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  1. ​I have that one and the 17.5mm. Really nice lenses. Only downside for me is that I can't use them on my new NX1 which I will recive today
  2. But ofcourse you have to power the Art pre, forgot to mention that. I have the lanparte v-mount and battery to power my gear. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lanparte-V-mount-baterry-pinch-HDMI-splitter-Power-Supply-Adapter-V-Lock-DSLR-/370696262997?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_77&hash=item564f381555 I think the art pre can also be powered with 5v battery, but I've never tried that since i have the lanparte v mount
  3. I have the Zoom H6. It's good except for lousy preamps. Volume over 5 is very noisy. I bought this to be my preamps: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/615405-REG/ART_USBDUALPREPS_USB_Dual_Pre.html Very good for price. Crisp, detailed and clean audio. H6 on volume 4 and the art preamp pumps up the sound to good levels.
  4. Oh, there's the misunderstanding :) one s to much, hehe Now we just need to know if the new Sandisk sd cards are reliable for the A7s. What did B&H tell you exactly?
  5. In the Atomos Shogun product description there is only mentioned the ability to use SATA to CFast adapter. I would find it strange if these cards don't work with the A7s, unless there is some defect or bug going on. I don't understand. Are you saying that you know that the Atomos Shogun works with the Sandisk SD cards? How does this add up? There are no sd card slots on the Shogun.
  6. Gotta love Roger Deakins. Thanks for the post Andy.
  7. I went and saw Lone Ranger last night with my girlfriend(only reason I went is that she is a huge Johnny Depp fan).   I didn't hate it. Typical popcorn fest. Some ok humour and action.  But I agree that it fails in its attempt to please everyone, the movie can´t decide whether it wants be dark and serious or funny and strange.  And way to many familiarities to Pirates of the Carabbians like the Butch's possey, almost exactly the same as the dead pirates.   But still, I did not leave the theater disappointed. (Maybe because I expected it to suck big time)   P.S. I love Armie Hammer, I think he is very likeable and love his infectious smile.
  8.     I disagree about Sucker Punch not having a screen play. Watch this video from the critic Moviebob, he says it best. : http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/the-big-picture/6247-You-Are-Wrong-About-Sucker-Punch-Part-One   Shows you how we often jump to conclusions because of outside appearances, some times we just need a another look :)
  9. I like the short for the most part. Made me uncomfortable, I think that is the artists intention. Very cinematic in many of the shots, but I have to agree about the noise, it is a bit distracting, but that does not make me think that something is wrong with the Mark III, I think it is a question of lighting for camera and maybe in some of the shots in "skin" could have been less noisy with more lighting and less iso.   My two cents. Bottom line....I liked it :)
  10. Wow, you are a genius Andrew. I'm a long time lurker first time poster today. Can't wait to read your guide, thinking of getting a Mark III soon, currently own a Gh2 :) Thanks for all the good info, your site is one of my favorites. Cheers from Iceland :)
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