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  1. I thought I'd investigate my own setup and recalibrated my monitor. Took a couple hours but it's perfect now. You're right. No magenta or blue hue in the ungraded still, and no green tones on skin in the graded image from Butch. None. The GH4 has no color issues from what I'm seeing and it looks like it might even have more dynamic range than I originally thought too. Haven't seen Nick Driftwoods footage but I will take a look. He's done so much for the GH user community and I really appreciate his work especially on the gh2 frontier. He's made some incredible settings that I've found myself using often to achieve great results. Andrew, I agree, the GH4 is a superb value camera for what we are getting and I'm excited to see what people will create from this camera.
  2. Thanks for the quick grade Butch. I'm seeing the same magenta/green issues as prior GH camera line. A bit disappointing really. DR also looks to be 10-11 stops at best. Seems Panasonic are going to fiercely protect the pro line with their Varicams and ensure they don't make the same mistake as they did with the introduction of the AF100 when the GH2 was released.
  3. I love the Amira's look too. 1080p perfected. ARRI knows it's imager is good enough for 2014 and probably through 2016. Bring on 8K! Lol.
  4. @Odie yes, mostly it is. I chose this setting for its ability to provide great images and decent record times. I'm also a huge fan of Moon Trial 7 - but use it more for projects where SD card space isn't a concern. Thanks for your comments!
  5. My GH2's continue to get used in the most demanding of environments. I shot this corporate piece using GH2's in minus 20 weather in Edmonton, Canada back in November. Not a single card error or power issue, using Flowmotion 2.02. Cameras were rock solid. The weather made the grease in the takumar lens barrels pretty sluggish but everything held up great for the exterior shots. I continue to use a full minus green gel fixed against the sensor and manually WB for superb balanced colors with zero green cast for all interior and exterior conditions. I used a Kessler pocket dolly for slides and an hd400 glidecam for upping the production value. Lift shots we're from a 60ft Genie we hired out. Interviews were shot with 50mm and 35mm (with speedbooster). Interior interview lighting was with a 1k to a 5x3 bounce and a couple of Lowell pro kickers for hair and background lighting. Edited and coloured in the much improved FCPX 10.1
  6. I'd like to see some testing of SLR Magic anamorphic lens for sharpness at corners using a camera with full frame sensor or minimal crop factor. I'm not convinced it will have corner sharpness using a camera without a large crop factorsuch as BMCC. How about testing it on a GH2 with speedbooster? : ) Now that would be cool.
  7. http://vimeo.com/60661023 Hey there everyone. I'm new to the forum, but a long time lerker : ) Just wanted to share the latest thing I've completed for a really cool whisky distillery here on Vancouver Island. These small cameras are great tools that set us loose to create meaningful work.
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