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  1. how close is the 5d mark 3 raw to the red mx…??
  2. odie

    guess camera???

    ok …which lens and iso is used? and camera comments...
  3. commercial…standard…but small crew
  4. which camera to choose? best bang for the buck??? (if purchasing) (will need soon for commercial with small crew)
  5. which one to choose?? best bang for the buck??? (will need soon for commercial with small crew)
  6. for me the best affordable cameras out there are hacked…gh2 and 5d3...
  7. odie

    guess camera???

    please guess which camera's footage this is???? Andrew what do you think..? could be... gh2 bmcc bmpc 4k bmpcc gh3 red one red 6k 5d mark ii 5d mark iii raw sony f100 nikon 800 nikon 5300 super 16mm
  8. this is on topic here with ..http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Tcb-8qKUg18forum please guess what camera this is?? 5d mark ii 5d mark iii raw bmpcc bmcc bmpc 4k red 6k red one gh2 gh3 nikon 5300 nikon 800 super 16
  9. +1 this is something that was also said at the festival by dps and directors…I think they keep the cost down with shooting ratio..and owning the 16mm camera..no rentals
  10. +1 this is what I'm hearing from festival directors and dps..
  11. I think Red is used for more special effects movies…??
  12. wow..that's cold…good job! is flowmotion 2.02 your favorite hack??
  13. noted a few films in Sundance…some shot on Arri Alexa…some shot on Super 16mm…after talking to the producers …it seems super 16mm is a cheap way to get that Arri Alexa look…reporting what is said here at the festival..in Sundance 2014
  14. are some of the best cameras from 2013 5d mark 3 raw and the bmpcc (pocket camera) now obsolete for 4k??
  15. for 4k…has the 5d mark 3 become obsolete?
  16. on another note from Sundance 2014 cameras..used so far..noted 2 35mm (one arri and one panavision) 3 arri alexa 3 super 16mm 1 sony f3 1 red epic..
  17. since I want to shoot 4k…the 5d mark 3 raw and bmpcc are now obsolete??
  18. I liked the camera too…but now I want to shoot 4k…so what happens to my 5d mark 3 raw and bmpcc (pocket camera)..? for 4k are these cameras obsolete now???
  19. IS IT POSSIBLE TO PUT A FRAME FROM A 5D MARK lll next to it??
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