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Fake a super slow motion of a falling object?


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I'm trying to get an super slow motion effect of a object which gets binned. 

On top of this footage I will add flashback footage of the life of the object.

Not sure if my normal camera will cope so plan b is to fake it. There are a few things I could think of

but maybe they are not so clever. Anny feedback would be really helpful.


1. Fake the falling with the object attached to a with a fishing rod. Maybe in reverse modus.

2. Green screen with somebody making the moves with the object. A bit difficult to get staged for me.

3. Motion Graphics? Pfff I'm still struggling to learn this and would it be nice effect?




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plan b is to fake it. 


If it was, say, a mug falling to the ground on a busy street, and you had control of the set, I'd film the background on a lock down shot with everything and everyone faking moving in slow mo.  Then green screen the object off the same camera lock down.  In post you can use a twixtor type plugin more effectively when the object has clean/no-overlapping edges.  Once you got that set, you could composite the two shots.


You probably only want to hold a shot like that for a second or two before you cut to another...


But I don't know what you're going for ultimately, so that might be a worthless suggestion ;-)


Anyway, here's a fun website for cool compositing techniques.  Just keep in mind, if you're new to all this it's gonna take a lot of hours in post to make it happen.  http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorials/

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Yep I know lots of work! Taking my first steps on motion graphics and it takes ages!  

I got all the shots figured out only this one is still going around in my head
I'm working on a one man band as well...


It's about bread thrown away and while hitting the bin he has a flashback of it's life so a pretty long shot.

I'm now thinking of doing a lot of cuts to prolong the  time. Moving my camera with a slider towards the black of the bin, Bread falling, maybe not using the flashback of the throw away footage as overlay but as separate scene's just to extend the falling time. 

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