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  1. ​It does not happen when in photo mode if you mean that. Only after you enable video mode(which you cannot enable when there is no sd card in the camera).
  2. ​1. Yes, this happens but was talked about in the manual. It says "do not be suprised if image loses exposure when video mode is engaged. This is normal." Something like that. I don't know why. 2. Does it bounce around when you are still? It happens for me when I move the camera but thats just the exposure meter working, reading the frame, I think.
  3. ​If so, you are going to lose that bet. At least with me
  4. It seems it only happens when there is a overexposed area you pan/tilt to. For example: Bright sky above, shooting something in shadow. If you expose for the subject in the shadow and then pan/tilt up to the burned out sky the "light shift" kicks in and brightens the image. If you expose for the sky and do the move again the "light shift" does not happen but you end up with underexposed image in the shadows. We need to contact Samsung about this. Anybody have an idea where it is best to contact them? I tried to google it but did not find like a official forum with bug reports and feature requests.
  5. Thanks for the help Andrew. I'm going to do more testing and get me a nikon adapter. I really love this camera.
  6. I'm starting to think its the lens......watching Andrews Lisbon video he should have encountered this there if it were a problem with the camera. I'm not giving up yet.....hopefully Samsung will fix this in some firmware. And I'm gonna get me a nikon adapter.
  7. ​Probably more from vimeo compression than the camera. And possibly from the grade. I think. I have not had time to shoot much with my NX1 and it's been shitty weather since I got the camera. But from everything I have shot, no banding, at least thats what my eyes see
  8. ​It is that lens. The I button does nothing in video mode. In photo mode its a shortcut to a menu system to chang iso, shutter speed, f-stop and white balance. Wish I could use it for something in video mode.
  9. I don't understand what could be doing this. I am checking again and again for anything in the menu or on the camera to turn off. I even turned OIS off. Everything is off and the dial on manual. I sooooo love the image from this camera and the auto focus, I really don't want to send it back. But if i'm stuck with this I'm afraid I have to. Are you not experiencing this Andrew? Could it be the lens?
  10. Here is a video demonstrating the light shift effect: Look at the drawing of the little girl and how it gets brighter when I pan/tilt What do you guys think?
  11. Im still experiencing this this light change even with SmartRange+ off(triple checkd). I will upload a clip on youtube to show you. Thinking about this more...... It could be just a flare effect, when light is bounced directly at the lens......I am not sure.
  12. Ouch, now I'm on the fence also......I have experienced this "auto iso/exposure change" when in full manual......sometimes it happens, sometimes not. I have noticed that it happens when i point the camera at overexposed area like lights in the ceiling or if a white wall is clipped behind the subject. But I love the colors and image out of it, and the 100fps is nice. I don't like how the lens is a little difficult to use manually and I hate that just zooming a little bit sets the focus off a little bit....so zooming as material is worthless, unless its really slow and on auto focus. And there is a slight flicker when you zoom in and out fast, even when i set the fstop to a solid 2.8 through out the range. I always wanted the Sony A7s but thought it was a tad bit too expensive, went for the NX1 cause I wanted a nice photo camera also with autofocus. But it is more important to have good quality video for me and my work. Damn it, have to decide fast........
  13. ​Do you choose prores or h264? If prores then what quality? LT, Standard, HQ? I've been using Rocky Mountain Converter also and works a treat. I'm just wondering if prores HQ might be overkill......
  14. My biggest moment was this summer when I got my first job as a DP on a childrens feature. It is the second biggest cinema opening of an Icelandic film in Iceland ever hehe(the kids love these guys and this was their 4th movie) Shot with C300 and C100 with Atomos Shogun and Ninja. Canon Cine Primes. Shot this summer, premiered 31. october Sorry, no english subtitles.
  15. Tom's Hardware forum: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-2412153/nvidia-gtx-970-580.html It depends on the task. Results for AE are very different, the *only* card from the 700 series that alwaysbeats the 580 for any test is the 780 Ti. Check reviews (I have, extensively, and I've tested a lot of cards).For CUDA, a 980 is slightly slower than two 580s, about 10% less, and I was testing with a good 980 (1266MHz core).Thus, a 970 will be a bit slower still.Hence, a 970 should be faster than one 580 for CUDA, but make sure the app supports Maxwell V2 CUDA, becausenot all apps do yet (AE doesn't).Also, performance isn't purely related to absolute throughput. Indeed, one reason why the 580 is strong for CUDAis that its high bw is shared across fewer cores, providing a lot more bw per core. Other reasons include a 2X highershader clock than later cards, etc.
  16. ​Yeah, I was suprised also and there have been no hiccups at all. Look at these benchmarks Andrew: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforce-gtx-780-performance-review,3516-26.html It seems the GTX 580 was a very powerful card when it came to cuda performance. I think Nvidia did not like how close their gaming cards where getting to they're Quadro cards(which cost alot more). But since MPC doesn't use hardware acceleration this probably doesn't matter. But does help in premiere
  17. Premiere with Colorista II and Filmconvert(I don´t do heavy grades) for editing and grading. My rig consist of bits and parts of a Ginirig but the shoulder pad is from Shape. I use a Lanparte v-mount power supplier to run my Zoom H6 and my Art Dual Pre........and of course my wonderful new Samsung NX1(used to be a gh2 on there). I know.....it is heavy...but, I come from the t.v. industry and have shot mostly with ENG cameras like the Panasonic P2 3100 so I am used to it.......and I dislike microjitters and shaky cam, I like to be smooth in shooting.....so a correctly balanced a bit heavy rig for me
  18. ​I am sorry, I do all my video work on PC(I used to be a Mac guy).....sooooo much cheaper
  19. ​Processor: Intel Core i7 CPU 860@ 2.80GHz, 2798 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) 16gb memory and Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 580
  20. Got my NX1 yesterday. Did some minor testing. Tried to play the files in vlc....did not work well. Then I tried this one: http://mpc-hc.org/ The Media Player Classic works like a charm, even on my getting old pc
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