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  1. Part of my study was to ask a question here. I know I have to work with my shuterspeeds and FPS. I already studied this. But I was hoping for something more from people who already found out over here. I'm sorry but if you're only answer with an attitude - please don't answer at all ;-(
  2. I'm working on a shot where something gets binned but in super slowmotion. The thing that gets binned will see it's life in a backlash so the binning thing should be really slow. Over this bin-shot I will overlay shots of it's life backflashing. I have a Panasonic GH3 with highest FPS 50 and I'm working in Final Cut X. How can I slow things really down suitable for this shot while filming and while editing (bring the speed down)? Is it enough or do I need more editing tricks? Or is it impossible to do with the gear I have now wanting good quality footage? Thanxs!!
  3. I'm working on a new project. It's for an organization who uses internet platforms for interaction around their product. So my promotional film for them will include some of this interaction on screen. - What is the best way to do it? - Using a Screen Recorder? If so which one is good on a Mac and using with MOV footage? - Anny useful tips around these kind of shots? Thank you so much!
  4. Thanxs. I don't wanna do the wides - my question is about the close shots.
  5. I juts watched this video and I loved the shots where the ingredients are filmed really close up like on 0:29. This gives me an idea for a video I'm about to shoot. But is my camera kit suitable (lens) and what will the workflow be? - I'm filming with a panasonic GH3 with the kit lens 12-35 mm. Lens suitable? - I can choose a higher framerate like 50 - slow in post. - What are the things to think about when staging the scene?
  6. I wasn't present at the screening but everything went ok I heard. Thanks everybody! @Dafreaking - Not sure what you mean I used MPEG Streamclip and your CBR or VBR were not there.
  7. Thanxs - it's a 14 minute video of 500MB
  8. I will have a screening tomorrow night and because the video files had to be transferred by web I send MP4 instead of the original files. What seize and format should a video have for a good sight when screening on a screen of approximately 2 x 2,5 meters? Is a mp4 of a HD 1920 x 1080 of 500MB enough?
  9. Hee Sanveer ... how are you doing with your proposal?
  10. No I'm FCP X - I think you answered my question just about. What do you mean by stretching?
  11. Great travel video - I have just been in Oman so many familiar sites. One question about the look you added in post - how precisely do you edit the slow down/speed up etc. parts between the different sequences? I'm using FCP
  12. I don't agree on your point of view. Yep inspiration derives from books etc - have got heaps of inspiration every day, I'm not trying to become the next Felini - just wanna get inspired and learn from others on how to tell a story with film on short productions. And I don't believe that nowadays most people don't have to say anything. Every human is special and has it own opinion about things and passions which can be universal and therefore important to share. I personally wanna use my film/videomaking skills to tell the stories of interesting people or important subjects who deserve a broader public + support. Like I did with a short about >a woman who makes handbags out of discharged sofa's or a
  13. Yes I like too - Sanveer. Bye the way I'm a one man band and into documentary story telling. Sadly my newest vids where I started using the traditional storytelling rules aren't translated in english and still password protected so they are not ready to share yet.
  14. Great Sanveer - you agree with me. But now my question again - how and where can we inspire each otheron the story telling ;)
  15. @Inazuma ... I wish they existed - didn't really find good ones did you?
  16. @Daniel - I know how the technics helps to tell the story. I started this tread just to reach out to others for a way to inspirate each other on how - instead of talking about the newest camera's only. But maybe EOSHD isn't the right platform. ;) @Axel - I didn't see those subtopics sorry for being so blind - I'll check ten The guys of Stillmotionfilms http://www.vimeo.com/stillmotionfilms gave me a lot of inspiration lately on the story telling bit. I was looking to something more interactive with opening this tread.
  17. A while ago EOSHD helped me a lot getting in grip with the technical bits of filmmaking. But since I mastered them I turned my interest to the storytelling bit of filmmaking. A shame we don't get into this stuff over here - I miss it. Also I saw a while ago somebody stating a similar topic where he was stating that 'most of us forget that filmmaking is not about the camera but about your ideas.' This treat got removed (!) for some reasons. Anybody ideas on how we can inspirate eachother on the story telling bit on EOSHD or else next to treads on new cameras and technics?
  18. Thanxs! Just contacted my seller about the monitor. No I won't upgrade to GH4 as my camera is only one year old. I will use it for quiet a while. I'm not a person who upgrades whenever a new product is available - I think its over consuming. Bye the way not the camera but the person behind the camera defines if a film is good or not ;)
  19. I don't feel abandoned by a new release but I do think the panasonic GH3 has still a few bugs which they should repair. I'm just afraid they won't concentrate anymore on solving these because of the early release of the GH4. Bye the way I turned off my eye sensor and still the monitor tends to shut off in a certain angle.
  20. @ jasondhsd Wow I put of the eye sensor and yep it did it. Strange I never touched it. I also feel abandoned now the new camera is out. Do they have forgotten the people who bought the GH3 only one year ago?
  21. When I move the monitor in a certain way it will shut down. I don't touch the eye sensor.
  22. To my surprise I read the new Panasonic GH4 is out already. I bought the GH3 a year ago and I'm not going to buy the new camera. But I'm very curious what Panasonic will do with the GH3 bugs now the GH4 is out already. A specially the tilting monitor problem where the monitor shuts down when you tilt/turn it. Will there be some firmware or not?
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