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    Damphousse reacted to Andrew Reid in Sony RX10 M2 - first part of my review and a mini-comparison with the A7S and Canon 1D C   
    The Sony RX10 M2 is our first look at Sony's new 4K XAVC-S codec at 100Mbit/s, the same which will be on the A7R II come the end of July. The RX10 M2 also brings 1080/120fps and up to 1000fps at lower resolutions.
    It features an extraordinary 24-200mm Zeiss lens with constant F2.8 aperture and built in ND filter.
    Is this the run & gun camera you've been waiting for?
    Read the full article
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    Damphousse reacted to Mattias Burling in Upgrading to the NX1 from Canon, ideas?   
    The Canon is great, to bad it can't be used on the NX because of the electronic focus.
    Otherwise it would have been my main pick. I used it on my FS100 with an electronic adapter and the BMCC Ef with great results.
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    Damphousse reacted to Julian in 4K 8x10" digital camera   
    It's actually a 9x11" sensor, so they say...
    But basically it is impossible to make a cmos sensor that size.
    Sensors are made out of round silicon wafers, the current (biggest) standard is 300mm (12"). 9x11" does not fit on a 12" wafer. Even if it would, it would be _extremely_ expensive, because a large part of the wafer would be 'waste'.
    On top of that, there is always a part of the wafer that has some fault. With small sensors, that's not a big problem, because you just have to throw away a small part (1 sensor) of the wafer. This is the reason fullframe is much more expensive than aps-c.
    If you'd make large format sensors this way you'd have to throw away the whole wafer for any error.

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    Damphousse reacted to Lammy in Top Gear - Clarkson contract won't be renewed by BBC. Should there be one rule for talent, one rule for "the rest"?   
    Yes, calling each other racist, scum, and stupid really is daft as fuck and doesn't help. The pitfalls of speaking politics and different ideologies in the wrong place...
    And QMedia, I care. Just last week the popular opinion of a million Top Gear fans wanting petition for Clarkson to stay on. That's pretty good fandom, mind you. Most Conservatives were on the fence, until the report came out, where they then changed their tune to agree with the Left with the inevitable BBC sacking. It's funny how popular opinions can change given information and context.
    While we can all now agree (as Andrew now with mphillips and damp posted above) that Jeremy Clarkson is at fault... and we can agree that assault is terrible... I can also see the thinking that the BBC really should have had better talent management and avoided this. Well, from a preventative measure at least, still not sure they could have done anything different after the incident. This guy has been on thin ice for over a year, and what they did was extend this season of Top Gear by 4 episodes? Interesting... 
    Oh and I'm also questioning the BBC's reporting on the NHS and Elections too so yez, thanks, think for ourselves indeed.
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    Damphousse reacted to Lammy in Top Gear - Clarkson contract won't be renewed by BBC. Should there be one rule for talent, one rule for "the rest"?   
    Poll for Clarkson's Dismissal 59% right decision, 29% wrong decision, 12% don't know. 
    I've been keeping an eye on the elections lately but it's really interesting looking at the overall demographic of voters for topics like the Clarkson debate. Like the usual difference in ideologies etc.
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    Damphousse reacted to Nick Hughes in Fisticuffs end new "Top Gear" series - how the BBC risked biggest franchise over catering fracas   
    I find that people who complain about politcal correctness are usually the ones who want free reign to be racist, sexist or derogatory with no repercussions. Whenever I see someone bemoaning our PC world on Facebook, it's usually right after they've been called out for saying something along the lines of 'let's bomb the whole middle east.' 
    If you need to put down others for the sake of 'comedy,' you're probably not a very inventive comedian. You can be still be edgy and controversial without being an asshole. 
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    Damphousse reacted to andy lee in EOSHD’s top 5 cameras of the year 2014   
    the best camera of 2014 is the one that earnt you some money ......now go and buy some lenses , thats where the 'look' is really created
    I think some of you are forgetting this is Andrew's list and if he wants a Canon at no1 then so be it , it is his forum after all........
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    Damphousse reacted to dahlfors in Nokia Lumia 1520 gets 4k with firmware update   
    Damn it. This means my mom has 4k before I do
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    Damphousse reacted to Promit Roy in I told you CANON would come again   
    Canon's made it clear that they don't consider DSLR video to be a serious thing. And for those who do consider it to be a serious thing, they can go buy or rent an EOS Cine series product. And by all accounts, they're quite happy with how this has worked out. Hoping for anything else from them is simply irrational given their statements to date.
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    Damphousse reacted to jax_rox in I told you CANON would come again   
    No, that wouldn't make any sense - they would then be cannibalising C100mkII sales. Most people who shoot on C-series cameras are people who have come from SLR shooting. They may have certain features about C-cameras that they like, but if someone's looking to make a camera purchase, and they can buy a 5DmkIV with the same image quality as the C100mkII for $2k less, they're going to go for the 5D.
    There's nowhere Canon can go in terms of major improvements for video in the sub $5k market that won't cannabalise their C-series lineup.
    I would expect incremental video updates, and much more substantial updates on the photography side, at least for the <$5k market.
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    Damphousse reacted to leafcutter in Is 4K Not as Important as We Think It Is? 3 World-Class DPs Weigh In   
    Going back to the op and the title of the post - I think 4k will be important to you if it's going to bring you a benefit.
    These guys are all working in specific genres and within that they work within specific constraints.  Stuff like maybe having big budgets, lots of crew, loads of experience, expensive and powerful talent etc etc.  The reasons they gave about not wanting or needing 4k don't necessarily apply to somebody else (e.g. me and the stuff I shoot).  
    I can see that 4k might be very useful to me - especially things like being able to crop an HD frame out of a 4k frame and simulate pans and zooms etc.  Working with a very small crew (mostly just me) being able to introduce those elements into shots without needing to handle the camera during the shoot could be a huge positive.  For those guys they maybe don't see the benefit of that as they can just say 'get an extra camera crew in and shoot the pan for real'.  
    Maybe 4k is initially going to be another creative tool that low budget shooters can get the most out of.
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    Damphousse reacted to Andrew Reid in 10 questions I'll be asking Canon and Nikon at Photokina - join me and present yours   
    Here's the manner in which I'm going to be presenting my questions:
    First of all congratulations for being a sales leader in the DSLR market and for the successful launch of Cinema EOS. I do however have some concerns that I feel my readers would like addressing.
    Canon’s strong sales are based on having that price-performance ratio just right and about leading in performance at a price which is attractive to the customer. Looking at a lot of the recent output of the company in terms of DSLRs I feel that performance advantage is now actually a shortfall to the competition especially in two regards - video and image sensors.
    Panasonic and Sony are offering 4K video on their consumer stills cameras and Canon are not. Moreoever Sony’s image sensors are ahead on all the key performance metrics - resolution (36MP), low light (12MP full frame), dynamic range (even the cheap A7 is 2 stops better than the 1D X) and video (full pixel readout on the A7S).
    In terms of price Sony have a more aggressive price point for the A7 vs the Canon 6D on full format, cheaper still when it comes to enthusiast APS-C models.
    Also it is clear the C300 is outdated relative to the Sony FS7 just announced at IBC, which does 4K recording internally for $8k and 180fps slow-mo with a 10bit 4:2:2 XAVC codec and more importantly filmmakers who I have known to have embraced the C300 as owners are saying to Sony “well done on the ergonomics”, an area of great strength traditionally for Canon and a great selling point of the C300.
    Additionally it’s now possible for Canon users to take their hefty investment in Canon lenses to other systems, notably to Sony and Panasonic mirrorless cameras. Speaking as a user myself of a huge range of EF lenses, the only reason I haven’t sold my 5D Mark III yet is because of auto-focus. I am shooting stills and video on the A7S.
    How would you address the concerns I’ve highlighted here today?
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    Damphousse reacted to Pascal Garnier in Market for DSLRs shrinking dramatically and why Canon / Nikon are to blame   
    I'm sorry, but it's only natural that sales drop over time.
    Three major reasons why :
    - normal people don't buy a new camera every single year, most people who buy a DSLR will use it for 3-5 years minimum before buying a new model.  Not all of us use them professionally or need to have the newest equipment the moment it comes out.
    - the moment people replace their camera, their DSLR is being sold second hand.  The second hand camera market follows the new product market with a delay of 3-5 years.  Which means that the new DSLR's from 5 years ago are now changing hands.   To new owners who are NOT buying a new DSLR.  But will probably use their second hand camera for minimum 2 years.
    - there's an economical crisis that affects the camera market too.
    This is not exclusive to DSLR's.
    New car sales in the Netherlands for example have dropped to the lowest level in 45 years.
    And then to specifically blame Canon and Nikon for this doesn't make any sense.
    Percentages don't tell a story here.  Considering that Olympus isn't shipping the numbers that Canon and Nikon are doing, absolute numbers would tell a more accurate story.  Also, people switch brands, so a decline in sales for Canon will automatically benefit other brands.  The point is, you need much more accurate data before jumping to these wild conclusions.
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    Damphousse reacted to Guest in Canon 5d mkIII or BlackMagic Pocket for shooting RAW video   
    Yup. I bought a Pocket myself after the price cut!  ;)
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    Damphousse reacted to letchhausen in Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera for $495   
    At $495 let 'em come out with a new one. I'd want to let a new one simmer and season for a year to get the bugs out before I jump on that bandwagon. Also if they announce in September god knows when you'll see it. BM aren't exactly known for delivering on announced dates. I'm just hoping I get the back-ordered one I ordered from B&H.
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    Damphousse reacted to GMaximus in BMPCC or GH4?   
    More on topic
    Skin tones, DR etc.

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    Damphousse reacted to leeys in 4K for $899 with the Panasonic FZ1000 - but beware the quirks!   
    I'm astounded. How can you absolutely know for sure? I've been using cameras for 20 years, and reviewing them for the past few, and I'd *never* make assumptions like these until I actually have spent some time with either the camera, or a substantial number of sample files.
    Also, don't be surprised if the sensors are the same.
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    Damphousse reacted to theSUBVERSIVE in 4K for $899 with the Panasonic FZ1000 - but beware the quirks!   
    I think nobody mentioned it but this camera can also do 720p @240fps - and 640x480 @360fps.
    So this turns the camera even more interesting, 240fps in 720p is not bad at all.
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    Damphousse reacted to fuzzynormal in Check out the First Short Film Shot on the 4K Panasonic GH4: Does high resolution = video-ish image   
    This played in my town a few weeks back. The thing I find ironic about the film is that Wiseau made a movie that'll be more popular and memorable than anything most people with actual talent will ever do.

    Even when I own the magic GH4, I'll most likely never achieve his level of success.
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    Damphousse reacted to andy lee in Handheld or tripod? How do I decide?!   
    I depends on what you are shooting and what lenses you are using.
    what style of filming you are doing
    Dirctors like Paul Greengrass , Kathryn Bigelow shoot their films mostly hand held (Bourne, Captain Philips, Hurtlocker Zero Dark Thirty etc)
    and it has a look and feel that is very real documently style , you are in there  with the Actors.
    Directors like David Fincher and the great Alfred Hitchcock always shoot locked off on tripods (legs) and they have a more formal approch to film making and you can see that style in House of Cards (Netflix) Girl With the Dragon Tattoo , The Game , Fight Club etc
    Vertigo , North by Northwest etc etc The camera does not move much and the action is framed alot of the time around a 'standard lens'
    if you are shooting hand held get a shoulder mount rig to stabalise out your shots as actually holding the camera in you hand induces rolling shutter skew as your hand gitters about , so I awlays shoot on a shoulder rig for my hand held shots. (even with IS lenses)
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    Damphousse reacted to HurtinMinorKey in Handheld or tripod? How do I decide?!   
    Use handheld only when you have a very good reason to.  And don't compare handheld shots to static, compare them to slides, pans, tilts, ..etc.
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    Damphousse reacted to JHines in Canon 4K refresh - C200 and C400 coming at NAB?   
    The only thing we can expect from the Canon Cinema line is a price way above what the specs are worth.  C200 - 8 grand, C400 - 15 grand. Awesome. Cannot wait to not buy any of these. 
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    Damphousse reacted to Andrew Reid in Panasonic GH4 pricing official - $1698 body only, $1998 for the external 10bit / XLR box   
    Adorama have just given me official pricing for the GH4. The prices are due to go live at 12.01am March 10th (Monday).

    Pre-order now to be one of the first to receive the camera in the United States. Shipping date is May.

    Panasonic GH4 body only (black) with 4K video recording - $1698

    Panasonic YAGH interface unit (for 10bit 4K, HD-SDI and XLR audio) - $1998

    Panasonic GH4 with YAGH interface unit bundle - $3298

     Read the full article here
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    Damphousse reacted to Andrew Reid in Hands-on preview of the powerful 4K shooting Panasonic GH4!   
    The external add-on isn't a "4K add-on" it is a HD-SDI and XLR add-on, you don't need the external add-on or a external recorder for 4K on the GH4 it does it internally. You know that right?! Surely you do. So are you just trying to make things look worse than they actually are with your list? If so I think that's a bit unfair.
    Hopefully available by the end of the year? Try April at the latest (TBC)!
    As for form factor, clunky is not a word I'd use to describe the GH4. Incidentally the Blackmagic is a lot heavier, the wrong shape, has no articulated screen, and a very cut down feature set in comparison. Still love Blackmagic but you've gotta state the facts!
    My view of it is as follows...
    BMPC 4K
    1.5x crop Super 35mm sensor (1.0x crop in cinematography terms)
    EF mount (good if you have lots of nice Canon EF lenses, not so good if you have Micro Four Thirds or lenses requiring a mirrorless mount)
    Global shutter - nice - but comes at expense of dynamic range and low light
    10bit ProRes - very nice
    Raw - great for heavy grading and VFX work
    2.17x crop in 4096x2160 mode, 1.7x crop with Speed Booster in 4K mode (1.2x crop in cinematography terms)
    Mirrorless mount
    Better low light performance (goes up to ISO 6400 in 4K mode)
    8bit 4:2:0 internal recording may lead to some artefacts and won't grade as well as ProRes, but it will still look stunning
    Better audio support and quality, with optional XLR box
    Articulated screen
    16MP stills
    Built in EVF
    10bit 4:2:2 available to external recorder
    Larger feature set
    The Blackmagic Production Camera has enough unique features to be considered for certain jobs. The GH4 is the better all rounder.
    If you need global shutter, EF mount, 10bit ProRes internal and raw, but don't mind the very basic feature set overall, basic ergonomics, heavier weight overall, need for external battery and poor low light performance go Blackmagic.
    If you need mirrorless mount, better ergonomics, likely better 1080p especially via HDMI, better audio, more features, smaller form factor and internal battery go GH4.
    Dynamic range probably quite similar on the pair.
    And on price, the GH4 is a lot cheaper. You don't NEED the external box. You can shoot with it like you can the GH3. The Blackmagic puts more demands on storage space and processing power, and needs an external battery plus SSDs.
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    Damphousse reacted to jonpais in Hands-on preview of the powerful 4K shooting Panasonic GH4!   
    I'm not qualified to talk about the rest of your post, esp. since I have no experience whatsoever with BM, but I think you have it backwards. I believe it is BM that is always delivering late on their goods, not Panasonic. In my experience, Panny has gotten their cameras into the hands of reviewers and consumers on schedule, and there is no reason to believe the GH4 won't be available this spring. In fact, Hot Rod Cameras has already said they will begin training with the camera in just a few weeks. Anyway, all this comparing of the GH4 with the BM is like comparing apples and oranges, if you ask me. The workflow, the low battery life and so on of the BM don't appeal to me at all as a novice, whereas the GH4 is packed to the gills with features and can be used by anyone, pro or beginner. In spite of all the griping by readers in the forums, this is the most full-featured camera at its price range on the market, bar none. I can just take it out of the box and start shooting without a rig right away.
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