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  1. Thank you!

    Somehow the Atomos picture had a little more contrast. Easy to fix in grading but in the first moment i put it in Premiere i thought: wow, the atomos stuff looks much crispier... 

    Sony Skin tones are a thing - i am still looking for a way to give them a natural feeling.

  2. Heyho,

    check out this little video i shot for german based band Trebor.

    Shot on A7iii and Atomos. Surprisingly the material from the a7iii looks a bit different than the one from the atomos. Light was changing heavily throughout the shoot ( big windows) so it was kind of hard to keep the light consistent. I could set up a light for the close ups. 



    P.S.: Of course the band would be very happy if you could leave a like or a comment...

  3. As usual this makes me wonder what makes Vimeo go this route. I believe this must be massively reducing their number of clients.

    I guess it's quite hard (and expensive) for a smaller player to fight these legal battles regarding copy rights. But the lack of communication is an absolut downer.

    I am still really fond of the whole Vimeo universe. I still love  that you can ask all these incredible artists direct questions regarding gear, lighting and techniques and the rate of replies is very high.

  4. Hyy everyone,

    i own a Sony A7iii for approximately 4 month. I recently shot a live concert and used different modes: 4K, HD 100 fps etc. After approximately 1 hour on and off shooting the camera told me that it will shut down due to heat.

    Since then the camera is acting strange. For example it is froze up in playback mode and would not even switch off when i flip the switch?

    I have not installed the latest firmware yet and i am wondering wether i should do that or return it to the reseller right away? I have searched this forum but it seems that no one else has encountered this problem?

    Edit: P.S. if this belongs into the Sony A7iii thread it would be great if one could let me know.

  5. Hey, 

    check out this little video i shot using a Sony a73 and a Zhiyune Crane. First Production with a sony cam as well as a first for a zhiyune shot. A lot to improve on both.

    Nevertheless some shots came out like i wanted them to and this is one of the few videos in which i got good weather as it is usually raining in Hamburg. 


  6. I am really excited about the camera.  The GH5 ist such a great camera. But i saw few examples of the GH5 that looked really cinematic. If the GH5 ist about to change that: nice! I guess the GH5 will stay the Go to camera for documentaries, Life Concerts, travel Videos,  and everybody who is starting out (cheaper). But i am wondering wether there GH5s will be used in Independent Films and such,  in a way ( and amount) the A7s and A7s2 have been. I guess we will find out in the next 1,5 years. Or someone very  talented will juet show us what is possible with the GH5...

  7. Hey, 

    I am still wondering wether to buy a GH5 or not. Fact is that i have seen very few really cinematic material from the camera. I have shot three music promos with it this year. For examples the following (Last shots are BM Pocket). Overall i love the handling of the GH5. It's such a pleasure to use!

    Or this one:


    Now i have shot another vid using a a7r2 ( it's not released yet) and though the pictures were much noisier somehow the results are looking more cinematic.

    I have tried some comparisons of both cameras and am still looking Into it. 

    As some stills are looking very nice from GH5 material and the Slomo stuff is looking pretty cinematic as well, i am wondering wether there is something in the shutter in 24fps /25fps mode that gives the GH5 a bit of a video Look. I haven't found any information or comparisons on the web. Maybe one of you has seen something?

  8. Hey Guys, 

    check out this musicpromo i shot with the GH5. 

    I tried to do some cinematic scenes. Check it out. Grading in Lumetri Looks with LUTs. I wanted to try more of a "flat" look. 

    Woud love to hear your feedback. 


  9. Check out this little Video i shot on the GH5, Metabones Adapter and the old Sigma 30mm 1.4. (that kendy one :-) ) and the Panasonic 20mm pancake.

    Most of the Grafitti stuff was Shot at HD at 120 FPS. I should have used the 4k 60 FPS instead to keep the Quality with the digital zooms and reframes... 

    Editing in Premiere. Just a fast Grading with Lumetri Looks.


  10. As this is a miniature shot i believe it's a motion control rig and they are shooting stills. In that case the videofunction would only be used for setup of the shot.

    Edit: Sorry, somehow i missed page two of the conversation where this matter was already discussed.

  11. Here comes another musicvideo. This time we tried to really  tried some stuff that we always wanted to do but never dared to. We started with several ideas that took us back to being 12 again when you started to shoot stuff on vhs. In the end it ended up with quite a lot of work - though it looks so trashy. Shot on GH4. 



  12. I used the effect extensively on the following video and loved it :-) For traditional Film i think it could mostly be used in dream or hallucination scenes - though i am waiting for someone to use it in an action sequence. Especially with slow motion the effect could be very cool. 



  13. The postproduction workflow took some time to figure out. I edited in Premiere with an addional plugin for the animation of the 360 warp effects. It always needed to render which took endless time.. The colour grading was done in a baselight suite at Deli Creative Collective in Hamburg. Of course the heavy warping adds a lot of artifacts in the corners but i hope due to the fast edit this does not add up.

    The matrix effects were shot with a gopro - no additional post except for a little crop.

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