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  1. I'm using a BMCC, so hopefully its crop factor will help me stick to the sweet spot then ;-) How wide can you go with the taking lens on an A7s?
  2. Good to be back on topic :-) So how many are there interested so far?
  3. Looks good! never considered these gold lumps before :P Am I right that as well as sharpness, the CA is much better controlled on these 35mm projector lenses? Certainly looks that way in the test footage
  4. Count me in! Would be good to see how it mounts to smaller anamorphics though, instead of the big gold schneiders
  5. @araucaria - The grade is a custom one, from a short film I'm making now. I like the Impulz LUTs, I used them as reference, though I agree that they can be a bit strong. But yeah, I boosted the red gamma in the shadows ;-) @JohnBarlow - Yeah I'm interested, can you tell me more? How does the single focus modification work? I was actually planning to 3d-print a set of custom gear wheels to rack double-focus on both Kowa and taking lens (already measured + drawn up, just need to design an extra bracket arm to mount the gears on the follow focus)
  6. Thanks! Originally I was planning to crop to 2.77 or even 2.35 but I ended up quite liking the 3.5 so began working with that in framing the shots. I also noticed that the Kowa is only 2X when focused to infinity - when focused to 5 feet (minimum distance) it is more like 1.9X stretch.
  7. Just uploaded some test shots to my blog taken with a Kowa B&H on a Voigtlander 28mm f/2.8. Check it out if you're interested :-) http://alexeymarfin.com/anamorphic-new-york-city/ Let me know what you think!
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