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  1. Thanks a lot for your feedback - i have watched wanderingdp but will intensivy! You are absolutely right with all the inspiration and a stronger focus on concept. I feel bad answering your text with just one sentence , but i cannot say more than it's highly appreciatet and i will definitely look in those directions. It's just hard to capture the focus, especially on a gimbal. you can only move from side to side but not in and out. AF ist much more convenient 🙂 On the other hand it just looks so nice wide open... You are also very right. I felt pretty limited of what to show due to the winter and feel i played it a bit "too save"...
  2. I am really wondering how much it would be to buy the complete Digitial Bolex project ( incl. contakt to manufacturers etc.) from the original creators. I guess all the technical parts have become dirt cheap since the original release.
  3. Hey, check out this little music video i shot on the Sony a74 with the helios 44 and sigma 18-35. Helios for Run&Gun - not sure i can recommend. Also did not manage to create the swirley bokeh so far. On the other hand it takes the digital edge of the sony footage which helped tremendously. In the night scenes we also used the Tiffen Black Promist Filter 1/8. I realized i definetely need to learn more about lighting. If you can recommend any youtube channels i would be very happy. Of course i would also be happy about general feedback - and the artist would be happy if you would like or comment on youtube...
  4. Wondering wether this will be THE camera to shoot a feature to have it ready by the start of that Apple headset!
  5. Thanks everyone for the feedback! This looks absolutely beautiful! Really fantastic Skintones! Of course the whole film is great. After reading your feedback i will first invest some time in improving my knowldge of Davinci Resolve. I also have some apsc lenses lying around - will try those. Yeah, IBIS and AF are of course pretty cool on modern lenses. Not sure i want to miss those... An i will look more into the blackpromist filter world. Also i will just add the zeiss and the tokina lens to my ebay search , maybe i will find a bargain and can just try it out one time. Thanks everyone for the feedback!
  6. Hello everyone, i am looking for a manual zoom lens that help to take the digital edge of the A74. Something in the 24- 70 or 35-70 range preferably with a constant aputure. Don't care about the mount as long as it is convertable to e mount. I remember i saw some comments in som thread years ago that pointed in the right direction, but i cannot find them any more... I hope it is okay to put such a random question in a singular topic. If not please just delete. Thanks a lot!
  7. Hi everyone! Another music Video coming along. Shot on the blackmagic 4K with Metabones and Sigma 16-35mm and Helios 55mm. On the outside shots i had ND filters with IR correction. Also there is a small DJI camera in the mix for all the shots from above ( Just put it in a stick) . On this shoot i really missed an autofocus feature. Also i had some problems with the grading in the first half of the song as the lighting conditions were very different in each set up. Maybe i would have needed to have a closer look on the white balance. Maybe also a grading session in Resolve would have helped, i did the grading in premiere.
  8. At least in the case of form factor my wish came true... Missing that SD card slot though...
  9. What i am really looking forward to are the information that will come out of the postproduction companies, as these will apply to most "prosumer" cameras. Also "The Creator" is going in the direction of the "Sony" look and taking advantage of it - and many shots are just the basis for extensive VFX work. I assume these cameras would not be used for a feelgood rom com where you want to get soft skintones from 45 year old actors...
  10. wishlhlist: pocketcamera with a good formfactor and no rolling shutter - don't care wether m43 or apsc...
  11. What i finde more interesting is the option to record spatial video though. I believe once the headset will be released content will be scarce in the beginning. There might be a short gap for no-low budget filmmakers to get their films seen (and sold).
  12. Yeah, i haven't seen any really impressive footage from the 14 yet - not sure wether log will change that...
  13. Hopefully no "sharp sharp" sharpening...
  14. Thanks both of you. I am with you 100% percent regarding the grading - actually that would be the area in which i could have improved the video a bit. Still find it tricky to grade in Premiere, def. need to try resolve. Also thanks for the feedback on the storytelling side - def. can be improved as well.
  15. Chrille

    GoPro Hero12

    Would love to see them move more in the lomo direction - would be great to see a Gopro Super8 Milimeter Camera and a 16mm digital bolex type thing.
  16. Hello, check out this little music video we shot on the Sony A74, 24-105 f4 and partially Tiffen black promist 1/8. As usual feedback would be great for me, liking and commenting on YT great for the artist!
  17. That's really interesting - i read that the HD on the XH2S was pretty bad though. Fingers crossed - looking forward to some tests!
  18. Yeah i guess i found the overview: https://fujifilm-x.com/en-gb/products/cameras/x-s20/specifications/ Looking at the specifications there are two columns next to the different formats called "Crop Magnification" with DIS ON and DIS OFF.
  19. I am only finding contrary information on additional crop factors( some say there is a 1,18 crop in 6K, some don't etc...) . Did anyone find any additional information?
  20. Chrille

    New Musicvideo

    Check: https://www.chrille.net/
  21. Chrille

    New Musicvideo

    Thanks for the feedback! You mean other videos with blacklight?
  22. Chrille

    New Musicvideo

    Check out this new music video shot on A74 24-104 and UV light.
  23. Chrille

    Share our work

    Check out some of my videos: https://www.chrille.net/ And i would be super happy if you would follow my Youtube Channel, a i am trying to grow it a bit. https://www.youtube.com/@MagnetischC
  24. Puh, this is another strange camera. Love the size and that it's a proper video camera for semi pros. Of course if you want to shoot a proper job you would prefer another camera but it has the right sizw to just put it in a pocket... Need to take a closer look at the photo features...
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