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  1. From 2 viewings I really like the look and feel from the panasonic FZ1000(overhead drums) and the panasonic GM1(bass player). I'll have to take a closer look on these badboys.
  2. Don't know about AGC(from the description on wikipedia sounds like it works like a compressor) on the a7s but I think there is a limiter when sending audio through the mini jack port. I have started ditching my Zoom h6 on shoots for faster set-up and just use my Art Pre 2 channel preamp straight to camera. Works for what I'm doing, clean and noiseless.
  3. 1 minute footage shot with Iphone 6 Plus = 125mb
  4. I say keep on expressing yourself anyway possible. Your musings are to my liking Ed If you can put your mind to words as wonderfully as this then please, by all means continue
  5. Maybe this forces upon us the good habit of renaming recorded files for better file management. Still bugs me also
  6. ​I bought the Tokina 28-85 RMC FD mount, used on ebay. This lens flares beautifully and is low contrast. Highlights are creamy and beautiful. Don't have any nice pics that show the flaring, sorry. When I get more time to shot I will snap some nice excamples. These 2 pics show the highlight creaminess(for lack of a better word). Sorry about the focusing, did not nail it here. But this lens is also soft wide open f4(which is good, imho.
  7. I have a gh2 and the Voigtlander 17.5mm and 25mm. I highly recommend them, really nice lenses. I don't know anything about the speed booster combo. It was most difficult to change to A7s because I'm going to miss my Voigtlanders. Oh well, maybe a used Gh4 as my second cam. Or wait for the next big thing in m4/3 cameras.
  8. ​ ​I agree. I am also a rig user so the small size of the a7s is actually a plus for me. The menu system is not that horrible imho after you get the hang of it. When on the rig I find it not hard to hit the rec button but I have small slender fingers. When photo shooting I use the battery grip. Yes I agree that the NX1 feels slightly better in hand and the battery grip for that is better build but the A7s is not bothering me at all. I am getting lovely results with Slog and Filmconvert pro 2(love the new options). Personally I am very happy with the images coming from the A7s. Just my 2 cents. P.S. Off topic: I bought my A7s from the official Sony retailer here in Iceland. From what I have read, I thought the A7s was PAL/NTSC locked. But I can change to either without the warning message I have read about others getting.
  9. ​If you are in Reykjavik send me a message. Happy to assist a fellow EOSHD forumist.
  10. ​Yes thats a C100 Zacuto z-viewfinder. This is a rental C100 on my rig.
  11. ​Yeah, the counter weight is nice. I have that one on the C300 rig back at work since I dont need it on mine cause I have the Shape shoulderpad/counterweight combo.
  12. ​Not vist the internet anymore?.......that's....that's not possible.
  13. How sure are you guys that A7s II will come out this year? I very likely will get the call tomorrow to come pick up and pay for the A7s. I don't want to buy the camera just to come home and read about the newly released A7s II. That would suck galactic ballz. LoL
  14. I read somewhere that XAVC-s files are more detailed and control highlights better.
  15. all gini rig except the shoulder pad and counterweight, those are from shape. Only thing I don't like is that HUGE follow focus, its heavy, also all metal. And after much use it has some delay to it(loss of better words)
  16. I say go for the gini rig if you want durability and customization. It's a great starting base. You will find out what you need to add to the rig to your liking and as cinegain says it's easily customizable with other 15mm rod based accessory's. I have had mine for 2 years, one series all shot on a small boat at sea(small rust in screws cause of salt but no biggie, very easy to replace) travelled with it alot. Never failed me, solid. I like that Used it with 5D, Gh2, C100 and C300.
  17. ​Yes. Canon 600D is APS-C, which has a cropfactor of 1.6. Therefore 50mm x 1,6 = 80mm field of view. For a cinematic look you probably want a fast lens, 2.8 at least. I would recommend this one: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/967344-REG/sigma_18_35mm_f1_8_dc_hsm.html for example...many others also, depends on budget and what features you want.
  18. Do you understand the crop factor from different sensor size's? It's ok Just tell us and I or someone else will gladly explain it to you.
  19. That depends on a lot of variables. What kind of camera are you going to shoot on? Is it fullframe? APS-C? M4/3? I shot a short that was selected for some festival's a few years back with one 35mm lens. We had no money. The Canon 5D i shot with, with the 35 Zeiss was loaned from a friend. I think you would be hard pressed to get nice wide shots in small spaces with a 50mm.
  20. ​I own this one. I like it a lot, well made, strong. It's a bit heavy since everything is metal no plastic. Did not like the shoulder pad however. I got this one instead and I love it: http://www.shapewlb.com/en/product/products/accessories/shoulder-pad/adjustable-composite-shoulder-pad_53.aspx?id_page_parent=132 with the counterweight: http://www.shapewlb.com/en/product/products/accessories/shoulder-pad/counter-weight_55.aspx?id_page_parent=132 With my other accessory's I have perfect balance on my shoulder, I can let go of the camera and it stays. But yeah, I can recommend the gini rig
  21. I am not saying the Fs7 and the......Sony rep's on Iceland are sexy! But the A7s and the Fs7(just so there's no misunderstanding) hahaha
  22. that is funny. ​Yes I have. The A7s has arrived but not the lens(Sony FE 24-70 f4). Will get it around the end of this month. The NX1 just was not for me, I guess it was an impulse buy. I have been thinking/reading/looking at footage about/shot with the A7s for some time. I had a small hope that the NX1 would fulfill my needs cause the price on that camera is so sexy. But it makes more sense for me to go the Sony path. Cause there is another cam on the market with a sexy price: Sony Fs7. And I can get good support from Sony rep's here(Iceland). And those two make a very sexy combo(I think! Have not shot with these cam's yet)
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