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  1. ​The videos that I am doing are "contemplative" and indeed could be boring for many, I know that. Simply put I catch moment of life as they are without music but only the surrounding noise. So Yep, my style is more watching the paint dry lol... Now for the exposure part of your comment I get it now, this is interesting, I will have to test! Thanks for the tips!
  2. Thanks, I really appreciate your explanation here and yep I will go for a "romantic" approach to what I want to shoot​. Now Who would you setup your camera to make the "fog" effect as you are describing? Long exposure? How do you apply this to a video? For a photo I get it but a video? (Not sure to understand sorry) Now for the sunset/sunrise I will use two cameras one will be the GoPro for a cheap time-lapse (If I screw up this no worries), but the main "piece de resistance" will be the GH4 where here I will not take photos but videos. Basically I want to do that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dJCLaoBZvM and honestly I am not really sure how they did it. How do you anticipate what ISO and Aperture will be needed? Do you setup the camera with a certain ISO and A and let it go dark? ​Love this, thank you for your example. Did you apply anything in post or was this uploaded directly from the camera card?
  3. ​Hi Jonesy. Sorry, English is not my native language and my question may be a little bit confusing. Rain : I am not worried about the hardware aspect here, but I am more concerned about the aesthetic part of the shoot. Is there any thing (imagewise) I need to shoot under the rain to have a gorgeous video despite a crappy weather? Sunset, Sunshine : There are two elements here. The Time-lapse will be taken with the GoPro, however, I want to take a regular 4K video with the GH4 of both sunset and sunrise. As for today when I shoot at night or during the day I have my own setting that make the shot as good as it can be, and I am glad with them, but never I had to deal with light changing with time...
  4. Hi everyone, My first post here, please be kind with the newbie ;-). I am working on a personal project and I will soon face two majors difficulties that may be out of my skill set. First what I am using : GH4, 12-35mm and ND Filters (to keep things around 1/60 and F4.5), Tripod, Mic... 1. Shooting nice video under the Rain. I am living in Japan and the rainy season will soon be upon us. I would like to know any tips or advise that you can think of when shooting under the rain. I bought a Camera Cover and so on, but is there any tricks to make sure that my 4K videos will look fantastic? 2. Sunsets Shots I am planning to Climb Fujisan (The Mount Fuji) late June and will spend the night on the top to shoot the sunset. I am planning to take a GoPro Hero4 for a quick timelpase, but I will also use my GH4 to shoot both sunset and sunrise. My main concern is the obvious change in luminosity and I never did such shot before, shall I stuck in M mode or A? Shall I use some specific Filters? ISO settings? (ISO sucks on the GH4 after ISO800), What lens?? As you see, I am a newbie, but I would really like to master these two very difficult things to help me to make better videos. Thanks in advance for ANY advices and help! Cheers
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