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  1. What are you shooting and what are your priorities in a camera package? That scarlet seems overpriced...
  2. Huh? How are the 1080p and 4k ff a7rii modes great? They line skip quite a bit so they have a lot more aliasing and noise than 4k s35. A7rii is nice for 4k s35 but all other modes are inferior by quite a bit, which is why I traded mine for an a7sii which looks good in all modes.
  3. Hard to get excited about IS/OS/VC without seeing how it's implemented first. Some still lens stabilization is pretty unusable for video and some just needs to be tested carefully to be used within its limitations. Sometimes it's very weak and sometimes it's very aggressive with a very visible motion threshold. Worst is when it's in between and it's constantly disengaging...
  4. I dunno they list a US distributor in LA on their website and I contacted them and they are pretty responsive thought the preorder process seems a bit messy which also makes me think I might be the only US preorder... Basically he told me to place and pay for a preorder online (it charged me shipping oddly) and then send him the confirmation so he can make sure I get the right camera and parts etc in my package when it ships, which seems pretty important given the lead time and costs of shipping replacement to or returns to/from China. It wasn't quite clear to me if they were just providing sales support and still drop shipping or would have stock of all the cameras and accessories in LA for quicker shipping and support. Perhaps they will if they gain a significantly larger market with Terra?
  5. Actually external recording might make noise worse since compression tends to naturally reduce noise because it is hard to compress. Raw would also be even noisier since there would be no noise reduction at all.
  6. At least that means we'll be at the top of the preorder list
  7. It says it draws 20w so almost 5hrs on a 95wh battery. But apparently it depends on your format and setting and monitoring mode, for example that's probably with low power 720p monitoring enabled.
  8. Yes it does seem possible that maybe Kinefinity had Fairchild Imaging adjust the LTN4625A for their needs since the specs seem fairly similar, though it does seem adding photosites to go from 4.6k to 5K is surprising and not so easy to do. It would be great if it was actually a slightly larger sensor given the more photosites. The 5K does seem like the winner, and at a lower price. Hopefully they get the color science and readout speed right on it. I wonder what specifically it is that makes global shutter have less DR, maybe one of the gain amps has to be disabled which would make sense. While the new Ursa mini improvements sound pretty nice, Kinefinity sure seems to have a more well thought out product with the size and modularity and power consumption and media etc. If they can bake LUTs and do good downscaled recording in camera and don't screw up the sensor they will have a camera for pretty much everyone... Only thing RED has on them now may be Fool Control electronic focus...
  9. Hmm so many questions missing from that live show interview. And they really need someone who understands and speaks English better. Only thing I got from that interview was that the 5k sensor does use dual-gain amplifiers. Sadly Rodney Charters didn't understand the difference between dual-gain pathways and dual-exposure HDR as is a common confusion and the Kinefinity guy didn't seem to fully understand the confusion. My guess would be that the global shutter mode can only use one gain amplifier and is more greatly limited in DR by the ADC as most single-amp cameras are, but it should still be able to take advantage of the sensitivity of the sensor by applying more gain as long as hardware gain is adjustable. Gonna have to put in a pre-order, at least the $150 payment is refundable and will give me me a $500 discount if I decide to stick with it.
  10. Looks like their preorder discount goes until the end of the month if anyone is thinking about a preorder. I certainly am...
  11. The part where the 5k sensor is coming in the fall and the global shutter is not worked out yet makes me sad And I guess the idea is that the lower sensitivity in HFR is due to the lower sampling resolution from cropping or line-skipping? Or is it something else? It's hard enough to get enough for HFR but lower sensitivity makes it extra hard, but if it's just due to the same things that other manufacturers have to deal with but don't compensate for then it's just par for the course. ie. RED/Sony should rate their 2K modes 1-2 stops slower to compensate for increased visibility of noise but they dont.
  12. So many questions! Is the 1080p monitor output full quality or aliasy and low quality? How much more power consumption is 1080p output than 720p? Can it downscale to record oversampled ProRes in camera? Can it bake LUTS? Does it still have "Golden" modes for binned RAW? Is the new 5k sensor better than the 6k? Why are the DR specs sometimes higher for 6k and sometimes lower? Any AF support? Any tech support in the US? What's the deal with the different gain and EI modes? does the 5k sensor have improved rolling shutter vs the 6k? is the 5k global shutter option working on their 5k prototype? Is it awesome?
  13. Yeah certainly any physical limitations or internal limitations of the camera would be a concern and are as of yet unknown. It still seems a bit impossible that they fit pretty much all the features anyone has ever asked RED for into a smaller lighter body for half the price and a third the power consumption. But if they deliver then I wouldn't be too worried about resale value since the market for Kinefinity cameras will explode anyway. Of course it would likely take 1-2 years for them to catch on as is the case with any new disruptive camera equipment. Until then it's true I would worry about support and about sourcing additional bodies or owner-operators for projects, but fortunately I work in a location with a well sized market so it's never really that hard, but I could see it being a concern for people who don't live in big cities or in countries with big film/tv markets.
  14. Yes but what's the point if no medium format lenses will give you any image characteristics better than a FF35 lens on a FF35 or focalreducer+S35 camera?? (besides resolution, which disappears with a groundglass adapter) I'm very close to canceling my Scarlet-W preorder in favor of a Kinefinity Terra 5K, but let's see what NAB brings first...
  15. The EOSHD article make it sound like it's a 4K Prores camera, but it only does Prores in HD, you might want to correct that. This doesn't seem like anything overly special compared to a Scarlet-W or Sony F55, except that it can do both analog gain and digital EI adjustments which no other camera does. RED Scarlet-W has a slightly better sensor at BASE sensitivity but has trouble in low light, and F55 can adjust EI in CineEI or gain in Custom but never both so you are stuck with flexibilty or sensitivity. This is the one feature that seems especially unique about the VaricamLT. Unfortunately it still doesn't even do 4k 120fps like a Scarlet-W will or like my FS700+7Q has for a while... Anyone know where specs/whitepaper on AVC-IntraLT etc is? I can't seem to find it. FS700+7Q still seems to be the only one that does 4k 120fps prores and can adjust analog gain and EI (using LUTs) at the same time (not to mention being able to use a speedbooster)...
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