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  1. somebody just told me that the interlaced in Panasonic GH3 isn't really interlaced but PsF Progressive Segmented Frame Format. The same person told me to choose 3 >> 3. - avchd 1920 x 1080, 50i    image sensor output 25 p, 24  mbps And choose in FCPX  1080p25  for the Project. Rubbish or wise and why?
  2. So the 1 or the 4? Thanxs just as I expected! Wasn't sure anymore ;-)
  3. Because I'm only shooting Mov normally I forgot about AVCHD settings. What's the best AVCHD setting to use on the Panasonic GH3 and why?             1.- avchd 1920 x 1080, 50 p,  image sensor output 50 p , 28 mbps 2. - avchd 1920 x 1080, 50i    image sensor output 50 p, 17  mbps 3. - avchd 1920 x 1080, 50i    image sensor output 25 p, 24  mbps 4. - avchd 1920 x 1080, 25 p  image sensor output 24 p, 24  mbps          
  4. For some reason I don't want to use my more expensive real lavaliere so I made a cheaper version lavaliere microphone from a telephone headset.  See video at minute 2:35. It work fine on my GH3 but it doesn't work as intended on my zoom H1. Both devices need a 3,5 mm min jack plug. Anybody a clue why it doesn't work?      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DXGNGuwkCI&feature=youtu.be&t=2m35s    
  5. What's the proper way to connect the Rode video mic pro with a 3,5 mm jacket to the beachtek DXA-SLR pro HDSLR audio adapter? Should you use one XLR adapter or a splitter which splits it into a left and right XLR to go to the L and R channels? The 'audio' experts where I bought my mircro's couldn't answer my question  :rolleyes:   Thanxs 4 helping!   Blanche
  6. Mister JHines - I  figure you'll share your revenues of the selling with me because I made your commercial   :D
  7. Today was a lovely day. The baby blue tits flew into the wide world and I tested some settings on my camera and my new ND filter. Hope you like the quick edit. I like my new ND fader.   camera - Panasonic GH3 lens - Panasonic 12-35 mm settings - Mov 50p, -5, -5, -3, -4 and no color grading filter - Light Craft variable fader ND digi Pro-Hd music - Cold summer landscape by Blearmoon     https://vimeo.com/68405644
  8. For some reason I can't send you an PB Leang so I'll try it this way. Do you have a solution for this question? http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/2889-sennheiser-mke400-on-panasonic-gh3-audio-distortion-problem/
  9. Thanxs! I don't know the correct english words to do a good google search. It's called interference or something else? Actually I can't use the sennheiser on the zoom as I will use the zoom as an alternative broadcaster with my lavelier. I already contacted the store I bought it and although it has been 4 months ago me purchasing it they're willing to change it to another mic. Would the Rode video mic pro be better with the GH3?
  10. Today I had an extensive testing of the Sennheiser MKE400 microphone with my Panasonic GH3. I tried it in different settings (Highering and lowering the audio gain in and outside the camera) but it came with a disappointing sssss noise. When I used the mic with my Zoom H1 it was still there but lesser. Anybody knows what's causing this and got a solution? Thanx!
  11.   Wow thank you for your answer Axel! I'm working with FCP and only have two audio lines so I guess the center channel is missing? What (free) audio/edit software is there for Mac to create this effect without to much more work?          This I don't really get. Reply in German is possible  ;)
  12. Yesterday I watched Dexter and he's a lot talking to himself. They use his voice in a slightly different audio mode to mimic that he's thinking. A cool tool to tell stories - but I'm breaking my head over the way this can be done. Anybody?
  13. Hi Joshi - Maybe this video helps with the time laps?  It's learning me something!   What do you mean wit HDR (high dynamic rade) mode and barcketing? Where can I find it on the GH3 (the histogram?) and how do you control it?   >> ?? >> Does somebody know the maths behind thimelapsing - how many pictures should I take against how many interval to get x amount of seconds video footage?   With slow mo I shoot on 50fps and then slow it down in post. Heard that this method gives you a broader range of freedom in post. I never use the in camera modus for this so I don't really know the effect.   http://youtu.be/GUW3aFJgG_w
  14.       What's  IQ Paulio? As I'm a run and gun style videographer I need the variable ND to save me time. Got only two hands doing audio, interviews and photography  ;)      Anyway my variable ND from Tiffen arived with sticky stains (!!!) so I send it back. But I tested it before and didn't like the colorcast it's given even though I tried to color grade it. So now I'll go for a more expensive one which Philip Bloom likes the LCW ND Digi Pro-HD. Fingers crossed that all the money is worth it.    O by the way I found this test for testing color casts on ND filters.  vimeo.com/26988895      EDIT : Wow got a really quick delivery of my LCW ND Digi Pro-HD. Tested it in the garden and on my macbook. First review - no color casts and really pleasing images. Didn't test the sharpness of the bokeh really but it looked all right to me on the first view
  15.     Thanks Amro! - Bought the 32 GB as the price diffrence wasn't that big. - Transcend premium ultra speed SDHC class 10. Start filming with it next monday as I have to do some shots of grumpy commuters in a train. Long live the GoPro as I'm to shitty to take the shots with my normal camera  :lol:
  16. No offense but you must be dutch regarding the way you handle this thread. Yep I know how to use Google very well. Last months this was how I worked my way through hours of google learning all the different aspects of filmmaking from scratch - story tellling, lightning, audio etc.   As this is a forum for filmmakers I thought hee let's hear the opinion of other videographers who already used this camera. This is what I think a forum is for isn't it. Sometimes even when the manual says class 10  - there are opnions among videographers stating a higher read/write class was better for several reasons. Not all class 10 cards have the same writing/reading capacities.   So no ofence + thanxs for the answer!
  17. What read- and write class micro sd cards is best for GOPRO 3 Black edition?   The manual only states I should look for a class 10 but  nothing on the read- and write class. Is it over the top to use 32 GB cards for your GoPro? p.s I prefer the Transcends.   Thanxs for helping out!  
  18. What read- and write class micro sd cards is best for GOPRO 3 Black edition?   The manual only states I should look for a class 10 but  nothing on the read- and write class. Is it over the top to use 32 GB cards for your GoPro? p.s I prefer the Transcends.   Thanxs for helping out!  
  19.   Hahaha - anyway I did buy the Tiffen for only 70 euro's. I figured let's buy the 58mm now - before they discover their mistake.  B)  All other places are way more expensive. Let's hope my camera likes it!
  20. After watching this test about variable ND filters http://www.learningdslrvideo.com/variable-nd-filter-shootout/ I'm thinking about investing in the Tiffen. At the moment I'm shooting with the kit lens - H-H S12035 on my Panasonic GH3. But in the future I sure invest in some primes.    - What would be the best filter seize to invest? And what rings? - Can I apply a ND filter on the UV filter? - If I take another seize filter as mentioned in the test - how do I make sure it's the same thing as mentioned in   the test? I saw this one but don't know if it's the same. The prices are not matching ;-)     Tiffen 82 mm from the test   Tiffen 58 mm found on the internet     Thanxs for helping!!!   Blanche
  21. Wit

    Native ISO on GH3?

    Digging further into the technics behind DSLR filming...   So there happens to be a Native ISO for each type of camera. This particular ISO settings gives the best images with the least noice. It also determines you ISO stops. I found out that the best ISO stops for a Canon are 160, 320, 640, 1250, and 2500 - avoiding 125, 250, 500, and 100.   Does anybody know the best ISO stops for the Panasonic GH3?     
  22. Wit

    GH3 ISO Increment

    Yesterday I shot with a guy who could go down to 100 on his canon. Was amazed to see his effects. Why can't we on the Pana? I still have difficlties handeling the light on my camera. Is the +/- buttom on the right the one to play with for GH3 people specially when shooting a shallow dept of field? I won't work in Manual though.
  23. Thanxs - Have the same lens but sometimes my footage can be really shaky sometimes. So therefore I asked. 
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