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    Edward Zaee reacted to Dan Wake in Magic Lantern run Linux 3.19 on Canon DSLRs - download source code   
    are we 100% sure this is not 1 april prank?
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    Edward Zaee reacted to mikegt in Kodak celluloid film saved by studios - oh and by the way - what's the point?   
    The more I think about it the more I think celluloid motion picture film really is an environmental disaster.  Leaving aside the chemicals required to make it, processing it requires huge amounts of a witches brew of toxic chemicals - the bleach contains potassium ferricyanide, potassium bromide,ammonium thiocyanate and various acids.  The developer contains formaldehyde; the fixer ammonium and sulfur compounds.  All of these chemicals are further contaminated with heavy amounts of silver waste washed away from the film during processing.  And loads of clean water have to be consumed at each rinse step.  An 120 minute 35mm film requires at least 36,000 feet of camera negative processed (at a conservative 3:1 shooting ratio).  Back when movies were released on celluloid to theaters it took a staggering 24 million feet of release prints processed (12,000 feet per print times 2,000 theaters) for just one movie!
    For digital, you need toxic chemicals to make the storage mediums, but in far smaller amounts; making a tiny memory card consumes just a drop in the bucket compared with the amounts needed to process just two hours of celluloid (12,000 feet of 35mm).  And digital storage mediums can be reused hundreds or even thousands of times, compared with the one-time use of celluloid.
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    Edward Zaee reacted to leebrandt33 in Canon interview at Photokina 2014 - 7D Mark II - Magic Lantern - and moire   
    There is NO WAY that Panasonic, Sony, or gh4 have better image quality than Blackmagic cinema and Pocket. And please don't bring up resolution, cause I don't care about that element. When it comes to color science and dynamic range, and subtleties of these images, Blackmagic is better.
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    Edward Zaee reacted to Nick Hughes in Canon interview at Photokina 2014 - 7D Mark II - Magic Lantern - and moire   
    Maybe in 6 months to a year. Development on ML depends on the programmers actually owning the cameras and can be quite slow because of that. By the time it likely gets a decent ML upgrade, the 7Dii will be even more woefully behind the competition.
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    Edward Zaee got a reaction from estarkey7 in Canon 7D Mark II video specs vs the enthusiast DSLR competition (GH4, A7S, 5D3)   
    Wow Im sold with thee Samsung.
    BTW, Canon is slowly becoming an irrelevant company 
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    Edward Zaee reacted to Half Tanuki in Canon 7D Mark II video specs vs the enthusiast DSLR competition (GH4, A7S, 5D3)   
    Compare Canon's 7d MII sample footage to Samsung's NX1 footage... I don't have a 4k screen, but even at 1080 there is quite a difference.

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    Edward Zaee reacted to AnthonyBert in Sony A7S 120fps slow-mo at ISO 12,800   
    You removed removed Nog and Baltic. I guess Lincoln was right in that if you want to test a man's character, give him power. I can't talk about over threads, but in this Thread those 2 guys were giving their opinions and frankly I think they had a point. I'm not a fan of that video either, that does not make you a rubbish filmmaker. You just made a piece  that some like and some other don't. 
    Please feel free to also remove my account if you also think that I'm causing trouble. You will then just have lost all credibility to me.
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    Edward Zaee reacted to Bob Wall in An astounding Sony A7S low light test by Philip Bloom   
    Sure.  Usually you're balancing DOF (aperture) and ISO to get a properly exposed shot (in all light conditions).  With this camera the only consideration the aperture, not the ISO, as it's usable to a much higher number than any other camera.  So when composing in poorly lit scenes, you're thinking only about what sort of DOF you want, and you don't have to be wide open any more.  See the scenes out the car and several other here; clearly he's stopped down and getting considerable DOF, which wouldn't be possible with most other large sensor cameras, and small sensor cameras wouldn't be properly exposed with these levels of light (or very very noisy):

    Dynamic range is generally high for this camera, so we're having to make fewer choices about what to lose, highlights or shadows.  The image is more detailed, than, say Canon DSLR (it's direct competitor).  It has a full frame sensor and reads the entire sensor, which is a first for a full frame.  It has a proper aps-c function built in, multiplying the apparent number of focal lengths you have with you.  It has the ability to do 120fps at what appears to be a pretty sharp 720p.  It's half the weight of a canon full frame DSLR. 
    If you can't figure out what to do those things creatively to increase the quality of the work you're outputting, you might consider a different line of work.
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    Edward Zaee got a reaction from Leica50mm in An astounding Sony A7S low light test by Philip Bloom   
    It's like HDR photography, sucks big time. But some ppl love it.  :D
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    Edward Zaee reacted to richg101 in An astounding Sony A7S low light test by Philip Bloom   
    Though very impressive technically, I actually find the footage looks quite unpleasant in how unnatural it looks.  I can't put my finger on it but I guess I dislike the look in the same way I dislike the full spectrum uv modded camera images. 
    I'd have loved to see the footage graded to show how our eyes see things.  I'd really like to see some nature work done with this camera.  It seems to look over digitised with manmade light, whereas a dusk woodland scene (exposed and graded to mimic how our eyes adjust to very low light) will probably be where this camera comes into its own.
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    Edward Zaee reacted to Leica50mm in A real world Sony A7S rolling shutter test vs the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera   
    The Pocket camera looks great . Best buy around.
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    Edward Zaee reacted to Andrew Reid in 54 mentions of video vs 32 of photos in Nikon D810 press release   
    Given the 5D Mark III was soft 2 years ago, and can go the extra mile with raw where the D810 can't, this is hardly high praise.
    "My VHS tape is nearly as good as betamax!"
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    Edward Zaee reacted to pietz in New OK Go music video shot on Panasonic GH4   
    well they should have used a camera with global shutter because that video just gave me eye cancer. terribly stabilzed shots, blurred frames, warping effect, video-ish looks...
    dont get me wrong i love their videos because they are lots of fun to watch, but the video quality is absolutely nothing to be proud of.
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    Edward Zaee reacted to wobba in 4K for $899 with the Panasonic FZ1000 - but beware the quirks!   
    This could have been near perfect except for two, maybe three, showstoppers.  
    1. Lousy 28mbps bit rate for 1080P
    2. No in-built ND filter (tiny cameras like the Ricoh GR and RX100m3 can accommodate one).
    3. Panasonic need to stop living in the 70's and do away with this NTSC/PAL mentality. Why are they still doing one lot of bodies with NTSC frame rates and a different lot with PAL rates.  This is BS!
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    Edward Zaee reacted to premini in Panasonic GH4 footage shot with the EOSHD Shooter's Guide Cinema Settings   
    I really dont see these images as cinematic.
    I think we're back in the "how to grade h264 to look like cinema" discussion again.
    This blog convinced me that shooting 2x anamorphic raw in 4:3 ratio with my 5d3 was "the shit" and i still believe it,
    Honest question: Why should I consider all this new buzz?
    Detail? i can see its there, but is only noticeable when you do a 300% crop,
    Dont get me wrong, i embrace 4k, but at the cost of going back to a lousy codec and poor bit depth... nope, ill pass.
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    Edward Zaee reacted to Andrew Reid in Panasonic GH4 Review   
    That's a little dramatic!
    The BMCC and BMPCC sensor is rated for 13 stops according to Blackmagic.
    However usable dynamic range is what we should really measure.
    The lows on the Blackmagic cameras are noisy and the lows on the GH4 are compressed (by the encoder allocating more of the available datarate to the mids).
    So to get optimal range we shoot exposed to the right on the Blackmagic and on the GH4 we use the in-camera settings to move the black level up so that the encoder deals better with the lows.
    Even now we should not measure dynamic range yet (like in SOOOO many test videos I've seen in LOG or with a flat profile!!) because the curve of the image has reduced colour saturation and contrast, it's too flat.
    What is magic about film and a very high end camera like the Alexa is that they have a high dynamic range even when graded and not just with the LOG curve.
    In our grade we're dealing with usable dynamic range. For example we crush the shadows until the noise goes away and we apply an S-curve to get our lovely colour and contrast back.
    At this point in my tests I concluded the GH4 and BMPCC dynamic range was roughly about the same... Around 10 stops. Still less than the 14 stops of film but still up there with DSLR-stills photos.
    Furthermore when we oversample 1080p from 4K in post, we get 10bit luma and 444 colour sampling so the GH4 is not deficient there either, with very smooth transitions between shades and no pixilation around high contrast red edges for example.
    On DXOMark the 5D Mark III's sensor is rated for about 11.5 stops and the GH4's sensor is rated for approximately 11.5 stops also (similar sensor as GX7 and GM1). If you look at the raw stills from both cameras you get a nice 11.5 stops, or roughly close to that figure anyway.
    The way to think about the GH4's 4K video dynamic range is to compare it to a JPEG still shot on the camera in stills mode or on the 5D Mark III, but bare in mind that the video is more compressed in the shadows, so you do lose some USABLE dynamic range compared to a still.
    Same situation though with the BMCC due to noise in the lows.
    So there you go.
    And as for low light performance again they are evenly matched, especially with Speed Booster but I do find the noise grain and tonality in the blacks slightly better on the BMPCC.... Not by much but there is a small difference.
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    Edward Zaee reacted to Jacek in What would happen if we took all the best features and put them in ONE camera...   
    Full frame sensor from the Sony A7S 4K internal codec from the Panasonic GH4 2K RAW from Blackmagic Big EVF from Fuji and their lovely X-T1 5 axis in-body stabilisation from Olympus (working for video with any lens) Cine lenses by Sigma - their 35mm F1.4 and 50mm F1.4 are that good Bundled grading / editing software from Blackmagic - Resolve 11 free Blackmagic Resolve Light Ergonomic styling by Fuji
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    Edward Zaee reacted to Andrew Reid in Sony A7S rolling shutter test   
    $3299 is too much. Pros are unlikely to embrace in their masses with wobbly jello and wobbly HDMI cable and consumers are likely to snub it on an affordability basis if it is over $2k especially when they can get the more featured packed GH4 at $1699 and internal 4K without need to spend an extra $2k on a recorder.
    Careful Sony, this is a promising camera... don't blow it.
    Reduce the crappy jello and keep the price accessible.
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    Edward Zaee reacted to JHines in Canon 4K refresh - C200 and C400 coming at NAB?   
    The only thing we can expect from the Canon Cinema line is a price way above what the specs are worth.  C200 - 8 grand, C400 - 15 grand. Awesome. Cannot wait to not buy any of these. 
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    Edward Zaee got a reaction from Julian in Exclusive Q&A with Kinefinity's Jihua Zheng on the 6K KineMAX and new 4K KineMINI   
    6k? Meh, why not 16k?
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    Edward Zaee reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon 7D raw video with the Mosaic Engineering anti-aliasing filter   
    You Europeans and your laws. You have some absolutely nuts ones. I'll seriously consider taking my blog out of Germany and back to the UK if I was ever stopped from practicing my arts by tree hugging personal privacy nuts.
    It's just unpleasant, which is why I don't really want to talk about it on the forum.
    I was once out with Slashcam testing the Canon 1D C and testing the lens for focus breathing by racking focus some shrubbery on my side of the pavement to a woman stood smoking on the other side of the road, at least 25m away and out of earshot. Guess what, 2 mins later she was stomping down the U-bahn steps after me and demanding I format the card. Horrible encounter with a nut job. Some people just need to chill out. It is not the era of the Stasi secret police any more, it is the modern world we live in.
    The funny thing is these politicians are always banging on about the freedom of artists and freedom of expression then putting laws in place which diminish freedom.
    Dear Berliner on the street with your finger up... My freedom begins where yours ends. Don't overreach yourself.
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    Edward Zaee reacted to austinmcconnell in Hands-on preview of the powerful 4K shooting Panasonic GH4!   
    Literally no one on the face of the planet would ever want to work for you - you have some kind of anger issues. Also, did you just like, copy/paste the exact some post from earlier? I don't understand. You seem to be under the impression that throwing out insults at people makes you seem cool. It actually is the opposite. It makes you appear very small, and a little bit... y'know, insane. Be nice. Grown ups are supposed to behave better.  :)
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    Edward Zaee reacted to Bryan Harvey in Hands-on preview of the powerful 4K shooting Panasonic GH4!   
    Almost everything that could go wrong on a shoot DID go wrong on this one. Without going into details, I feel like the video is 60% of what it could have been. I had a MoVI that went down on the very first day of shooting, which forced me to rely on our backup brushless "FauxVI"  Alexmos based gimbal. Also had a lot of MoVI handheld shots planned, but those had to be cut obviously.  The prototype GH4's had some quirks that were challenging to deal with but I'm sure they are solved by now with firmware update. All in all I was really impressed by the image coming out of the GH4. We posted this in front of a 60-some inch 4k monitor and the shots looked stunning to me. 
    And responding to someone previously, yes all 8 lenses and two bodies absolutely did fit handily in my carryon backpack, minus the ocotcopter of course! ;0)
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    Edward Zaee reacted to austinmcconnell in Hands-on preview of the powerful 4K shooting Panasonic GH4!   
    Chill out, dude. You're spittin' venom over opinions on a camera. 80% of the world lives in poverty. Perspective.  B)
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    Edward Zaee got a reaction from tony wilson in First ProRes files from the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera released   
    I'm sorry to say it, but all John Brawley's videos look like s.....   Why the hell Blackmagic gave him a test camera?
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