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  1. Lmfao. BBC is impartial?! That’s a real knee slapper. Quit your Trump shit posting and stick to cameras. Love this site, please don’t ruin it. As for Apple, tax laws have made it favorable for them to repatriate cash and expand: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/04/30/apples-plan-to-repatriate-285-billion-could-be-a-boost-for-investors.html Free trade, trade imbalances, central banking are bad for the world. They centralize wealth, debase currencies and cheapen labor. Trump (but really the American system) getting attacked for attacking their system, the Anglo-Dutch liberal financial system. Lots of propaganda out there. Mind you Obama made it legal when he repealed the Smith act. Trump will win in the end, has the backing of the military, it’s really CIA vs NSA duking it out. Let’s focus on what we love to do cause in the end our voice is but a piss in the wind.
  2. Had many failed attempts to log in so that I can say one thing, FUCK ADOBE! My timelines constantly crash and do not play. A lot of times I have to revert to CS6 using XMLs. This issue always has to do with using nested sequences. I tried getting help from their customer support and forum but after a few days, I gave up. Also, LIGHTROOM! WTF! It takes what seems like forever to render an image to begin to edit. When I edit in Bridge, it renders pretty quickly. I have tried modifying preferences and import settings and nothing resolves lag issues.
  3. I agree that the 80D is WAAAAAY overpriced however, the softness doesn't really bother me. Actually, at least for doc or short film work, a super sharp image bothers me for some reason. At this price point, and time, at least give us LOG or 10 bit hdmi output.
  4. Would rather the focus be in dynamic range, super 35 sensor, color and 10bit or raw output than 6k.
  5. Man, had too much time on my hands last night, had to resurect this old ass thread. No doubt it's an increase in resolution. An improvement though? I guess it is, albeit an unnecessary one for consumers. For acquisition its amazing! TRUST ME though, know lots of people working at networks, NO ONE is planning on broadcasting in 4k any time this decade. Nat Geo shows will for sure look great in 4k detail, I'm sure you will be able to stream it in all its compressed glory somewhere. 4k cinema in my home though, on my TV 10 or 15 feet away is another story. Don't mind it in the theater though cause it's a big ass screen I am typically 30-50 ft away. Totally agree with you, story is KING! It's weird though, I still get people asking me for DVD's in SD!
  6. I don't know if 1080 cams will be obsolete though, its great for editing, reframing, zooms but don't think TV will be delivering 4k programming anytime soon. They just spent millions upgrading to HD and that took years and years of logistics. Nat Geo films I can see 4k working but movies and regular TV, I find that all the detail bothers me for some reason, it doesn't seem natural. I don't think I would ever buy a 4k TV...... http://www.cnet.com/news/why-ultra-hd-4k-tvs-are-still-stupid/
  7. B+H just put up a used (10 out of 10 condition) c100 MARK II. I assume it was some sort of return. It was $4000 with the Ninja. I had to do it! Looks like FS5 high frame rates will have to wait and I will be using Twixtor when needed for now. Regardless though, 60p slo-mo for a music video where vocals are present is plenty. I am kind of bumbed though, the electronic ND on the FS5 is sexy but on the other hand, it would of been $2200 more with the metabones.
  8. That's right, that is a cool feature. Especially to avoid follow focusing on non-cinema lenses. Been manually doing it on the 5diii would love to have that but not sure I "need" it. These are tuff decisions for us peasant folk who can't afford it all.
  9. I am starting to think I should just buy the C100 mark I for events and weddings and save my money for the FS5 for music videos. Does anyone notice any difference in the C100 vs C100 mark ii in terms of quality after color correction? They look very similar to me with perhaps the Mark ii edging out slightly better detail.
  10. I agree with the sharpness part. I almost want to go for the c100 mark 1 because its softer but yet looks pleasing (and not in a 5d kind of way). If it had the mark ii's color and 60p I would much rather go for the C100.1.
  11. Andrew, if I do go with an FS5, what adapter do you recommend? I keep hearing horror stories about the metabones. I have it for the GH4 but Sony users seem to have more issues. Also, have you ever tried matching color with FS5 to a GH4 or 5diii? I imagine it wouldn't be perfect but I am wondering how close.
  12. Yeah, that Sigma camera has an organic look to it.
  13. Thanks so much for your feedback!
  14. That is what I thought I asked the guy at Canon, does the C100MKII scale down from a 4k image to produce a 1080 image. His exact words were, "no, there is no 4k hardware at all inside the camera." Regardless, at $4600 with Ninja, do you think the C100mkII a good buy? I really want to like the FS5 but something inside of me keeps telling me to go with Canon color. Especially since my B cams are a GH4 and a 60d, 5diii.
  15. regardless, still looks as detailed as a scaled down 4k image.
  16. Funny, I spoke to a Canon rep and he stated that the C100MKII does NOT scale down which I found weird since I too read somewhere it does.
  17. I shoot lots of weddings and also music videos/shorts. I really like the Canon C100MKII look but hate the lack of 4k and 120fps. The c300mkii is awesome but out of my budget. I really like the FS5 but do notice it has a "slightly" more videoish look when compared to the c100mkii (I think cause it is so sharp). Also, I might have a hard time matching colors with my 5diii and gh4. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  18. Don't get me wrong, I don't think it matters and most people won't be able to tell the difference. Content is king! However, on a budgeted professional shoot, I have only seen Reds or Alexas on raw or prores but I am sure there are the exceptions. As for reality TV, I've seen it all. A buddy of mine works on Daly show and is being shot on the 5d Mark III at H.264.
  19. I don't mean to offend but maybe it's good enough for grading video of your kids in the backyard but for professional environments where you know you will be color grading you will roll with 10bits if not raw because its not worth the risk. I rather bake in 8bits if I know I will only be making small adjustments.
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