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    Rudolf reacted to Gábor Ember in Strange beast - Tushinsky Superscope   
    Use it to project your anamorphic videos
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    Rudolf reacted to tony wilson in Strange beast - Tushinsky Superscope   

    contact vamp camp ask him if it will work with his clamps also ask him if he can make a helmet mount cos you want to go skydiving with your tushinsky..
    get a friend to film from the ground as you make you way down to earth : )

    just had an idea for the sky diving movie name..
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    Rudolf got a reaction from Sebastien Farges in Another ISCO anecdote   
    Today I had a nice chat with a kind lady at ISK-Optik former ISCO-Göttingen.
    I was asking for the original adapter ring (39/0.75-49 for my Leitz cinegon). 
    She told me she was sorry: they dumped everything of the "old" stuff.
    "Yes, sir we dumped the old stock, as we needed the space for new developments"
    Well, I was... speechless. I told her in brief about the "Iscorama-hype" and prices.
    I even told her about SLR-Magic and the price tag of $1500,-
    I could "hear her smiling".
    It is unbelievable the ISK-Management has obviously no idea what is happening. 
    Or could it be that the production of a new Iscorama with similar quality is just 
    too expensive?
    An aquintance who has a friend (a scientist who has even received an Oscar together
    with some others) at ISK-Optik told me they are more into developments for the
    In my opinion it is more of a missed chance
    Reminds my very vague of the magnetic monorail - now in China  :P
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    Rudolf got a reaction from tony wilson in Introducing the SLR Magic anamorphic lens - hands on with new V3 prototype   
    Actually they are just doing market research. SLR don't want to do anybody a favour - they are only interested in selling their stuff like Zacuto and all the others too!
    And for the price of one SLR-Adapter I bought two tiny Möllers and my NonMC Isco 54 which I bought just two or three months ago wasn't more expensive either. And it goes on and on: There are a couple  of Bolex Möllers around right now for less. I saw a 36 for € 250 (Paypal - no SCAM!). (I know of the disadvantages of the Möllers)
    Not long ago many people here on the forum were discussing character or the lack of it especially on the Isco 36.
    Now the new kids on the block are hyped and everything is about flare and bokeh... but where has the demand for character gone?
    As usual Andrew did a great job but to my eyes it could have also been cropped. There is nothing special about the image.
    But I am not an expert or pro - just a way to waste time and money but I know a couple of pros and they even don't know Iscoramas.
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    Rudolf reacted to Rob Bannister in Anamorphic post workflows part 1   
    Hello everyone,
    This is one way to learn to deal with Anamorphic footage in post. Here is a detailed tutorial on working with anamorphic footage in post, from dealing with lens distortion and squeeze factor, moving data between applications and rendering with the proper pixel aspect ratios. I will be updating this tutorial with more info as I move through the process and adding more applications as well. Currently I cover Nuke, After Effects, Video Copilot and Maya. The next one will most likely be Houdini but if you have any suggestions, something is missing or if there is a better way to do something please let me know. I really wanted a place to consolidate all of this info and make it available to anyone who needs it, so let me know if you found this useful.
    Rob B

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    Rudolf reacted to Paulio in SLR Magic anamorphic prototype V3 - Part 2 - The footage   
    Dude, it's pretty clear a lot of people prefer 1.5x and 2x  when you look at the responses here and on personal view. Anamorphic is a niche market and these are the folks who would be dropping $1500 on an adapter.
    Bit of unnecessary stretch to generalize them all as fanatics.
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    Rudolf reacted to jeffpb7 in SLR Magic anamorphic prototype V3 - Part 2 - The footage   
    There's something missing, like it's too sharp. Maybe it's the 1.3x... I like the 1.5x and 2x a lot more. It doesn't have that organic look like the Iscorama. To me it looks like a cropped standard lens. The flares are to thin too. If they could copy the Iscorama but with a blue flare, I would definitely buy one... maybe 2. 
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    Rudolf reacted to Lucian in Introducing the SLR Magic anamorphic lens - hands on with new V3 prototype   
    Not sure what, or with whom you are trying to argue at this point. We get it, your'e very interested in this 1.3x adapter, some of us are not and we are entitled to our opinion. 
    There is no need to desperately defend some product you've never used, it's okay for people to differ in their preferences. Enjoy the product when it comes out!
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    Rudolf reacted to richg101 in Depreciation value with new anamorphics coming out   
    my opinion on the matter...
    these new offerings wont touch the current ones for people like us.  it wont better a century or a la7200 since the guys developing these new lenses dont really understand the reasoning behind why people want anamorphic.  neither will they touch the performance of an iscorama unless they infringe on a patent.
    their key failing is in deciding to rework a 'one size fits all' option instead of making people work with a proper solution that has limitations.
    the letus option will have only been tested with Canon L lenses
    the slr magic solution will have only been tested with slr magic lenses on m43
    The key to success is to deliver a set of integrated lenses with no user options available.  each lens being sub 1.5k usd.  each being f2.8.  a 35mm, a 50mm and a 85mm.  each covering full frame to allow yielding of the speed booster for that magical f2..
    the worst thing in the world is to create a one size fits all front solution that will in 90% of circumstances be fitted to the front of ghastly canon 50mm L lenses.  
    Set maximum and minimum focus point for each focal length and optimise the anamorphot to suit.  
    if anything i see these offerings as only a reason for my iscorama to increase even more above its actual value.  and id rather these people put their efforts into something that matched it.  all this computer power we have nowadays.  how can these people not better a 1960's design?
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    Rudolf got a reaction from Tito Ferradans in How to tell if Iscorama 36 is multicoated   
    Hello Ithanlon, your pictured does not show the 36. It is the older version with 30mm rear (and a unique serial no.) and is not multicoated.
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    Rudolf got a reaction from Tito Ferradans in Selling Moller 19/1,5x Anamorphic lens   
    Enny, great you did not lose your humor! That is the best way to handle these "things"...
    And maybe tonight you can tell a bedtime story about multicoating removal (there was a thread here I think)
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    Rudolf got a reaction from ehsan in deal of the century!   
    DAMNED...!!!! I missed the 16/32...  :(  
    I love my Möllers 8/19 so much that there is an even bigger desire for the 16/32  ;)
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    Rudolf got a reaction from tosvus in Anamorphic Shooter's Guide appropriate for my tiny $400 budget?   
    Helios + Sankor is very nice and sharp and does not vignette on m4/3 (in my experience) but that might be difficult if you're on APS-C (or full frame)!
    BTW I do not agree on better quality lenses are always overpriced. There are many ridiculous listings but on the other hand
    good quality comes at higher prices. Nothing wrong with that. And there is a huge difference between a Bolex Möller
    and a Sankor (sharpness /at any aparture, handling/no diopter, focussing, weight, character).
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    Rudolf reacted to tommykristensen in Movie: Aspect Ratios explained   
    Stumbled upon this little video from FilmmakerIQ on Fstoppers, although not totally about anamorphs, it's still a nice explanatory piece on aspect ratios - and how they ended up beeing 1.33 or 2.20 etc. - and hey... Henri Chretien is mentioned.
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    Rudolf got a reaction from Mauri D.Galiano in Bolex Anamorphot 16/32 1.5x ... My little gem   
    I have a couple of Canon FDs, some russian lens, Yashica, Zeiss, Panasonic and one I like very much is the Olympus Zuiko 38mm.
    All together maybe 15 and I am not really unhappy but I am not sure if this makes sense. I got the feeling I bought a lot and some
    were not was I am looking for (I recently sold my Konicas) 
    I would like to have maybe 4 primes of really good quality with a homogenous look and sharpness. For example Zeiss 28mm, 35mm,
    50mm and 85mm or similar Nikkors AIS (I just posted this "problem" in a new thread).
    But when I watch your great video... maybe it is just my disability and not the lens  :)
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    Rudolf got a reaction from Mauri D.Galiano in Bolex Anamorphot 16/32 1.5x ... My little gem   
    Very interesting color and epic scenery on these screenshots! I am looking forward for the final film!!!
    Hope you share it with us...
    Canon FD Lenses are very good I think. I have the 28mm F 2.0 which is fantastic in sharpness wide open.
    Same as the 35mm 2.0 which has unfortunately for my taste a too warm color rendition. 
    The 50mm 1.4 is as sharp as the Zeiss 50mm 1.4 (maybe sharper) 
    However I am switching and therefore I will probably sell my FD collection. 
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    Rudolf reacted to Caleb Genheimer in Minnesota Snow in Anamorphic   
    Just thought I'd share this also on the anamorphic forum specifically. Gotta love the Kowa image!
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