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    That Cinevision looks great! Hans - is that a tiny taking lens attached to it? (the zebra ring) Does anyone have any experience with the yashica 8 or sankyoscope?
  2. as far as I know - the 8Z/16H is 52mm, and the B&H is 54mm... May be wrong though
  3. valid


    Great! Thanks guys. The Animex/Iscomorphot 2x sounds like the best choice so far :-) How does the Bolex Moller 8/19/1.5 compare? Or the yashica scope? PS - regarding the VM lens - what distance is it fixed to? Is it sharp? I've heard before that it has bad CA.
  4. valid


    Hey guys What are your favourite "baby" / 8mm anamorphics? Other than the well-known hypergonar 8, of course ;-) Mostly interested in sharpness and image quality - not worried about double focus etc. Looking to build a small anamorphic shooting setup, to balance my Kowa B&H.
  5. No, I don't think so. For comparison - the BMCC is 2.3x crop from full frame, and the widest taking lens I can use with my Kowa B&H (similar to 8z) is around 28mm. 25mm vignettes but is also usable if you crop the sides off.
  6. If you can load it, this this the thing I meant: http://www.redstan.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=33&product_id=57
  7. Really? Redstan seems to be working for me... (Uk-based)
  8. The Panavision Superama is a 2X stretch as well Btw in this case the "panavision" brand isn't necessarily a "quality standard" because it's just a projection lens. It's not like you're buying a Primo In terms of optical design, the Superama is pretty similar to the smaller hypergonar-16 series of lenses, and the sankor 16c variants. EDIT: actually just did my homework, turns out that the superama comes in 2X and 1.5X stretch. I had only come across the 2X version before. In any case I don't think it's a particularly special lens.
  9. ​Yes - check out the redstan.com clamps :-) They come with nylon bolts which don't scratch the lens. Also, the Redstan clamp for the Kowa B&H is amazing (I have it) because it screws in a retaining ring, so the bolts are just for fixing the alignment, not for holding the lens :-) ​Not really. Sometimes it will work like you describe, but then your bokeh will be weird (horizontally stretched) if your taking lens focus and anamorphic front focus are misaligned. Try to focus on the taking lens (by eye) - then look at its distance marker - then set the anemorphic to the same distance marker - then fine-tune the taking lens :-)
  10. Personally - I dislike the really strong "DSLR" feel of the image, but I think the lens is sharp and resolves well :-)
  11. I can't seem to edit my original post... since when has that feature been disabled? In any case, isco ultra star HD zoom converter (collapsed state) :
  12. Maybe he confused "zoom" with "focus" ;-)
  13. It just looks like the isco ultra star with the isco ultra star HD zoom converter (when it's collapsed) i.e. this thing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/ISCO-Ultrastar-HD-Zoom-converter-0-65-x-S-/261858354135 No idea how it's meant to achieve single focus
  14. valid

    Kowa front size

    dude i'm talking about the front size, not about focus markings :-)
  15. valid

    Kowa front size

    That's the 8Z. The Bell-Howell is bigger- more like 70-ish mm. I tried all combinations of step rings/filters - in the end just got the redstan clamp and it's a perfect fit :-)
  16. I'm just hoping it's a 2X, and not some 1.33X rubbish ;-)
  17. Interested in the lens, but I have bad experiences with the ebay import charges / 'global shipping programme'
  18. (Apologies if this type of thread isn't allowed here) Having a clear-out sale of anamorphic and spherical lenses. Have 2 anamorphics that are perfect for the FM Lens - Red ISCO Ultra Star and Schneider Cinelux Check it out here if you're interested and grab a bargain! http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/valid09/m.html?_nkw&_armrs=1&_ipg&_from&rt=nc&_dmd=2
  19. I was also planning on using the FM with my Kowa B&H (which they promised to be compatible) - only to find out at the very end that it won't work. Luckily I waited until after the first batch received theirs, otherwise I would've missed that. To be fair I think it was just shitty organisation and testing on their part, rather than deliberately misleading - but in any case I won't be ordering a FM any time soon.
  20. Thanks man! can't release the whole movie yet because of festivals' premiere statuses and all that, but soon!
  21. I had one which looked much better (less worse?) than that, but even then when I disassembled it I could see that the rear elements were practically falling apart from each other. In theory it's fixable, you just need to decement the separating elements, and then recement them together. Up to you if you want to do it ;-) I personally decided that it wasn't worth the ball-ache and just kept mine for spares PS in practice the separation will appear as patches of softness in the image. Not drastic, but definitely not a perfect image.
  22. I like the flare. Still think something is missing from the "feel" though - could be the distortion bulge. (although maybe this is a good thing for 3d/compositing). It looks better than I thought, in general! How is the focus mechanism?
  23. thanks! CG - I did myself. Camera work - all the tripod/dolly shots were me, but not crane and steadicam shots
  24. A short sci-fi film I'm directing. Shot on BMCC + a lot of CG/vfx. Mixture of anamorphic (Kowa B&H on Voigtlander 28mm) and spherical (Samyang 16mm and 35mm). Filmed in London, China, and Hong Kong. Link: http://alexeymarfin.com/blue-eyed-me/ any feedback welcome :-)
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