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  1. You don’t need to go into the menu, just use the EVF button to toggle to screen only before you start recording You can toggle EVF only, Screen only, or Eye Sensor auto switch
  2. This h265 low bitrate codec is a medium quality codec designed for playback on a HDR HLG Panasonic TV. It’s the same codec that was added to the GH5 for the same reason. It has heavy noise reduction, it really is not designed for grading. Like with the GH5 the 10 bit H265 files will look a lot better than these TV optimised low quality h265 files.
  3. Panasonic lens releases have increased in the last couple of years - Leica 12-60, Leica 8-18, Leica 50-200, Leica 100-400, 200mm 2.8, 12mm 1.4, 12-35 II, 35-100 II 2.8, 10--25mm 1.7 announced, and more planned this year. Groundwork for the organic sensor that will make FF superfluous like Medium Format is now. We probably won't see a big release until end 2020 with organic sensor global shutter 120fps raw GH6
  4. not interesting for video really, same variable bitrate codec as EM1.2. I think maybe Panasonic and Olympus fell out and Panasonic didn't share any new codec. Panasonic cameras as so much better IMO, the 10bit ALL-I codec is solid and Panasonic IBIS works better for video (Olympus IBIS warps the edges) I do like Olympus f1.2 lenses though, so I do hope Olympus do well Olympus should make a compact XT-3 like camera, with a new H265 10bit processor and latest AF performance, that would be nice
  5. Nikon Z is to get Prores Raw on NinjaV That would put Z6 at number 1 for me Hope that forces Sony and Panasonic to allow raw recording on A7Siii and S1
  6. wait until it gets .braw, then I think it will really be worth keeping
  7. Olympus lens looks terrible, it has to hunt for focus without any DFD depth data DFD lens looks way better on my GH5S, I tried a 12/1.4 and 12-60/2.8-4 and AF was smooth. This test looks pretty good
  8. surely Sony could just put the A9 in a bigger body, big heat sink and enable 10bit 422 60p internal and raw via USB-C, top spec EVF, price $6K, why does it take so long?
  9. I don’t get this. Panasonic sell tiny numbers of EVA1, and their market share in mirrorless is tiny, so you saying Panasonic need to discourage people buying the S1 to protect the EVA1 which is in a totally different category? If this S1 isn’t going to be a complete niche flop Panasonic need to go balls out with everything they’ve got to get even 1% of Sony FF business.
  10. Rolling shutter will be over 17ms if they’re having to crop 60p, plus it’s only 420 colour resolution, so seems they’re not quite there yet in readout speed. I’d prefer 12ms max on a video camera . Samsung sensors seem to struggle with rolling shutter, if it is a Samsung sensor. Good progress by Fuji and good if 10bit is standard now in their cameras. Panasonic not able to C-AF means Fuji will attract a lot of users from GH5 I’m sure.
  11. Problem with using C mode it doesn’t keep your settings if you make changes, if camera sleeps or powers off it reverts to saved settings which can be really throw you. Wish Sony would just copy all UI and controls from GH5 exactly.
  12. AF can cause many spoiled gimbal shots, even canon DPAF can mess up your shot at just the crucial moment. You can pre focus and maintain subject distance and get great shots, even with shallow DOF. If you need more leeway, stop down a bit.
  13. I compared the 10bit ALL-I on the GH5 with external 10 bit ProresHQ at 400% on a 4K monitor, and the Panasonic codec looked better with finer detail, nicer grain pattern. The prores looked blocky at 400%. I think modern compressed codecs are more sophisticated than Prores and much smaller file size
  14. Presume it will be 10.2MP, assuming it’s the same Sony sensor as GH5S
  15. I pre-ordered in UK, only needed £50 deposit at CVP so no big deal even if the camera is delayed. Price is £975 + VAT which seems an absolute bargain if it includes DaVinci studio. I have m43 lenses already so investment is minimal. Should be a fun camera.
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