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  1. I'm a filmmaker in LA. Most of this was shot on BMCC and graded in DaVinci Resolve. https://vimeo.com/116922849 Feel free to share thoughts. Thanks!
  2. I'm testing the most optimum storage handling method for extended shoots. Being on the road with minimum back up means. Here's what I found so far - and what questions are left. Would help if you gave your thoughts on this ... Set Up: - Macbook pro SSD 1TB - 2 x LaCie rugged mini 1 TB Storage method: - Edit on Macbook - Store project file on Macbook drive under Films - Final Cut Projects - Shoot more compressed AVCHD files - Store full copy of SD card in xtra folder in the dedicated Event folder in Final Cut Events - Run one Time machine back up copy on LaCie 1 disk - Make copies of the Time machine back up on LaCie 2 disk My idea is to store and edit until my notebook will be full. As soon as my notebook is full, I will empty the Original Media folder to safe space. I will restore the data from the back up disk to the Original Media folder when needed as soon as I'm in the situation to do. Tested this method and it works. Of course an accurate administration system will help. The other method will be to import the data again from the copy of the SD card. I didn't test this method yet but I figure it will be time consuming as I somehow think the reconnecting has to be done file by file. My questions are: 1. Can I run an automatic back up via Time Machine on back up disk 2 too or will this confuse the system? Therefore better refrain to making manual copies whenever there has been changes. 2. I guess the data on the backup disk will be compressed. Won't this harm the quality of my footage? 3. What reconnecting methods are best? Via Time machine or reconnecting via SD card? 4. General thoughts on my storage handling as described above are welcome! Thanxs!
  3. This is a really wonderful forum which helps me as newcomer really much. Thank your for this!   Here is a video I shot with the turned down settings as suggested in this thread on the EOSHD. Due to inexperience with all the possibilities of the GH3, I set everything on auto except the aperture. But hey that's how I learned the hard -but very fast -way about shutter speed and light frequencies. ;-) Now I have to master how to install the lapel mic  and the sennheiser correctly. The lapel picked up more non speaker sounds then I hoped for.    Footage : Panasonic Lumix GH3  Lens      : Panasonic 12-35 mm f 2.8, B&W XS-Pro UV filter Settings : MOV All-I, 24 p - 50 Mbps, modus A, Contrast -5, Sharpness -5, Color -3 and Noise reduction -4. Audio     : Sennheiser 400 MKE, Zoom H1 and Rode Lavalier Condenser Lapel Microphone omni-directional. Editing   : Final Cut Pro X  Music    : Watercolour - Bill Newsinger       https://vimeo.com/62002382
  4. Hi!    I wanted to try to learn to shoot with anamorphic lenses.    I have Andrew´s guide, but i´m not sure what to do in post with the footage?   I got a Sankor 16F attached with a clamp to a Canon 50mm 1.4 FD on a GH2.   Do i need to do anything on the camera before i start shooting? I use Final Cut Pro X in post, but im not sure how to handle the anamorphic footage?   Can any of you experts out there point me in the right direction?   Thanks.
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