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    Wit reacted to Lovund in Zoom H5 or H6 best bet on completing audio kit? Wise or stupid?   
    This is my setup as a one man band. Shotgun mic straight to the H4N, which goes to the GH4. So far I've had great results with the H4N as a safety track.

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    Wit reacted to fuzzynormal in Fake a super slow motion of a falling object?   
    If it was, say, a mug falling to the ground on a busy street, and you had control of the set, I'd film the background on a lock down shot with everything and everyone faking moving in slow mo.  Then green screen the object off the same camera lock down.  In post you can use a twixtor type plugin more effectively when the object has clean/no-overlapping edges.  Once you got that set, you could composite the two shots.
    You probably only want to hold a shot like that for a second or two before you cut to another...
    But I don't know what you're going for ultimately, so that might be a worthless suggestion ;-)
    Anyway, here's a fun website for cool compositing techniques.  Just keep in mind, if you're new to all this it's gonna take a lot of hours in post to make it happen.  http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorials/
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    Wit got a reaction from animan in Zoom H5 or H6 best bet on completing audio kit? Wise or stupid?   
    Yup I already thought of this. But thank you annyway!
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    Wit reacted to animan in Best way to capture computer action shots?   
    Seems like quicktime can do it too, Im also interested in any tips / advice
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    Wit reacted to tosvus in Super Slow Motion with normal camera possible?   
    Rather than Twixtor, download the latest software for GoPro. It is free, and apparently they own Twixtor and included that technology into their video editor.
    "GoPro Studio Flux":
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    Wit reacted to dahlfors in Super Slow Motion with normal camera possible?   
    Hardware approach:
    Depending on what the project is, I'd consider renting an FS700 for that shot. It has good high frame rate modes. Check Philip Blooms slow motion shots in his review at 240 fps and 480 fps: http://philipbloom.net/2012/05/25/240brighton/
      Depending on what kind of shot you need to use, and your budget, keep in mind that the latest Gopro Hero 4 also can shoot at 120 fps, although there's a bit of antialiasing & moiré going on there in the image. There's also a few compact cameras with 720p at 120fps like Sony RX100 III and Panasonic LX7. The LX7 is an older model and can be had pretty cheaply.     Software approach, Twixtor and other similar tools:  
    Twixtor often shows artefacts which aren't too beautiful, yet if you use it right the result can be impressive. Worst cases I've seen is when it's used around water, like surfing shots. The water looks odd, gets added artificial movements. Sometimes the bodies and clothing of people get twisted. I guess it's possible to find ways to hide some of these artefacts depending on how you overlay footage on the shot.
    If it is a project where the budget should be kept low, I'd personally try to see how I could make the shot at 50/60p to optimize it for use with Twixtor. I've seen Twixtor footage without artefacts, so it's possible if you know how to avoid everything that can produce artefacts. That's where I think there's a lot of trial and error included, since I've seen a lot of Twixtor footage out there that has the classical artefacts.
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    Wit reacted to Andrew Reid in CONTENT IS KING!!!   
    Hmm. So is this forum going to start with yet more arguing and personalities or are we gonna talk IDEAS!??
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    Wit reacted to Axel in What about story telling?   
    Nobody stops us to publish own ideas in the Creativity & Ideas forum, to document their development, to discuss their scripts, post storyboards or production paintings, to ask for help how to find locations, tutorials for better make up or costumes or tips how to better direct untrained actors. Lighting, grip, editing, what have you.
    Why does no one take advantage of this? Why does everyone keep his plans or fancies in secrecy? 
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    Wit reacted to sanveer in What about story telling?   
    Blanche, I think you have started a brilliant post. I think we are so glued with technology (which does indeed forma very important part of film-making, style and narration, apart from Many other things), that we have forgotten completely about content, minus technology. But, story-telling is something that is hardly discussed, anywhere on the internet. Most of the launch Videos of New Cameras (ala the GH3 and GH4), have either only story-less footage, or poorly narrated stories.
    Admitted I am absolutely ignorant where Documentary Narration Styles are concerned. I had a very close friend, who disapeared a few years ago, and then, passed away, even more mysteriously, before she could tell me about it (she was a national award winning DoP). Also, I don't really get to interact with documentary makers, at all.
    I like themartists suggestion. I think its creates co-operation and collaboration of talents. 
    I could propose something, if everyone agrees. We can make a list of things we could collaborate on, without any kind of commercial aspect, though by not indulging in plagiarism, or or one-upmanship, of any kind. We can always broaden or change the list of topic and the nature of the exchange, as we go along. 
    How does this sound?
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    Wit reacted to themartist in What about story telling?   
    A lot of people are creating amazing content. There are more indie movies and documentaries made by people currently, who surely would not have entered the industry 20 years ago. Not fair to say that nobody generates content. A mere search on vimeo will provide many examples of shorts and even features in production.
    Normally hobbyists are more interested in family clips, holidays etc while the more ambitious do focus on narrative. Storytelling is definitely happening, just maybe not promoted enough in threads. I second the idea to push a concept/ storytelling critique or collaborations section. Merely by critiquing videos or short movies, there can be a lot more insight into tecniques of editing etc.
    A thread idea could perhaps be for filmmakers to upload unedited footage with the option of users to have a go at editing and adding sound/score for a multitude of approaches. Family video footage could very easily be a horror or a tearjerker depending on execution.
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    Wit got a reaction from themartist in What about story telling?   
    A while ago EOSHD helped me a lot getting in grip with the technical bits of filmmaking. But since I mastered them I turned my interest to the storytelling bit of filmmaking. A shame we don't get into this stuff over here - I miss it. Also I saw a while ago somebody stating a similar topic where he was stating that 'most of us forget that filmmaking is not about the camera but about your ideas.' This treat got removed (!) for some reasons.
    Anybody ideas on how we can inspirate eachother on the story telling bit on EOSHD or else next to treads on new cameras and technics?
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    Wit reacted to sanveer in What about story telling?   
    See, story telling, is like all other aspects of film-making, Whereas, a Film School can ONLY make a film school student of person, and actual, hands-on field work, will make a cinematographer, writer etc etc, of you, the way to go about with it, to to meet people with ideas, stories, narration styles etc etc. For me, apart from people, I get inspiration, from watching short films, and reading works of prolific writers like Roald Dahl and Jeffrey Archer. These two really nail the precise amount of narration (material, as well as style) necessary, in a short story (the things needed to write for a short film). 
    Read lots of short stories, and when you start feeling that you have got the length necessary to write a 10-15 short film, you have hit the nail on the head. After that, have it reviewed by someone who writes lots of short stories (such as yours truly). I could send you one of 2 short stories, if you promise not to share them. :)
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    Wit got a reaction from Daniel Acuña in What about story telling?   
    @Daniel - I know how the technics helps to tell the story. I started this tread just to reach out to others for  a way to inspirate each other on how - instead of talking about the newest camera's only. But maybe EOSHD isn't the right platform.  ;)
    @Axel - I didn't see those subtopics sorry for being so blind - I'll check ten
    The guys of Stillmotionfilms http://www.vimeo.com/stillmotionfilms gave me a lot of inspiration lately on the story telling bit. I was looking to something more interactive with opening this tread.
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    Wit got a reaction from sanveer in What about story telling?   
    Great Sanveer - you agree with me. But now my question again - how and where can we inspire each otheron the story telling  ;)
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    Wit got a reaction from Rudolf in Panasonic GH4 out - but what about the bugs in the GH3?   
    Thanxs! Just contacted my seller about the monitor. No I won't upgrade to GH4 as my camera is only one year old. I will use it for quiet a while. I'm not a person who upgrades whenever a new product is available - I think its over consuming. Bye the way not the camera but the person behind the camera defines if a film is good or not  ;)
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    Wit got a reaction from jonpais in Panasonic GH4 out - but what about the bugs in the GH3?   
    Thanxs! Just contacted my seller about the monitor. No I won't upgrade to GH4 as my camera is only one year old. I will use it for quiet a while. I'm not a person who upgrades whenever a new product is available - I think its over consuming. Bye the way not the camera but the person behind the camera defines if a film is good or not  ;)
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    Wit reacted to jasondhsd in Panasonic GH4 out - but what about the bugs in the GH3?   
    Hmm mine doesn't do that. I woul also check the eye sensor or turn it off...its way too sensitive it activates if you just pass something within 2 inches of it.

    Although I do feel a bit abandoned I really wish they would give us some new features like focus peaking or some focus aid during recording.
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    Wit reacted to /p/ in Which AVCHD setting on Panasonic GH3?   
    Just avoid any setting that has "i" next to it lel (interlaced sucks).
    That leaves you with a 50p and 25p settings, both are great.. Use the 50p for slow motion and 25p for everything else.
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    Wit got a reaction from JHines in Quick test | Light Craft variable fader ND digi Pro-Hd   
    Mister JHines - I  figure you'll share your revenues of the selling with me because I made your commercial   :D
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    Wit got a reaction from OffewMapype in Sennheiser MKE400 on Panasonic GH3 - audio distortion problem   
    Today I had an extensive testing of the Sennheiser MKE400 microphone with my Panasonic GH3. I tried it in different settings (Highering and lowering the audio gain in and outside the camera) but it came with a disappointing sssss noise. When I used the mic with my Zoom H1 it was still there but lesser.
    Anybody knows what's causing this and got a solution? Thanx!
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    Wit got a reaction from OffewMapype in Audio : thinking voices in my head   
    Yesterday I watched Dexter and he's a lot talking to himself. They use his voice in a slightly different audio mode to mimic that he's thinking. A cool tool to tell stories - but I'm breaking my head over the way this can be done. Anybody?
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    Wit reacted to Axel in Audio : thinking voices in my head   
    Yes. I don't remember how this is done in Dexter, but generally you assume that thinking is a voice out of nowhere, it doesn't reach out, reflect or resonate. It's mono always, captured in a silent room (no dictionary at hand, but since you know german, "schalltoter Raum"). You cut out breaths (unless they are inward sighs) and in the mix you contrast it to a stereophonic panorama or make it the only event in the center channel.

    The more primitive way to make clear that a voice is supposed to be a thought is, er, "Hall". It implies that the voice comes from far away (in time) or that the skull is hollow. Today only used in parodies ('Scary Movie').
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    Wit reacted to GHman in GH3 and RAW timelapse issue   
    I'm sorry for my poor english, but I'll try to explain the best I can.
    I have noticed a weird problem with RAW timelapse on my GH3. I recently started using RAW images for timelapse because I can recover more detail from underexposed areas in post and get a wider dynamic range. Take a look at this video:
    You can see two timelapse tests that have been done with all manual settings (exposure, white balance, shutter speed and ISO). ISO levels are 125 for the first test and 200 for the outdoor timelapse. The clips marked with "A" are the RAW sequences straight from the camera, the ones marked with "B" have been modified in exposure with Camera RAW. As you can see, there is a noticeable color shift between some pictures: some of them tend to blue/green creating an ugly color flickering. This problem is evident in underexposed areas, especially after increasing exposure, whether I have sunlight or artificial light. I generally use a deflicker plugin for removing aperture flicker in a timelapse, but this solution can't work for color changes like this.
    This is another timelapse test made in a room with a few light to better demonstrate the issue:
    [attachment=521:noise color shift.jpg]
    Picture 1 : RAW files before increasing exposure.  
    Picture 2:  Exposure increased a bit for all the shots, apparently everything's fine.
    Picture 3 : Further exposure increase reveals a shot with a much different color.
    Picture 4 : The blue shot compared to the others.
    If you want to replicate the issue:
    1) Set all settings manually (WB,ISO,aperture,shutter speed).
    2) Make a timelapse in a room with a few light in order to obtain very underexposed images.
    3) Shoot at least 50/100 pictures.
    4) Check the RAW files and increase exposure even if you can see noticeable banding.
    Can you see some pictures with an evident color shift in the sequence?
      I have tried changing lens, but the problem has still happened. I tried many other software for editing raw files, but the color shift is still there. Sometimes the color shift can affects lot's of RAW photos, sometimes only a few why apparently no precise reason. I tried correcting manually the frames with shifted colors with no success. This is sad because the color flicker ruins the opportunity of using RAW for timelapse on the GH3. 
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    Wit reacted to FilmMan in $100 Build yourself Movi   
    Scroll down on the link.  Has a lot of information.  Build for a hundred bucks.  Not sure if this link has been posted so don't shoot the messenger. 
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    Wit reacted to zenpmd in Now I see what is meant by lens character!   
    I am absolutely blown away that the images how come out like they did, they just don't look like they're from a digital sensor.
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