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  1. I found this little video: http://vimeo.com/116044343 A7s, Canon 24-105 EF, Metabones Adapter(Not Speedbooster). Shot with Autumn Leaves creative style, contrast -3, sat 0, sharpness -3. Dynamic Range Optimization (DRO) Level 4. Some CC done, he does not specify how or with what. What a great little piece, I like what this guy does with the A7s.
  2. ​I hear ya, it is a wonderful photo camera and I liked it a lot. So much bang for your buck it's awesome. And the video was gorgeous, although a bit contrasty, I agree with Andrew by dialing contrast all the way down you kinda destroy those lovely colours. Loved the 100fps, but only when with shallow dof, too much macroblocking. But for me right now I need to spend my money on something I can rely on for video work. And because mine did the drifting every time I overexposed a bit(white snow,white walls, white clouds) I got scared and realized I didn't want to wait for a fix. Have fun with your NX1 guys.
  3. I don't buy it, sorry Brian. Why would Samsung work with them? Does Samsung have an inferiority complex? I would think their engineers do have ego's and they are proud of what they have created, I mean they make everything on their own for their cameras. And dude, like Andrew said, we need sources/links....something! Don't leave us hanging Brian
  4. ​Yes. ​Yes. I pretty much tried everything. Maybe mine was a faulty one and others may not be....I don't know. With the problems I had with it I realized that I don't want to be a beta tester.
  5. Mine is gone back.....I'll get my A7s on monday. I so wanted to love the NX1 but nothing I did fixed the drifting for me. I live on Iceland and yeah, we have a lot of snow, which means a lot of white in frame when I'm shooting outside. I don't mind snow being a little overexposed. But the NX1 would constantly shift/drift(whatever it is). So I just couldn't keep it. I have shot with a lot of cameras......never seen anything like this when in full manual settings. I can understand why some people think this is ordinary for a digital camera. But I am sad to say it ain't. And don't tell me: "but Ivar, it's only 1500$" cause Samsung have said they see it competing with other brands 5000$ cameras. And I'm thinking my next camera will be Fs7 so it makes more sense going the Sony way for me.
  6. I don't know guys.....mine is gone back but I found this touch screen menu on day one(the arrow at the top of the screen), I did turn auto brightness off there, never did fix anything on my NX1.
  7. The shifting occurs only if something overexposed gets in the frame. At least that's what I have been experiencing.
  8. Well guess what. Bug back again and I can't get rid of it like I did just a few hours ago. Jeez, maybe I'm just going crazy.
  9. And another thing. I think the bug was clouding my judgement about the dynamic range, maybe, I don't know as I have not done any real test. Just judging with my eyes still, need to find time to shoot some charts before I send the NX1 back, working alot these days. It still has time to redeem itself in my eyes(B&H gave us december customers longer return period) But I think I was right about this being a bug. Some people(not here, on facebook) have been giving me shit because of me not wanting to accept this to be normal behaviour of the sensor and bla bla bla.
  10. I have been fiddling more with the menu. I never thought of trying A,S and P dial mode and then enable video Well there's a reason for that, you don't have full control of shutter speed, ISO, fstop. Diffrent for each mode ofcourse. I would never shoot with these modes. But.....the iso shifting is not happening in these modes, yes the camera adjusts itself because something is on auto in these modes, but here it behaves like I would expect it to. Then I go back to manual on the dial. Check if SmartRange+ is off in both photo and video menu. Set metering to center, and voila.....the shifting stops. Wow this is weird. But tells me this is definitely a bug and can be fixed with firmware......right?
  11. How I wish I was getting a 1dc. I just got hired for a gig in march and the producer said I could use his 1dc. I immediately said yes please I've never used it. Don't even think it's available here for rent. Can't wait........except I'll probably want it more after the gig......ouch Maybe I should do some more digging for a good price for the 1dc and not get the A7s? Just use my gh2 and rent until I have enough for the 1dc. Arrrgh so hard to decide hehe
  12. Found this nice tutorial about exposure and the A7s Slog2. Whats interesting is that he exposes 3 stops over middle grey and uses 70 Zebra to measure highlights in skintones. What do you guys think? It's an hour long but really good(at least I thought so)
  13. DigitalEd, are you happy with the dynamic range of the NX1 for video? What turned me off the most was when I put the NX1 besides the Gh2(hacked) and to my eyes the NX1 is clipping before my gh2. And I have been looking at Philip Bloom, Andrew Reid and others post A7s clips and I love what they are getting with that camera. I wouldn't get the shogun, 4K is light years ahead for the icelandic market(the government owned station here, like BBC in Britain, is still broadcasting in SD! Only selected shows on HD(720p) on special channel. I don't need 4K, but I wouldnt say no to a nice camera that shoots 4K internally, as I was thinking with the NX1, My web computer game program is SD on the webpage that hosts it, but we release HD versions on youtube. And for bigger projects with budget, I rent cameras(C300, Red Epic, Alexa etc.) You guys think I'm doing a mistake? I think I want the more cinematic character of the A7s. Please if you guys have any opinions of the matter please feel free to tell me. You can even call me an idiot if you think it's relevant to my returning of the NX1, I wont get offended P.S. Peace and love guys, great forum and great forum guests.
  14. ​Yes, the first thing I did when I got the NX1 was to update. Newest firmware and lens firmware.
  15. ​Did that, nothing changes Samsung Support have been notified, another guy on facebook will hear from them next week. They said they would contact Samsung Korea. I will post what my friend on facebook hears from them. But my mind is made up. The NX1 is going back to B&H and I will try the A7s next.
  16. ​I totally agree with you. As photo camera the NX1 is excellent. I think your assessment of the NX1 is completely right. For the exact same reasons I am going for the A7s.
  17. Very nice little tutorial Ebrahim. Thanks alot
  18. ​I'm thinking exactly the same thing. I love the C100 with recorder. Always wanted the 1dc(too much $). Thinkin now of settling for A7s but if I can get a similar price on a c100......hmmm
  19. Yes, you are right guys, Noa and Hitfabryk. The camera goes back tomorrow. Thinking of changing to A7s. I should have gotten that one instead in the first place as I have been liking the video from it. But a part of me wanted a nice photo camera also. I guess the A7s is enough of a photo camera for me, the NX1 is bit to much of a photo camera for me, I don't need the 28mpx. Two things i didn't like with the NX1: This exposureshift(could be fixed in the future but i'm not going to bet on that, need to work today) and the dynamic range in video does not look to be alot. I haven't done DR testing but as I said before, looks like gh2 has more dynamic range!!!! Can this be possible???
  20. None of this has changed anything on my camera Manual focus, auto focus, framing mode on, framing mode off. Does not matter what I do(the menu isn't that large, I have been through everything in there) always the same exposure shift. I have also been trying to see if I could reproduce the effect with my gh2, as someone on facebook said it was just optics, when light hits the sensor. I do not think thats it. P.S. Just looking in lcd of both cameras the gh2 looks to have better dynamic range than NX1, also very disappointing. As of today, 90% chance of return, 9 days left. Thanks for the help guys
  21. ​I wish it was Andrew....I wish it was Sadly it is off on my camera. I tried setting it on and off again. Did not fix it for me.
  22. ​Andrew, one question: Are you running on the new firmware with the NX1(1.10) or are you still on the old firmware 1.00?
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