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    Tim Sewell got a reaction from Michael Coffee in Lighting question   
    You're welcome. I've got the Amaran M9 and it's more use as a bedside light than anything else. These Lumecubes punch considerably above their weight.
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    Tim Sewell got a reaction from mercer in Lighting question   
    1500 lumens do ya? https://www.lumecube.com/
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    Tim Sewell reacted to Cassius McGowan in How to Kill Piracy by 2017   
    I don't want government having any type of power of anything someone can do on a website or software. They would be able to shut you down on anything (they) seem is illegal. They could shut down this site because gear is being sold and they're not getting taxes from it. I just know government shouldn't have to much power over anything plain and simple.
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    Tim Sewell reacted to mercer in How I got scammed through "Ebrahim Saadawi"   
    If anyone on this forum donates a single penny to the people who were scammed then you are the biggest fools and are doing nothing to help this situation.
    This kid is hitting refresh every 5 seconds and every bleeding heart, call for forgiveness, and donation promised turns this piece of shits frown a little more upside down... And his hand further and further from his wallet. 
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    Tim Sewell reacted to jcs in Hasselblad mirrorless camera   
    Winning arguments is a waste of time unless prosecuting a lawsuit. Learning new things and helping others is time better spent.
    MF vs. FF can be tested with the same camera and lens (changing lens settings and post cropping), which will typically show that the sensor size isn't where any effect is coming from. Now the point shifts to lenses- cool, that could be helpful to understand for those thinking about getting an MF body to take advantage of lenses. However Brian Caldwell stated that the current top 35mm lenses are as good or better than MF lenses. Posting equivalence-matched MF-cameras+lenses to FF could be helpful in showing the strengths of the MF lenses vs. FF lenses. Even more useful would be showing the MF lenses can more cost effectively produce images than very expensive FF lenses (Otus etc.). This same argument is valid when comparing FF to m43: FF lenses are effectively cheaper to get super shallow DOF.
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    Tim Sewell got a reaction from kidzrevil in Lighting : reccommended on & off camera LED lights   
    I got one of those Amarans - they chuck out an impressive amount of light for the size and price. These (http://aladdin-lights.com/eye-lite-dt/) also look fantastic at around the GBP80 mark! I've spent this month's gear money on 3 Ianiro redheads and an Arri 300 fresnel, but next month a couple of these might be on the list!
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    Tim Sewell got a reaction from JazzBox in Panasonic GH4 Firmware Update 2.1   
    V-log will be nice, but I'd really really like shutter speed/angle lock and a selection of aspect ratio crop marks.

    I lost a bit of footage the other day because I didn't notice I'd changed angle - because of the tinted sellotape over the top and bottom of my screen!
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