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  1. Hi all, As per the title, a used GH2 with the Driftwood hack. Fully working condition, ready for your next project. Camera body + original strap + original battery + original charger with cable. Price: €390 via Paypal, including fees & shipping cost. Shipping from France, to any worldwide destination. Kind Regards, Ioannis.
  2. Hi all, 1) Nikon Micro Nikkor Ai-S 55mm f/2.8 2) Nikon Pancake 50mm f/1.8 + Nikon EM 3) HELIOS-44M 2/58 (58mm f/2) + EXTRAS Thank you!
  3. Andrew, I will suggest that you will make this as a separate, stand alone article, on eoshd.com first page and not leave it as just one more forum's thread. It is an, at least, very interesting and promising idea so to be hidden... There are many nice things that can be happen/created...
  4. I think this is normal for some smallHD monitors. the company (smallHD) has mentioned that this will happen, especially after some firmware updates, while you'll first connect the monitor with camera, but it will go away after some seconds...
  5. From the personal-view.com I found this some days ago, in the E-M1 topic: - "the Olympus OM-D EM-1 contains a Panasonic 34231 (MN34230 die markings) CMOS Image Sensor with on-chip phase detection pixel array http://chipworks.force.com/catalog/ProductDetails?sku=OLY-E-M1_Pri-Camera " - "This 34321 could not be found in the Panasonic's site. But the MN34230, yes: http://industrial.panasonic.com/www-cgi/jvcr13pz.cgi?E+SC+4+CGA7001+MN34230+8+WW And this is interesting: "Features 1080p/60fps, 4k2k/30fps" .............!
  6. I bought recently an anamorphic from Häns and I can confirm that he's very trustful seller. Regards,
  7. Hi all, for your considaration, my Panasonic Lumix GH3, in like NEW condition, with 2 original batteries. All original packaging of course. I used it over a week-end & that was all. Camera is really like new, but total can be only €850 for this beast... You may take a look at my excellent feedback for your safety. The camera will be shipped from France. Kind Regards, Ioannis.
  8. Hi guys, I need some help please: I'm between 2 monitors for video editing: - Dell U2711, &, - Asus PB278Q. If anyone has experience from both monitors, so he has a more accurate knowledge on both of them, I will really appreciate his opinion. BUT, anyone has to suggest one of them (with facts of course), I will of course appreciate all opinions. Also, I will need a monitor calibrator, a cheap one is preferred, so opinions/advices onto this too please. Thanks in advance, Kind Regards, Ioannis.
  9. one solution is the Kipon adaptors, the other is to convert your rear FD element I think, but maybe someone else knows better.
  10. how much did it cost you to service it? I have mine which needs Bernie's hands too I think...
  11. If anyone interested, I have listed on feebay the NEW Panasonic Lumix 12-32mm which came as the kit lens with the GM1. Thanks & Regards, Ioannis.
  12. Price dropped down to €250, Paypaled & worldwide shipped! Also, for more lenses here: http://www.ebay.fr/sch/Photo-cam%C3%A9scopes-/625/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=&_ssn=ioannis-aix
  13. I added a couple of photos (Hypergonar, Carl Zeiss) & updated a couple of info to some other. I also have lenses that not listed yet (Proskar Ishico 16/2x, Baby Isco Gottingen, Satec Dyaliscope Color Brevete, Bell&Howell Filmorama, Iscomorphot MC 16) but need some time to do so.
  14. Ebay for all sales of total amount higher than 500 keeps 50+the listing fees (~1 if a lot of options). Paypal keeps 3.4% of amount paid. Thats all.
  15. Put it on feebay man for $6k+ & wait for offers. & let others being malicious: people don't know other better of how to be out of their miserable life
  16. For sale my Carl Zeiss Anamorphot 63, 2x in fine & fully working condition. Price: only €270 Paypal shipped for a very fast sale. Lens is really great & the price even more. Just send me a pm if you need more photos. Regards, Yiannis.
  17. If anyone interested, I have my ZACUTO EVF set for sale
  18. I love Tindersticks. What is your combo here Dave?
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