to give you an example, I had better result in "Manual" mode with the AX100 than this LS300. One thing that I do not like is for example the Internal ND Filter, 1/4, 1/16 and 1/64. Which does not give you any latitude between these numbers pushing you to either increase your shutter speed or F value. Which in both case can either give you its own set of problems. Also, the set of lenses that gave JVC with the Camera are not what I call the best. I have so far better result when using my 15mm Leica or 12.35mm and 35-100mm than with their Olympus thingy. Finally the example above are straight from the camera SD Card. I haven't yet time to read the manual and as said above I am not confortable yet with the camera. Also remember, I am not a pro and just got the camera Friday night. I will have to struggle at least a week with it in order to be able to start being able to test it like you want me to test it.
  8. I finally had the time to test the MustHD 7" on my GH4 outdoor under our heavy summer like weather in Japan (mind XXX sunny)... And as the title underline it and even with the shade, the MustHD 7" is utterly useless outdoor... The screen is a giant 7" mirror. The GH4 Screen utterly outperform the MustHD Screen in this aspect. I am sure that there are other MustHD owners here and I would much appreciate their feedback, but having a "filed monitor" not capable to cop with the sun is really a huge disappointment for me.
  9. Hi Guys... So I received the LS300 yesterday with a fe Olympus lenses (12-50 F3.5-6.3, 45 F1.8, 17 F.18). I haven't yet the time to really play with the camera but my first impressions are : - Cheap quality built. Cheap plastics especially on the side handle part. It feel that the whole stuff is empty inside. Rotating the ND Filters make a cheap clunky noise. Mounted a lens on it is not smooth as like on my GH4 for example. - Compact, I like that. - I am not sold by the viewfinder. - The LCD is "OK" will try in direct sunlight but it does not impress - Focus peaking is really great, much better than the GH4 and with it you really feel that you are in control. - It may sound stupid but I love the point and touch AF of the GH4, pity that the LS300 does not offer that as well. The few minutes that I spend with it did not bring the WOW factor that I was expecting and at the price they are asking it in Japan (~4,165 USD) I would personally opt for a 4K URSA Mini than that. Anyway start playing with it and soon start to experiment with your requests.
  10. ​The Moza lite seems pretty cheap, I put this on my shopping list. As for DJI, I had a Ronin and sold it after 3 months. First their support is the the worse I have ever had to deal with, even with their branch in Japan. Second it simply does not work with the GH4 even if the GH4 is on the approved list of Cameras, you need to add a LOT OF WEIGHT to the GH4 to make is work nicely. I though my Ronin was defective, I spent a lot of time to test it and gave up... The guy who bought from me was not surprised that I could not make it work with the GH4, the Ronin need heavy cameras... He needed the gimbal for a shoot and had no problems with it and his RED. And honestly I know the guy's work as director of photography (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORu58PY1S_g) and I will take is word on this! Anyway, after being treated so badly by DJI International, ignored by DJI in Japan, I do my best to ignore them and make sure that people around me knows how bad they are with their customers.
  11. ​Yep, already saw the video, but I have some particular needs. I shoot contemplative videos and what I need is point a place on the screen and ask the camera to do its trick for the Focus. I know I have/need to learn how to us peaking and how to use MF... But I need to find a good teacher first ;-)
  12. ​We are ALL WAITING for your very thorough feed back on this little, possibly game changer little gadget (at least for a newbie like me that heavily reply on AF)
  13. ​According to the Japanese website it has IS and more. ●KIPONが独自開発したマイコンによりEFマウントレンズを電子制御、ハイースピードAFが可能 = The mount has a some kind of "chip" and support High speed AF ●IS手ブレ補正機能に対応 = They say it handle IS ●全ての撮影モード(P/A/S/M/AUTOなど)に対応 = They say that is works on all Camera modes ●撮影した画像のEXIFデータに焦点距離、露出などの情報が記録されます。= The Focal Length and Exposure Data are recorded in EXIF ●オートフォーカスエリア(ワイド、ゾーン、中央重点、フレキシブルスポット)の選択が可能 = All AF mode are supported (Wide, Zone, Center-W...) ●全てのドライブモード(一枚撮影、連続撮影、セルフタイマー、リモコンなど)の選択が可能 = All shooting modes are supported (Single, Continuous, Sefl-timer, remote...)
  14. TSV

    Field monitor

    ​As soon as I have the battery to power it up (I thought it had an internal battery) I will be able to use it outside and test it. However my first regret is that it is WAY too big for my usage. It is a nice monitor but I should have opt for the 5.6". Add this on the GH4 with a cage Mic and so on the all setting is wobbly and a tiny bit of wind (Even on the balcony) screw all the tele shots I was trying to make. I am trying to work a solution to have it tightly fixed to the cage (http://fhugen.com/honu-cage-gh3.html) but I think that I will have to hand carry the monitor to avoid any un necessary weight or vibration due to wind on the camera. I am also trying to find a better tripod, but that's another beast.
  15. If you look at the test video it was apparently made by a Japanese Company stkb.co.jp and in Japan a bad product can nuke a company for a very long time. I, like you, was skeptical but having the product tested and promoted by a Japanese compnay specialized in photo and video is for me a HUGE plus! I will try to contact them tomorrow http://stkb.co.jp/info/?p=1752
  16. I will invest in AE at some point ​ ​Thanks Bunk! The still version worked just fine! It is not perfect yet but now I know how to make it work!
  17. Hi I was shooting some video this morning and realised that a little Ladybug was actually camping on the top right corner or my lens for a few videos I made... And while I really like FCPx I do not find any way to remove this little "dark" area on the corner on my video (see screenshot below). Now I know that PhotoShop CC can do the trick and I could actually use the clone stamp to remove my little friend from my footage but ONLY on the first frame and I would like to be able to duplicate this action for at least 10sec, but as you would have guess I have no ideas on how to make sure that this clone stamp can be duplicated for at least 10sec... Any ideas? THANKS!
  18. Thanks to @Ebrahim Saadawi I will try to comply and my daughter will be the test subject (I can include the Dog to by the way). I will also take the opportunity to test this Camera at ISE in Mie Prefecture for the shrines as well as this kind of stuff https://www.google.com/search?q=Meotoiwa&safe=off&es_sm=119&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=IORRVbzOCaG5mAXN1IAQ&ved=0CEAQsAQ&biw=1280&bih=1242 I will share with you some of the footage I made like @Liam suggested. Cheers
  19. Thanks all of you, I will check your request later today (got a meeting soon) and get back to you. I am scheduled to get the camera this Friday and until then we have plenty of time to fine tune your request (I am not as good as you and may need some pointers to make it happen)
  20. ​WHAT A FREAKING GOOD idea! I will try if I can reproduce this with my Pixi (http://www.manfrotto.com/photo-supports-tripods-pixi-series).
  21. I would really love to get a LX100. This little baby is perfect for shooting nice 4K video when you least expect it and can alway be carried with you. Add a little Baby Manfrotto Tripod and you have a great little camer in your bag. As for the Mic In missing, I will use in this case an external PCM recorder. As for the Shure LensHopper VP83F. How it is compared to the Panasonic official Mic for the GH4?
  22. Hi. JVC is going to lend me a JVC GY-LS300 for two weeks to give it a try and I was wondering if someone here would be interested that I test a few things for them? So if you want me to look in something particular on this camera or test something special, let me know! It is also a good way for me to give this camera a good try! Cheers
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