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  1. I noticed that the production designer was jack Fisk, Malicks right hand man, which explains quite a bit I think. He's a bit of an unsung hero and I definitely noticed a quite strong cross over in look to elements of 'The new world'. I'm not sure if it's okay to post a link here but there is an interesting article about his work on the revenant here http://lwlies.com/interviews/jack-fisk-the-revenant-interview/ I couldn't understand how people were managing to eat popcorn through the first ambush scene either, my jaw was on the floor. I can't remember the last time, if ever, that I have been so utterly blown away by the sheer intensity of what I was seeing. I will have to watch this many more times just to actually see it all, the frames are so ripe and full. The sun pouring down the valley in the last stand off scene was....there aren't words.
  2. Thanks Brooklyn dan, that makes a lot of sense. I love what we can all achieve with modern cameras and image making for relatively low cost these days but I still feel a sort of returning home comfort when I see old, 'physically' graspable technology like this in action; mirrors, prisms and levers - that bit moves that bit which turns that thing. There is something direct and magical in the mechanical that feels somehow more primal and human than the digital for me. Not that I could afford the time, money or patience to ever return to film or mechanical film cameras but I'm grateful some alchemists like Tarantino are still at work turning light into gold.
  3. I think you might be right so maybe what we see is only a part of the prism attachment, sort of split because the end definitely seems to open at right angles to the lens mount. So strange, if that's what it is, to 'kink' the lens like that. Almost like one of those ground glass 35mm adaptors we all used to use before dslr's shot video! Thanks richg101 I'll try and find out more.
  4. In the featurette I noticed some of the panavision anamorphics seemed to end with a 45 degree blank end and what seemed to be a square lens front opening on the side, as if some kind of mirror system was in place, almost like a horizontal periscope. Does anyone know why, I'm intrigued?! One is being held by guy on right at 6:35. Is it for shooting sideways in tight spaces or literally for shooting 'behind' the scenes?
  5. Thanks guys, good to know I'm not doing anything wrong, I'll try just deleting the clips. Is there a way to delete all the clips or do you have to do it one by one? It seems like a major flaw to me, I'm surprised there is little mention of this on line, oh well I suppose if premier doesn't seem bothered I shouldn't either. I'm guessing the XML side car files recorded with the clips must act as identifiers for premier then, it can't be going by file names alone or all hell would have broken loose by now. very strange choice as stills don't seem to suffer the same problem. once again many thanks
  6. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this a7s quirk. I recently discovered that my a7s seems to reset the file numbers to begin C00001 each time I format or insert a new card, premier seems to not mind having multiple files called the same thing but it's making alarm bells ring in my editors brain and I can see conflicts down the road once my drives are filled with identically numbered files. I have it set to series in the camera menu which I thought was right, this doesn't seem to be a problem with stills which seem to behave as expected, increasing incrementally across card changes and formatting. Am I missing something or is this just a very strange sony flaw? hope someone can help Many thanks paul
  7. Hoping someone might be able to help clear this up. Im using a juiced link to record sound from a shotgun into the A7s. A similar method I have used very effectively on the 5dmkiii for a year or more. Pre-amps in the camera turned right down to one notch above zero. Firstly the A7 seems much more sensitive than the 5d and appears to have quite a noisy floor. Secondly, and this is the killer for me, it has a really hard limiter, (several sites say it doesn't but it definitely does, once its clipped) with an exceptionally long release time, around 5 seconds or so. This means if your subject is talking loudly and peaking you will see nice green bars on the camera while the audio recorded is shot to hell. It will hit red very briefly and then back off to green while the volume of the subject being recorded remains unchanged. Am I doing something wrong? I can't see a way to turn off any limiters in the menu. I never thought I'd ever say this but the sound in the canon 5dmkIII seems great all of a sudden! And before anyone suggests it, I also always record to a field recorder as back up, but the speed increase in having sound embedded in the file is essential, also I hand footage over to clients a lot who don't expect or accept the idea of synching ;-)
  8. Ah sorry, just re-tested and found that in manual mode the lens IS kicks in only when you press record. So this is another good reason to use the manual mode as it should save battery life, in the movie mode the IS motor is running constantly. Paul
  9. Hi Andrew, I appreciate you're a busy man at the moment but was was wondering if you migh help clear something up. I'm following your advice to shoot on the a7s in manual rather than movie mode and with a metabones adaptor, ef to e mount ver iv it appears that all my canon glass looses it's IS function. Changing back to movie mode the IS switch on the lens functions once more and you can hear the lens's IS motor kick in. Am I doing something wrong? Also in the manual mode the back screen at very high iso's in low light seems to go into what looks like a slow refresh rate or slow shutter speed, the shutter is not changing however and doesn't record as such just looks funky on the screen. Strange. Hope you can help mate, Cheers paul
  10. Thanks very much Julian, Good to know I can go back if there is no way to fix these synch issues.
  11. As an update to my issues listed above I found this post on f stop academy http://www.fstopacademy.com/blog/canon-5d-mark-iii-clean-hdmi-out/#comment-2313 Which seems to confirm what I found. They tried to record sound from the headphone jack to the ninja and found it was approx 5 frames out too. My guess is that the audio has not changed and is still in synch with the subject being filmed, it seems that the update has caused all visual monitoring to slow down and lag behind real time. This makes sense thinking of the magic lantern raw dng discovery, it seems that the higher res feed from the hdmi is slowing down the whole monitoring pipeline but not to the in camera recorder as that is staying in synch on the card in camera with the audio, very strange. I think I will have to try and go back to the old firmware, does anyone know if this is possible? One step forward, two steps back. Many thanks
  12. Hi, Since updating firmware I'm getting audio lag of about 10 frames, when recording. I'm monitoring from image displayed on camera screen, no hdmi plugged in. audio feed from juiced link pre amp into cameras Mic socket.Monitoring audio from cameras headphones jack. Using fast sandisk ultra cards , same as always.this is a method I've used succesfully many times before, only change is update. It's recording to card correctly but is far too disconcerting to monitor. Anyone else experienced this? Many thanks.
  13. After updating to the firmware 1.2.1 I'm experiencing audio monitoring synching issues. I'm going through a juiced link box into the cameras Mic socket and monitoring audio through the cameras headphones socket. No hdmi monitoring going on, just viewing the image on the back of the camera. This is a method I've used many times before with the old canon firmware without any problems. With the new firmware when recording, the image on the cameras screen is about 5-10 frames out of synch with the audio. It's recording onto the card in synch perfectly, but its really disconcerting to monitor the audio this far out on the screen. I'm using sandisk ultra fast cards, same as before. Has anyone else experienced this? If It's the new firmware I'm not sure I can live with this, can I go back to the original firmware? Hope someone can help, thanks.
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