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  1. this was shot in-camera 8 bit at the standard image look setting. Panasonic initially flirted with the idea of me recording this project externally in 10 bit, but I think it was wise to show people how it looks in the more typical way that most will use this camera. we arranged special access to the Mayan ruins before they were open to the public. there was indeed heavy moire on the feathers of the macaw. it was a shame because the detail on that shot was pretty incredible, but any camera without a global shutter would have trouble with those feathers. 4K resolution just made it the worst possible scenario, as each feather is like a series of "stripes" like on a striped shirt when picking up all that detail.
  2. MoVI and GH4 are perfect together! Even a Canon 5dIII can get heavy quick on the MoVI. You are spot on about the multi-rotor world. The 4k detail is really noticeable on the wide aerials. This camera is going to be hugely popular in this space, and 4K rez allows for guilt-free Warp stabilizer in post if needed. I hope Panasonic "loans" me a production model. ;0) 4K looked great in post for the most part, but for sure you must nail your exposure because there is not much room for grading the 8-bit output. BryanHarveyFilms.com
  3. Sorry I cannot compare with the GH3 as I have not used any Panasonic mirror-less cameras prior to this project. Also, I mostly plugged in an external EVF to the micro HDMI port to achieve critical focus. For sure 4k can be unforgiving in regards to critical focus. The style of this project was designed to highlight the 4k detail, so we shot everything deep focus at F9 or F11, with very subtle camera moves. Typically I'm doing just the opposite and trying to shoot everything wide open with more dynamic camera movement. I was most happy with the aerial flamingo shots as they were pretty amazing to see in true 4k on proper 4k monitor. It's the big wide shots with lots of detail where I really notice the 4k difference. The parrot and caterpillar type shots also resolved well. BryanHarveyFilms.com
  4. Almost everything that could go wrong on a shoot DID go wrong on this one. Without going into details, I feel like the video is 60% of what it could have been. I had a MoVI that went down on the very first day of shooting, which forced me to rely on our backup brushless "FauxVI" Alexmos based gimbal. Also had a lot of MoVI handheld shots planned, but those had to be cut obviously. The prototype GH4's had some quirks that were challenging to deal with but I'm sure they are solved by now with firmware update. All in all I was really impressed by the image coming out of the GH4. We posted this in front of a 60-some inch 4k monitor and the shots looked stunning to me. And responding to someone previously, yes all 8 lenses and two bodies absolutely did fit handily in my carryon backpack, minus the ocotcopter of course! ;0) BryanHarveyFilms.com
  5. here's the GH4 4k footage. dont forget to adjust your playback settings to 4k on the Youtube playback window.
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