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  1. I'll leave this here and let you draw your own conclusions :) http://www.bhphotovideo.com/explora/video/news/unveiled-canon-eos-c-100-mark-ii-cinema-camera
  2. Check this video out! He's got a few more tutorials that should be helpful.
  3. Yes. Very strong lighting indoors and obviously pretty dark outside as it was night time. Its the only lens I had access to on day 1!
  4. Okay. I'm sold. I just shot my first wedding with the A7s and C100 side by side. Never seen anything quite like this. I was filming in a fairly dim room at 3200 in S-log. Photographer used his flash which naturally completely blew out the frame. Not an issue as I was just filming b-roll, but check out the flexibility in the files! Some of the highlights are still a little blown, but still. I've never seen anything like this out of my C100 or 5D.
  5. I am mostly looking for a wide (21-25 range) and a 50mm. I'll be picking up the Sony 70-200 for AF and image stabilization. I'll look into these, thank you sir!
  6. Somehow I had a feeling you'd chime in here Andy! Thanks for that tip. There are so many Zeiss lens mounts options out there its almost hard to research them. A different world than canon ef glass for sure. I assume the optics and coating on the CY mounts are roughly the same as the nikon versions?
  7. Hey guys! I'm on day 3 with the A7s and I'm definitely sold. I've got it for a week, so i'll wait until then till I make any decisions, but assuming I do buy it, I'm looking to buy a new set of lenses. Does anyone have experience with Zeiss Zf.2s or similar? General thoughts for video and/or photography? I've read some reviews online, but reactions seem to be all over the place.
  8. Your vimeo tags gave it away :) I was going to guess Gh2, but I would hardly say any of these cameras are **** Fantastic looking lighting in the trailer
  9. Got the camera today. All I had access to today was a nikon adapter and lonely 50mm 1.8 pancake lens (hence the wild flaring). I don't typically go for the run n gun handheld style, but wanted to just get the camera in my hands and challenge it. I really loved shooting with it and grading the footage is quite fun. It feels much less temperamental than C100 footage! The shots of the rocks at the end were in the 25,600 ISO neighborhood! Shooting something a little more produced and planned out tomorrow.
  10. Took this still at 16,000 ISO. Nikon 50mm 1.8 pancake, shutter speed was 1/10 I believe. I'm pretty much sold...I'll be putting together a little short video using film convert and will post here within the next 24 hours!
  11. I totally understand your dilemma. I'm a C100 owner, and have an A7s on rental that will be arriving tomorrow. I'm shooting a wedding this weekend with both and will definitely chime in with my thoughts. At the moment I'm leaning towards selling all of my canon equipment and investing in sony. I don't doubt that canon will come out with a C100 replacement in the next year
  12. Thanks for the advice all. The A7s is coming in for rental this week, the A7r later in the month for a wedding. Will report back with my findings :)
  13. Which lenses have you used, and in what kind of environments?
  14. I had similar thoughts. The C100 is great in low light, but only to a point. I really don't like going above 3200 and I often find myself either doing that or lugging around an ice light, which completely changes the way people act on camera. I keep coming back to this video..the possibilities are endless. I won't be shooting in moonlight often, but throwing up an Arri 150 instead of a 1K to accomplish the same task sounds awesome to me. Oh yeah - one thing my clients actually want that I feel like I'm not able to provide well is slow-mo. All the 1080 60 footage from the A7s and even the A7r blows both of the canons out of the water
  15. The problem with the Sony native lenses is the fly by wire focus. Fine for stills, terrible for focus pulls! The problem with adapters and canon lenses, unusable autofocus speed. Fine for video and terrible for stills. This is my biggest beef with the system right now. Why I'm thinking of picking up one native lens and then just sticking with manual nikons and voigtlanders both of which I love.
  16. I picked up the C100 when I was shooting a bunch of commercial real estate shoots. Its more than payed for itself through doing that, but the clients didn't know the difference between that footage and the 5D footage. It just made my life easier. The overall image is nice, but more than anything I just want high dynamic range and clean 1080p. For documentaries, I use the C100 and 5D as a two camera setup which has been frustrating. I'll usually have the C100 as a wider shot and the 5D as a close up which works moderately well. Having a single cam 4K setup is an extremely desirable thing for me. Also the ability to light using smaller and less powerful lights is huge, as I'm just starting to look into investing into some lighting kits. If I went this route, I'm thinking I would sell everything (bodies and lenses) and start from scratch. I'd probably pick up the Sony 70-200 FE to have for weddings and then manual glass for the rest. Having borrowed an A6000, I find I can shoot at 1.2 with focus peaking and nail focus just as quickly in the environments I'm shooting in. GH4 - I'm just not particularly attached to the image or the system. I think the low light capabilities coming from the C100 and 5D would drive me crazy as well, which is something I wouldn't have to worry about on the Sony. If I were just doing video, I'd consider picking up a pair. But not for stills. I gave both cameras a rental for an upcoming weekend, i'll keep everyone posted and shoot some tests
  17. Definitely going to give it a rental and see. I do like the C100 image quality, but I don't think my clients would be any less happy with the image straight out of the 5D honestly. I absolutely love my Nikkors on the C100. I hate to use buzz words like "character" but they do just seem to have more life than any of my ef glass. I've got a 35 f/2 AI which might honestly be my favorite, but I've also had great results with the 50 1.2 and the 24mm 2.8 af-d
  18. I've been considering the merits of selling my C100 and 5d3 (and t2i) for a sony system. Am I crazy to consider this? The image and functionality seems to be weighing in favor of sony, at a cheaper price no less. I shoot both stills and video from weddings to documentaries and some smaller scale but consistent commercial work. I'd probably want some of the native sony lenses to have good AF at weddings - probably the 70-200 and the 55 prime. Manual focus nikkor for the rest. Thoughts? Am I crazy or is Canon really that uncool.
  19. Likely much better low light/noise performance, a few more megapixels, faster stills frame rate. Probably moire/aliasing free for video. Quite conservative but its an update
  20. As a stills shooter, this is an incredibly exciting camera for me. The thought of shooting stills with this plus the Sigma 18-35 is pretty exciting. As a video shooter...not so much.
  21. Doubtful given that their primary customer base is photographers. Suicidal for their lower end video market I suppose. It'd be nice but I'm sure it won't happen
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