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  1. YouTube if full of travel videos. Only a long bad travel video can be worse than a short bad travel video. I see a lot of 2-3-4 minutes long videos that have zero continuity and are impossible to watch completely. Some randoms clips with background music. 

    I would warmly recommend that you do a version for yourself/friends/family and a shorter universal version, to put online. 

  2. On 1/11/2019 at 5:06 PM, UncleBobsPhotography said:

    You make it seem like Thunderbolt3 performance is predictable.

    Here is one example of how unpredictable it can be: The left side Thunderbolt3 ports on a 2017 MacBook Pro Touchbar has higher bandwidth than the right side Thunderbolt3 ports.

    I want an external GPU, but it seems like the only way to find out how well it will work on your specific configuration is to test it yourself.

    I didn't knew, I have Thunderbolt 2 and use it as video output. It's not good news then Thunderbolt 3 performance is finicky...

  3. On 12/18/2018 at 2:37 PM, Ingerson said:

    Kind of a noobish question here, but what exactly are the computer specs needed to edit and export the 10-bit HEVC files?

    I know the latest Intels have hardware acceleration, but I'm lost in the tech lingo and find a lot of conflicting info of what exactly is hardware accelerated: 8-bit only or 10-bit DEcoding but software only on ENcoding, GPU renders on the timeline and CPU on export, etc. I'm also a Mac person and some say that the OS is the bottleneck...

    So what do I need to transcode and export 10-bit HEVC with reasonable speed? Mac or Windows doesn't matter. If I can edit natively in FCPX (time to upgrade my 2013 MBP anyway) I'd be more than happy, but if building a Hackintosh or PC with Windows to transcode to Prores (finally Adobe!) and double as a HTPC as well, that's fine.

    I have an i7 MBP with GeForce 750M from 2013 and the combination of 10bit/HEVC brings it to it's knees. I haven't developed a workflow yet, but I will need to start to use proxys. It made a lot of difference in FCP X if the output was 4K (it worked better) or if it was less than 4K (it worked worse, probably having to resize the image sucks some CPU/GPU crunch).

  4. RAM is user upgradable (two slots) and 32Gb would cost you little more than paying Apple for 16Gb, it comes with a 256Gb SSD, so instead of upgrading to 512Gb, you can buy a Samsung T5 of 1Tb. So with 2000€ you have one hell of a machine. The first benchmarks are promising ("The first Geekbench result is the strongest, showing a single-core score of 5512, which eclipses all Mac models save for the latest four-core 4.2GHz iMac, plus a multi-core score of 23516.").

  5. 4 hours ago, Kisaha said:

    I agree, is a cheap and good kit lens...

    Hey, it is a Greek flag at your back!

    It's an incredible lens for the price. And if you are a wide-angle kind of guy, the 10-24mm OIS is the natural option. All available now!

    I was in Athens last weekend, I loved it!!!!!!!!!

  6. 1 hour ago, DanielVranic said:

    I keep wrestling between the 16-55 and the 18-55 - massive savings to be had. 

    No need to wrestle! Get the kit with 18-55mm which has IS and great quality at low price. Make money with it and then you can get whatever lens you prefer!

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