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  1.     Thanxs /p/! So my conclusion above your answer is right. 24p = 1/50 and 50 p = 1/100 And it also helps avoiding flickering when filming indoors with artificial lighting.           Thanxs Ben! I can't go to 60p - 50 p is the max (european model?) Yeah sounds like a good argument for choosing 1080 50 p. Also because if you do an extra separate audio recording - the referential audio track in camera is still usable. 
  2. Thank you Joseph!   So to be completely clear about what your saying : If using MOV 50p /fps 72mps  or AVCHD 50 p/fps - you should use 1/100 as shutter speed? Does this rule for shutter speed only apply when cutting 24 p and 50 p together or should you always apply this? 
  3.     What do you mean by customizing, Leang? Is it possible to do with the WD passport? I'm using one as 'scratch disk' and one as Back up all disk. Maybe buying cheaper disk on the road to send material home to clear space.             Wow quiet a performance for a pussy cat! Check out WordCycle Videos which I moderate dahlfors! 
  4. OK thanxs for helping!   The hard drives have to travel in a bicycle bag riding off road & camping wild, Mongolia, Himalaya's & that kind of stuff. I'll sleep a night on my decision  ;)
  5. Thanxs! Can annybody tell me if the WB digital passport is a SSD? 
  6. Which external hard drives are best to take for rough traveling circumstances? Preferable in a minimum of 2 TB and suitable for Mac. Price is also important. The La Cie rugged mini looks good but max 1 TB. The WB digital passport is cheaper and has 2 TB but not sure if it is an SSD. What are you using and are you happy with it?   Thanxs for helping!
  7. Slow Motion - Which option is better for making slow motions with the Pana GH3?     1. - Choose the highest fps so 50fps instead of 24fps in the Menu and then apply the slow motion in post?   2. - or Choose the slower/faster option in the Menu therefore slower down in-camera?       What is this function actual doing - what does actual happen in terms of shutter speed or ... ?     Can you combine 50fps and 24 fps footage on the edit table without any problem?     Interlaced versus Progressive? Progressive gives a smoother look but I just saw a video of somebody explaining you should opt for interlaced when slowing down to have a smoother look. What are your thoughts?     One other question? - AVCHD is just an compression mode but to be on the safe side. Can 2 cameramen combine AVCHD and Move footages on the edit table? What things should we be aware of? Choosing both interlaced or bot progressive and....?       Thanxs you for helping out! T The Panasonic manual isn't really helpful for newbies like me.
  8. Thanxs - can you tell minutes per battery?
  9. Thanxs - but how about battery life on this one? Red some bad reviews. What are your experiences Andy?
  10. I was offered the newest GoPro black edition for my birthday. We didn't buy it yet but while researching I red the newest GoPro's have a very low battery life. I'm combining GH3 footage with the GoPro footage. - Which GoPro would you recommend? - Perhaps the earlier version which has longer battery life? I don't want to take more then 2 batteries. - Anybody experiences with the wasabi batteries? - What things should I take into consideration when filming with both? Thanxs for the help!
  11.   Gladly done - making this is not difficult it's like cutting a piece of paper. You have to find somebody with the right tools. I don't think they will come out with a version for the GH3 as they already recommend this for the GH3. Have fun with your lav!
  12.     Yeah of course Tombaja.   Basically it's a thinner version than the one in the package - so the LCD screen will close. We made it out of a thinner sheet of iron. We'll painting it black and attach it to the LCD screen with double sides sticking tape. Just like the original version.    p.s. What ever happened to the poster of tis thread jnhitf?   ^_^          
  13. Definitely Lynda.com !!! - Their video tutorials are really good = learning as fast as riding a racing car  :)
  14. Wit

    Mic options for GH3

    Depends what  you're doing with your mic.  According to your work and location you'll need a different microphone with different pick up qualities like uni-, omnidirectional, shotgun and cardiod. A omni directional or cardiod is great for doing ambience sound but in noisy situations doing a interview will be tricky. Here you'll need a uni directional a shotgun mic which denies the sounds coming from left and right. But a shotgunl mic isn't the best indoors because it reflects the sounds form the walls. Best thing in this case and all others is to place your mic as close as possible with your noise source. I suggest doing like I did - dig into the world of mIc's and then choose yours. I have chose two omidirectionals and one unidirectional shotgun to do my work - one woman band making documentaries sometimes run and gun style.    Here are some helpful tutorials from Geert Verdickt a Belgian Camera journalist for Sennheiser. They helped me when I was digging the world of sounds a few weeks ago. Good luck!   :)   https://twitter.com/worldcyclevideo/media/grid
  15. Wit

    GH3 ISO Increment

    Thank you - in a way it is funny we're both handling the same subject at the same time. And we could reinforce each other like this. Here and on Vimeo. I simply love this forum! Will watch your ISO vids on Vimeo but I guess it's better to go outside and do some more test shooting myself now I nearly know and understand what all the handels are for.  ;)
  16. Wit

    GH3 ISO Increment

    Thank you for this video Kyle!  Tonight I planned to learn something about the ISO, Shutter speed, Aperture triangle so good timed video! Are you making some trial videos with the lower ISO as well?   I'm just getting through a DSLR Video Tips tutorial by Richard Harrington and Robbie Carman on Lynda.com and they explained to do a lens cap on video with all the different Iso's to see how your camera behaves in terms of noise and grain. They say even the same cameras can differ on this field.
  17. If I would buy any unidirectional mic - do you have a suggestion?        Definitely was already thinking about that - I love macro's from plants stones and now also machinery - any lens suggestion?         I thought you were missing voice overs in this piece but I disagree on that with you
  18.   Hi Leang, Thank you very much for your tips! I love to have more audio advice from you.   - I used a lapel microphone the  Rode Lavalier Condenser omni-directional. Also because I learned that you'll get the best natural quotes if you're subject is bizzy doing stuff while answering the questions. I recently spent quiet a lot of money on this mic - now you're saying it was wrong to go for the omnidirectional one? Shoot! ;-(   - The zoom H1 was in the pocket of her trouser and the lapel mic was wired to it. My poor womans transmitter set. I made sure it peaked in the range -12 to -6 but after I put it in her trouser I obviously couldn't monitor it again. I wonder if the mic pointed down and that this was the reason for picking up so many side noises. Is there another way I can avoid this besides letting it point towards a face?    - The senheiser mke 400 was a joke because it was most of the time out - I forgot to monitor it with my headphones. So I have to get used to it more. Most of the sound recording was done by the Zoom and Lapel mic.     - MMM I didn't miss a voice over in this one - did you?   Thanxs again for all your help - people like you let me learn everything really fast! 
  19. This is a really wonderful forum which helps me as newcomer really much. Thank your for this!   Here is a video I shot with the turned down settings as suggested in this thread on the EOSHD. Due to inexperience with all the possibilities of the GH3, I set everything on auto except the aperture. But hey that's how I learned the hard -but very fast -way about shutter speed and light frequencies. ;-) Now I have to master how to install the lapel mic  and the sennheiser correctly. The lapel picked up more non speaker sounds then I hoped for.    Footage : Panasonic Lumix GH3  Lens      : Panasonic 12-35 mm f 2.8, B&W XS-Pro UV filter Settings : MOV All-I, 24 p - 50 Mbps, modus A, Contrast -5, Sharpness -5, Color -3 and Noise reduction -4. Audio     : Sennheiser 400 MKE, Zoom H1 and Rode Lavalier Condenser Lapel Microphone omni-directional. Editing   : Final Cut Pro X  Music    : Watercolour - Bill Newsinger       https://vimeo.com/62002382
  20. Here is the video I shot with the turned down settings as suggested in this thread. I used MOV All-I, 24 p - 50 Mbps, modus A, Contrast -5, Sharpness -5, Color -3 and Noise reduction -4. http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/2303-gh3-panasonic-12-35-mm-f-28-miontas/ Took my first steps in color grading world as well. Didn't correct all the colors of the footage but I did sharpen a few. That is when sharpen means altering the exposure using video scopes and Luma? - Should I always resharpen my footage using above settings? Or should you try to do this as good as possible in camera? I used color altering mainly in the first two shots because they were to yellow. Now they are much darker and the blue/purple look gives that evening feeling. https://vimeo.com/62002382
  21. You could also buy a viewfinder to stabilize which magnifies your view 3 times - the LCDVF for around 80 euro's. With the GH 3 you can't close the screen anymore because the package plate is a wee bit too thick. But if you're handy you build a thinner plate for the screen yourself and your screen also closes perfectly  ;-)
  22.   My experience with SD cards is you better don't do anything with it until you can format it. In the past I nearly lost a lot of footage because I handled the card like you suggest. The card can get corrupted by this. In the past I managed to restore the corrupted files but this is not the ideal way also not for you I guess.      Good luck!
  23. Thanxs but my question was really not about why I should turn down the dials in my camera but how far I should dial them back up in post. I guess I just have to experiment - already did the Lynda.com tutorials on vector scopes etc. etc but no clue if I have any feeling for it.
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