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  1. I am no expert and have just been researching this a little and it appears that the 480 gb drives do have 512 gb of storage. It appears that what happened was SSD drives were originally labeled with there full capacity of 512 gb but only 480 gb was actually usable for storage due to over provisioning of the drive. At some point SSD's and RED switched from labelling the drives with the useable data rather than the full capacity which is were this whole mess comes from. This has been explained in the numerous threads out there and if true would make your class action lawsuit unlikely to succeed since RED mags labeled 512 gb with an 480 gb SSD inside do have 512 gb of memory inside.

  2. I will add the Lomo Foton 37-1400mm to the mix. One of my favorite lenses, it has a vintage look and a softness that balances out some of the sharpness of digital. It is very small and relatively light weight, considering it is all metal, and can be found for under $1K. It has an interchangeable mount that you can get several mounts for I know PL and EF for sure. It's biggest issues are that it is not very fast T4 and covers s35 so no full frame. Also they are from the 70's and 80's so condition varies.

    One thing to keep in mind is that it doesn't matter if the lens is parfocal if your FFD isn't correct.

  3. 1 hour ago, Robinhood said:

    hmmm so is there a speed booster to even go from FF EF lenses down to Panasonic GH5 or Black Magic?
    Does this new black magic 4k camera have all the same multi-aspect ratio sensor options as the GH5??? I'd rather go with this camera instead if so

    Also-- any word on how the Fuji X-T3 + Atomos Ninja V external recorder option would work?? I rather go from FF lenses down to apsC than FF down to m4/3rds

    Regardless--  of either m43 or the apsC options  -- I just need clarification of whether using a speed booster will or will not increase my focal length widths available compatibility without vignetting  while using the 2x front adaptor
    cause FF lenses start can't go wider then 50mm, but it I can suddenly go wider to 25mm on FF lenses due to a smaller sensor size and speed booster combo onto a smaller camera format (as if I were using apsC or m43 lenses on those given formats) then then would be incredible and solve my problem


    There are no speed boosters that can boost that far, APS-C is is the maximum the GH5 can use. I believe the Pocket does have the same sensor, 4:3 and anamorphic modes are probably likely but I don't what support it currently has and what is planned.

    There are speedboosters that can go from FF to APS-C but it all depends on the flange focal distances of the lenses and camera. So you can buy a speedbooster to go from FF to APS-C on a Sony where you have EF lenses and the Sony E mount..

    As for focal lengths and anamorphic adapters I think the widest focal length that can be used is 58mm FF with a 2X stretch, I could do that with a Helios 44 58mm and a Kowa 16H but there was still a tiny bit of vignetting. For other formats its all about equivalence so you could go as low as 30mm on M43 because the field of view, which is what matters for vignetting, is the same for a 60mm FF lens as a 30mm M43 lens.

    The anamorphic adapter has a maximum FOV the taking lens can have and not vignette, nothing will change that. 

  4. Yes, that is basically the concept of a speed booster. A speed booster takes a larger format lens and allows you to attach it to a smaller format camera. It then strinks the image circle of the larger format lens to better fit the smaller sensor and in the process the image gets brighter. In order for this to work the flange focal distance of the lens needs to be much larger than the flange focal distance of the camera in order to fit the optics required inside. 

    So for the GH5 it has a FFD of 18 or 20mm, I don't recall which,  and you can get a speed booster for EF mount lenses which has an FFD of 44mm. With the speed booters that are available today they can take the image circle of an APS-C EF mount lens and shrink it down to fit the M43 sensor of the GH5 maintaining the depth of field, field of view and adding an addition 1+ stops of brightness.

    What you end up with is basically a APS-C GH5 that now has an EF mount or Nikon, etc...

  5. 11 hours ago, Robinhood said:

    Good to know. May you explain to me what a speed booster does in that whole equation of doing anamorphic squeezes on a 16x9 mode??

    Yeah ML does allow you to shoot at 3.5k with a 2x squeeze on a 4:3 mode-- which does grant my desired 2.66:1 aspect ratio BUT it's not punching in on the sensor to a physically smaller crop size to mimic the exact mm size of the tinier negative of 4 perf 35mm... therefore, all the full frame lenses attached to this camera will vignette quite quickly and you can't go very wide... maybe not even as wide as 50mm.... so to me, that seems entirely pointless because you can't actually use the full range of focal lengths of an anamorphic cinema prime set. 

    Of course-- anyone please do chime in, if in fact, I am wrong on that-- Honestly, I hope I am since I've already got the camera and FF lenses... so if I could go wider angle and simply buy an adapter then I'd be good to go. 

    This issue is why i'm thinking if a larger format FF camera has a 4:3 option on a super35 mode, The combination will allow for my wider angles to not vignette and then I don't even have to purchase a smaller format camera along with it's own set of lenses 

    The speedbooster basically will make the m43 sensor into aps-c size sensor while giving you about one additional stop of brightness in the image.

    Also I am not really aware of any cinema prime Anamorphic lenses in EF mount, that could be an issue for both the cannon and speedbooster options.

  6. 22 hours ago, mirekti said:

    Wow, this has been sitting here for two days and not a single reply, very encouraging.

    I guess my expectations of the community was a bit too high.

    FYI comments like this tend to make other not want to help rather than encourage them to take time away from their lives to help out... I have owned a dozen anamorphic lenses from the gold isco's to cineovisions but I guess the two day time limit is up for advice.

  7. 16 hours ago, xaviermarysculpture said:

    Hi Whoisjsd,

    I made a small mistake  on the title : this one is 1.9.
    So this can be usefull ? It should worked as single focused ? 
    You planed to put a large scale diopter in front ?

    What was the price of the one you found ?


    Is anybody know about the image quality of such a lens ?


    This lens will most likely not be single focus. Single focus have a variable diopter design in the front which is not visible here.

  8. 7 hours ago, Tone1k said:

    Did you actaully ban Damphousse from this forum based on this discussion? 


    Gunns tweets were completely out of line. Sorry, but 'fucking little boys' is not comedy and talk like that should not be normalised. The number of Paedophilia 'jokes' he makes is also quite alarming.


    It absolutely can be comedy, I have heard several funny bits thanks to the Catholic church. This is something that comedians run into all the time. Their out there making jokes and everything is fine, then they make a joke that you think crosses the line and now it is no longer jokes they are statements and the person needs to be punished. So where exactly is the line anyway? Who gets to decide? Notice how you said "talk like that" not "jokes like that", see you don't see them as jokes you see them as statements because you have just been offended and now someone needs to pay.

    Just because you think something is not funny, that doens't mean the person was not joking.

  9. This demostrates one thing I realized years ago, which unfortunately many others didn't, that I will absolutely be teaching my daughter when she is old enough. Social media is dangerous,. When you put something out there, its out there. You can never take it back and the wrong thing can destroy your life, reputation and carreer. 

    As for Gunn, I a haven't read them all. The ones I have read do appear to be jokes as he has said. I can see how many would find them offensive but the thing is these tweets as far as I know were from many years ago. People do change and it sucks that fact is not even a consideration, I am sure just about everyone here has done ore said something that could be used against them. I also don't know the context for these tweets, I believe they were from a time when he was not well known at all so these could have been tweets for his friends were he was intentially pushing the limits.


  10. First just in case it is not obvious but both these lenses are rather large so you will almost certainly need lens support. Those lenses are projector lenses and need to have a taking lens to use them properly. In the case of the Nikon and Cannon you will need to focus both the taking lens and the anamorphic lens to get a sharp image. I have never seen or heard of anyone using them on a GoPro but I guess it could work with the right rig. You would need to set the anmorphic to infinity and use just the anamorphic since the GoPro has a taking lens already. I believe those lenses need 80mm+ focal length taking lenses, full frame equivalent, to not vignette which could be a problem with the wide angle GoPro.

  11. 13 hours ago, lucabutera said:

    Today, for the good of the community, I want to end this discussion to dispel doubts and misunderstandings once and for all.
    Break the silence, today show everyone that you have developed a hack to shoot in RAW, even if still under development, share your information and I will send you for free an NXL adapter that is worth 429.00 euros, if you do not, you will prove that I am right.

    Luca Butera.

    Exactly the problem, he posted a date when he would be ready to share his hack. Why can't you and many others here just WAIT for that date to come? It is only 3 days from now at this point. Why do you feel the need to force someone to do something they are not prepared to do. He asked until the first, why not wait until the first and then start pestering him for proof. Now you are willing to pay money rather than just wait a few more days, he has not broken his original timeline or anything yet. If it is fake then the 1st will come and everyone will know it. If I am not mistaken he didn't even post this here, someone else found it elsewhere and released it here.  You just want proof to put your own mind at ease, to protect yourself from whatever perceived harm that is could come to you. Hopefully he takes you up on your offer, the hack is legit, and maybe you will learn something from this.


  12. Internet Lynch mob, it is facinating you can read through this post and watch the mob just whip themselves up into a frenzy. Is this a joke or a con, possibly maybe even likely, but if I was this "kid" and I did have a hack my attitude now would be fuck these guys. He announced a date, it is fine and good to be skeptical but all you had to was just sit back and wait - all will be revealed on April first. It's like sitting by and watching a bunch of children waiting for Christmas to come impatiently obsessing over every possibilitity. At this piont I hope the hack is real and no one gets it.

  13. Yes it is true that net neutrality is very young, adopted in 2015 as you elluded to. It was put in place to ensure that the internet stays as it was then, open access for everyone once connected. Without it we are left to the mercy of what the ISP's decide they want to do. The internet won't be turned off, there is no money in that, but it could be fundimentally changed for the worse. 

  14. On 12/16/2017 at 4:08 PM, Orangenz said:

    In the same way the Chinese government "protects" the internet.

    It is funny that you use this example because this is exactly what the repeal of net neutrality could lead to. What net neutrality fundimentally means is that once you connect to the internet you have full access to it. Any website at the speed your have paid your isp for. Sure not all web hosting is equal some are faster some are slower but that is not the same thing as allowing the ISP to determine the speed for the website. If a site slow it is slow for everyone because the website's host is slow.

    Without it the ISP's can pull all kinds of tricks to try and nickel and dime you putting more money in their pockets. For example your ISP might have a deal with microsoft so you can only using bing and hotmail by default. If you want to use google to search then you need to pay an additiona $5 a month. Want YouTube well then you need to pay $5 a month for basic access, $10 a month if you want enough bandwidth to stream HD and $15 a month if you want 4K. Big sites like Amazon will pay up to get a fast high speeds and all the smaller sites that can't pay up will be slowed down putting them at an even bigger disadvantage. There is nothing that the average user of the internet has to gain it is only the large corportations that will benifit from this.

    This is just one aspect of it but there is also the fact that the internet is the largest source of information that the world has ever seen. Now corporations will have the ablity to block whatever sites they want, you have an ISP who's owner is very liberal they could block access to conservative sites or vice versa. They now have the abliity to decide what you can and cannot see, to control information, corporations could be the ones "protecting the internet" and with the connections between large corporations and the government there is a huge opportunity for censorship just waiting to be tapped.

    This may never happen but now without net neutrality this is something that CAN happen where it couldn't before. I don't see how anyone can support the loss of net neutrality and from the comments I have read so far from those that apparently do, they clearly don't understand what it is in the first place.

  15. One if the major things that has not been mentioned is that the loss of net neutrality would allow ISP's to throttle the speed to specific sites. So a company like Amazon will pay a premium price to get a high speed but a smaller site will see it's speed reduced when it can't afford to pay off the ISP. They could decide to throttle sites for any number of reasons. Basically the big corporations will have the highest speeds and everyone else will be slowed down. It's a total cash grab and just about everyone here is against it. Surely the ones who are pushing this through are going to rewarded down the line. 

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