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  1. It's old news - F35's have been going at that price point for several years. I used one (A Genesis, actually) on a film, and indeed, it was a great image. Many of the films and television shows that I love the most from a pure image aspect are shot on F35. F35 color has always impressed me more than any other camera, for whatever reasons. That said, I have almost zero interest in owning one, even if it was free. My own work involves travel and moving around shooting B roll and interviews, with little or no help. Have you ever carried a kitted F35? It's not light, and it's not small. I'm not willing to get a superior image by sacrificing my back to the degree that an F35 would require. My clients wouldn't care either. I suppose if you had a studio and did a lot of work in one place, it might be attractive, or if you had a crew. Accessories for the F35 aren't super cheap or common either, so unless you're buying a kitted package, beware the actual price.
  2. Things like this are going to happen more and more often as hardware becomes more generalized and the firmware and software that runs them becomes more specialized. Stuff like this obviously happens in the computer realm every day and has for decades, camera makers just aren't used to being hacked because they are so specialized in function. I don't think it's unethical for Sony to disable features, in fact I think it's probably really common. They shouldn't be surprised that this happened though.
  3. Philip says that he's sure it would be shut down in the next firmware update...but wouldn't that firmware update have to offer something useful to make people apply it? If I was an f5 owner, I'd be sitting there thinking that this hack, with current firmware was extremely valuable - to make me apply a new version, that new version would have to offer something at least as valuable. Otherwise I'd stay on the same firmware forever - because the camera works perfectly well right now.
  4. That looks very good - those interiors would be incredibly challenging to shoot for any camera at any price.
  5. I wouldn't base your purchases on one person's findings. Reading that thread, actually I found Squig's findings to be questionable - he still never posted a single clip or still where he got acceptable colors, and yet many other people have; it may be that his aesthetic is peculiar. Anyway, can't make decisions based on these forums.
  6. I don't really understand this argument, at least as it relates to the camera itself. All of these clips that are being posted are going through very heavy LUT's and grading, with what would usually be considered VERY stylistic color correction. It's a choice being made by the posters in some cases because they are seeing how far they can push it and in other cases for whatever aesthetic. Look at Ed's other work - it's not like he doesn't KNOW how to make something look not hipster or teal/orange; that some of his A7s videos are that way are a choice he's making with that particular video. I don't see how it really reflects on how the camera's "color science." Of all those examples above, the only one I like much is the darwinfish mitakon which really doesn't look all that desaturated to me, and maybe the first video which is pretty nice. Anyway, it would be nice to see some videos that aren't going through a LUT, that ARE showing the default color in a mode that most users will be using. I'm not going to spend 10 minutes color correcting every single clip for my own work - I want something that works and looks acceptable with minimal fuss. For me on Canon DSLR's that was the FilmPS picture profile. I don't shoot for masterbatory purposes, I shoot to support my family and pay my mortgage and save for retirement. Whatever gets the job done and makes both the client and me happy. This camera looks like a great day to day shooter covering a WIDE variety of lighting situations with increased sharpness over Canon DSLRs and lighter weight and lens flexibility. Most of the "test" videos so far though aren't exploring that aspect; I think this is because people are still feeling it out.
  7. Look at the Canon 24-70 f4 IS - $1500 and Sony has their equivalent at $1200. They are pricing around the market.
  8. Nothing, he's just saying that a 4k option will then be widely available.
  9. Get the 70-200 2.8 IS and then you have both (for that range). Also, Sony has a native wide (16-35) that will have OSS announced next month.
  10. unfortunately you usually get what you pay for with fluid heads and tripods. 500AH is a very low end head and you can't expect miracles from it. That said, I've used some cheaper (fancier 717) and gotten ok results. But if very slow controlled (by hand) I would look to higher end fluid heads with a lot more mass and better fluid action. I use a cartoni focus, which I would say is "good" for the money but I don't know that it's the best head in it's price range.
  11. True dat. I just finished a piece using the same setup Philip has there - most of the shots I ended up using were less than 20 ft off the deck.
  12. This is a lot cheaper than it is in the US when you factor in the adapter...
  13. Sure. Usually you're balancing DOF (aperture) and ISO to get a properly exposed shot (in all light conditions). With this camera the only consideration the aperture, not the ISO, as it's usable to a much higher number than any other camera. So when composing in poorly lit scenes, you're thinking only about what sort of DOF you want, and you don't have to be wide open any more. See the scenes out the car and several other here; clearly he's stopped down and getting considerable DOF, which wouldn't be possible with most other large sensor cameras, and small sensor cameras wouldn't be properly exposed with these levels of light (or very very noisy): Dynamic range is generally high for this camera, so we're having to make fewer choices about what to lose, highlights or shadows. The image is more detailed, than, say Canon DSLR (it's direct competitor). It has a full frame sensor and reads the entire sensor, which is a first for a full frame. It has a proper aps-c function built in, multiplying the apparent number of focal lengths you have with you. It has the ability to do 120fps at what appears to be a pretty sharp 720p. It's half the weight of a canon full frame DSLR. If you can't figure out what to do those things creatively to increase the quality of the work you're outputting, you might consider a different line of work.
  14. That clip is from an A7R. Different camera, different sensor. - Oh, I see you noted that.
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