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  1. 17 hours ago, amanieux said:

    the weakest point of this camera will be resolution : with only 8 mpix on a bayer mask it means that yuv information will be interpolated in 4k. a 24mpix sensor that scales downs to 4k like sony a6500 will have 3x more details and it will be very easy to notice. 

    Yes, notice as video. What matters most is the effective color resolution, and in that the BMPCC2 will be better. Introducing more spatial resolution without also increasing color resolution results in the video look. Something looks off, and it is discontinuity in color gradient  as it does not change at the same frequency as does the spatial information 



  2. 2 hours ago, anonim said:

    Thanks for clarification :) As I wrote, and to repeat total nonsense  - it looks like black magic flavor of crowdfunding...

    I mean, it is new flavor - BM so often redefine the game, so it looks like innovative (delaying) version: stop buyers to buy competitive products in expecting your and mobilizing eco system third part creators. If you like more nonsense - it looks to me as time-based crowdfunding :) (Because time is money... at least in one version of definition.)

    I remember situation with BMCCC camera - year and half after preordering buyers didn't get it... I hope it is not the case now... with all really great respect, with BM history I learned to often reckon on word "hope".

    I used to work in finance. Some companies can get loans against their order book.

  3. 3 hours ago, Jim Giberti said:

    Agree this makes no sense. ProRes is a pretty primary feature of all BM cameras and it has the other flavors now.

    Plus FCPX is about to release the new update w/ ProRes RAW. I can't imagine they don't want to encourage as many cameras and users as possibe to use it.

    EDIT:  this information was covered by a prior post in this stream.   No need to read this,


    The rumored is that Atomos has a period of exclusive use. Hence Apple cannot license ProRes RAW to BM. 

  4. Don't forget that the 2018 internal 4K upgrade will be 8 bit only. The 1080 is only 35mps. All of these specs fall just a little short of what I am asked to deliver. RAW is nice but none of my jobs   ask for RAW, they hate it.

    The C200 is an enthusiast camera.  Great for passsion projects and micro budget narratives, not for my niche, event and quick turn around docs Just so you don't think I am a Canon hater we have had several C100s at time, both models, but time moves on. We sold ours  

    I hope the Panasonic Cinema cam fits our needs. 

  5. 4 hours ago, jonpais said:

    I should probably say how I white balanced and which settings I used as well. Settings: Standard, Contrast -2, Sharpening -5, NR -5, Saturation 0. I manually white balanced just using the LCD screen. No color correction in post. So of course, it's not any example of perfection. But I thought what Inazuma was referring to is the general overall skin tones having a tendency toward orange. I'm no expert on chroma smearing, but I thought that referred to splotchy patches of color (green/magenta) showing up in footage, not to the overall color rendition. Anyway, if you'd explain what you're seeing, I'd be very interested in learning more.

    The problem with a -5 NR setting is that the GH5 has a special function that enhances collie gradients in areas of similar color, the GH4 did not have this, and turning NR off will turn this off also. Guys, this is not a GH4. I wish I had time to create and post tests but this is March Madness basketball tournament time.  

  6. 48 minutes ago, Stab said:

    Can someone explain to me what shooting in Like709 bascially does? I don't quite understand it.

    At several differnt location I have been told by people who had the prototype cameras that Like709 was the way to go unless I was recording to an external recorder, then V Log L.

    Question, Slashcam.de has shown that VLog on the GH5 is truncated so has only half the expeted bits depth . Like709 is not supposed to be truncated. Is the external VLog feed truncated? 

  7. The 18-135 NANO is the way to go.  Much smoother AF than with a STM. SAme optics. Also the ability to add a power zoom module.  BTW I am selling one since our nonprofit is switching to GH5s.  Although it is not the best optically, it is good enough and the AF difference is astounding.  Absolutely accurate AF following with no hunting.  It is the ONLY lens to take full advantage of the dual pixel AF.  I ended up using it in preference to any other zoom since focusing was dead on.

  8. 38 minutes ago, Grimor said:

    How worse are the new kitter 12-60 panasonic (3'5-5'6) vs the premium new Leica?

    If you can trade kit for leica, how much did you pay for the leica one?

    I have shot both. The kit lens is a very good kit lens and you will be happy with it until you see the Leica 22-60 at work. Much better flare and contrast. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Philip Lipetz said:

    James Miller demonstrates that this is an codec problem that disappears when an external recorder is used, suggesting that the 400mps upgrade will help or elimaite this occasional problem.



    Jamres Miller GH5.jpg


    BTW am I worried about this "problem?" Not at all.  And I did not mean to imply that I was. I was shocked to be asked if I was cancelling our nonprofit's orders. Absolutely not. the majority of our work goes to the web, and no one will ever notice. Not even me. If I ever need to shoot for the big screen I will use our Atomos, or 400mbs. 

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