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  1. What other mode besides manual matters when shooting video on a full frame? It's a non-issue but I understand the frustration. The cripple hammer definitely there, why go from 30 on the R to 20 Mpix on the R6?! Shit makes no sense. Got the R5. For hybrid shooting at events it's perfect. For shooting stills and as a C video cam on set its good. The one thing really pissing me off right now is the wobble on the IBIS. I feel it is too severe when shooting wide. As a hybrid shooter, this was a major selling point since I wnat to get hand held clips on the 15-35 at events. Everything else I can live with as I am using it mainly for stills with occasional video clips.
  2. Use case for Alexa = on set with a crew, use case for an SLR = 1 person, running and gunning.
  3. I agree, should have some sinks there to mitigate. It would have made a dent in the short record times however, the weather sealed form factor combined with Digic X still not conducive for intensive processing. Put your computer in a plastic bag with no active cooling, only sinks and see how far you get.
  4. Exactly! Weather sealed form factor not suitable for high quality capture. Are they weather sealed?
  5. Moore’s law has been historically true. However, what I’m seeing in the computer world for “processing” power (as a network tech), only solution has been more cores and multi-threads. Speeds remain about the same. PCs these days are running hot af and power requirements have gone up as well (applies to latest and greatest). After a gen or two I do see power draw and heat go down. Don’t know full details of digic X but if it’s anything like what I’m seeing on the computer side then this all makes sense. Still buying this camera, I’m a fan of Canon color and a hybrid shooter.
  6. Cooling a weather sealed body with a powerful processor, it’s almost an oxymoron. Although processors have gotten more powerful, energy requirements and heat have gone up with it. Until processors become more efficient and use less energy, this form factor will continue to not make any sense for power hungry codecs.
  7. Lmfao. BBC is impartial?! That’s a real knee slapper. Quit your Trump shit posting and stick to cameras. Love this site, please don’t ruin it. As for Apple, tax laws have made it favorable for them to repatriate cash and expand: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/04/30/apples-plan-to-repatriate-285-billion-could-be-a-boost-for-investors.html Free trade, trade imbalances, central banking are bad for the world. They centralize wealth, debase currencies and cheapen labor. Trump (but really the American system) getting attacked for attacking their system, the Anglo-Dutch liberal financial system. Lots of propaganda out there. Mind you Obama made it legal when he repealed the Smith act. Trump will win in the end, has the backing of the military, it’s really CIA vs NSA duking it out. Let’s focus on what we love to do cause in the end our voice is but a piss in the wind.
  8. Had many failed attempts to log in so that I can say one thing, FUCK ADOBE! My timelines constantly crash and do not play. A lot of times I have to revert to CS6 using XMLs. This issue always has to do with using nested sequences. I tried getting help from their customer support and forum but after a few days, I gave up. Also, LIGHTROOM! WTF! It takes what seems like forever to render an image to begin to edit. When I edit in Bridge, it renders pretty quickly. I have tried modifying preferences and import settings and nothing resolves lag issues.
  9. I agree that the 80D is WAAAAAY overpriced however, the softness doesn't really bother me. Actually, at least for doc or short film work, a super sharp image bothers me for some reason. At this price point, and time, at least give us LOG or 10 bit hdmi output.
  10. Would rather the focus be in dynamic range, super 35 sensor, color and 10bit or raw output than 6k.
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