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  1. It's gonna be amazing ? I've put up with all of the shortcomings of the original pocket because of the image. So this one will be a luxury.
  2. John Brawley is a pro cinematographer and we should be grateful he shares his experience and insights on this forum. Seeing him harangued by Jon Pais, a pedant who's oeuvre mainly consists of filming unwitting subjects in his local cafe, is just ridiculous. If we want more of the calibre of John Brawley posting on here, we shouldn't tolerate the constant argumentative overly defensive crapola spouted by Pais. Personally I'd like to see him banned. At least that would give him more time for his, ahem, 'filmmaking'.
  3. It's looking good to me. A few questions if you don't mind. What lens were you using on that night shoot? How do you think the image compares to your 1DXmk2? And are you happy with your purchase?
  4. I was very impressed by these films when I saw them on JB's blog at the time. Very cinematic looking and great skin tones with fantastic stabilisation. It was only the aliasing evident on that petrol station roof which put me off buying the EM5 mkll at the time. However an EM5 mkIII with 4K and IBIS must be due very soon and if they have fixed those aliasing issues, it could well be a serious challenger to the BMPCC4K for those looking for a filmic image.
  5. Already signed this when I saw it on Facebook. I'm hoping Blackmagic will take notice. I bought quite a few S16 cine lenses for my BMPCC including the very lovely Angenieux 17-68mm, the Angenieux 25mm 0.95 and a set of de-clicked Kiev 16U primes. It would be great to have the option of S16 in higher resolution on the new camera.
  6. I read Frank's blog and unless I missed it, he didn't use that word at all or anything like it. He just said people should quit whining. Jon Pais attributed it to him in order to passively aggressively use it himself I think.
  7. What exactly is your problem, creepy robot-voice man?
  8. I wonder if this will turn out to be Lars Von Trier's last full length feature film. He had such a terrible time making it that he turned back to alcohol after many years of sobriety. His next announced project is a series of short black and white films which he hopes will make him feel good again. He is 62 which is not ancient by any means but in recent interviews he looks like his health has deteriorated quite badly. He has a constant tremor which I suspect is Parkinson's Disease or a similar neurological condition. I hope I'm wrong about this as I'd like to see more features from this important artist.
  9. That's a dangerous statement, holding 'UK people' responsible is the kind of attitude which makes a suicide bomber feel justified in wiping out as many civilians as possible. What we're discussing is only a movie that actors agreed to take part in and no-one was hurt. The themes in the movie may be sick and twisted but you don't have to watch it. I'll reserve judgement on it until I've actually seen it. I may well hate it. You could be right - but have you actually seen it yet?
  10. @jonpais Downvoting me for pointing out the facts, eh? Lol, you really are very childish for a 61 year old.
  11. Yes those things are an improvement for sure but maybe the lack of 4K might be an issue in the future Having said that none of the films nominated for best cinematography at this years Academy Awards were shot in 4K which puts things in perspective. No I'm not. It is you who talking out of your arse without checking the facts. According to Canons website the C100 mark 2 weighs 1020g and the C200 weighs 1430g. It's considerably bulkier too. Basically a C100 on steroids.
  12. Jon, you're talking crap (and not for the first time). The C200 is larger and heavier than a C100.
  13. What problems are you finding with the C100 LCD? And have you tried the magnified monochrome image with colour peaking setup? I find I can nail manual focus all the time with that setup. I do sometimes add the BM video assist to the camera for the luxury of a larger LCD - but it does add noticable weight. Have you considered the new BM pocket 4K? It's not out yet obviously, but it is compact, has a built in 5" screen and I expect it will be a pleasure to use. I've pre-ordered one and personally can't wait to get my hands on one.
  14. He said the C100, not the C200. The C100 without a lens is actually a surprisingly light camera especially if you use the smaller size canon battery with it.
  15. No matter how light your camera is, those lenses will always be heavy to carry around. If weight is an issue, have you considered M43 lenses for your GH5? When I'm lugging around my heavy Canon gear, I often wish I could just shoot instead with a couple of BMPCCs, smaller lenses and an external audio recorder, but unfortunately smaller is not better when it comes to making an impression on a client.
  16. If you are really old and mature, then you should have outgrown these silly superhero movies by now. They are OK on occasion as a guilty pleasure (a bit like a McDonalds meal), but you should look for something with a bit more sustenance, something which might stay with you after the credits have rolled, something which might inform you or make you see the world differently. It could even be entertaining too. Hollywood only seems to make films for kids (and kidults) these days. We're living in an age of mass infantilism.
  17. Before he became a persona non grata, Kevin Spacey did a course on acting for the website Masterclass.com. He worked with a group of student actors on refining their performances and the results were incredible. He was able to transform a lot of 'showy' performances into something more truthful. He was also able to transform lacklustre performances into genuinely powerful ones. It was amazing to watch. Since his fall from grace, the course has been removed from the website, but if you ever get the chance to see it, it's definitely worth it.
  18. It's depends what's important to you and whether you already have EF lenses. The GH5 of course has 4K and IBIS. The C100 is HD only and no IBIS but has a larger sensor, Canon colour science - and if you have clients on set, they will be much more impressed by it visually, which makes them feel they are getting their money's worth. (when I use a dslr or mirrorless for video, I still get comments like 'oh, are you only shooting stills? When I have the C100 it gets lots of admiring looks and comments such as 'that looks expensive'). I set my C100 up using a 'cheat sheet' by the late Matt Davis. To check focus I push the button under my thumb on the handgrip and I get a magnified monochrome view with coloured peaking. I can easily move the view around with the little joystick on the handgrip and I can do all of this while recording too. As I'm also at the age where my near vision is not so good, when filming, I wear a pair of off the shelf 'ready readers' with a strong magnification so that my eyes can easily see at very close distance. I also have the G80 / G85 for when I need to go small or handheld or want 4K for reframing options. Not having a punch in option (except in manual mode) is a little annoying as it would be nice to check the autofocus is accurate - but I have come to trust it.
  19. It might be a good idea get your actors to watch a film (or even a scene) which has a similar mood to what you are trying to capture. At least then they will know what you are aiming for. Some directors like to play music on set before shooting to set the tone for the scene. If nothing works, then consider recasting if possible. It's been said that casting correctly is 90% of the work of a film. An exaggeration of course, but you get the point.
  20. Thanks racer. I'm pleasantly surprised that it was faked after reading how John C. Reilly once quit a LvT film (Manderlay) because of a scene where a donkey is killed.
  21. Great stuff! I think you are ready to make a feature.
  22. Politics aside, here's an interesting interview with the cinematographer about the shooting of the film and the cameras & lenses used: https://www.afcinema.com/Cinematographer-Manuel-Alberto-Claro-DFF-discusses-Lars-Von-Trier-s-The-House-That-Jack-Built.html?lang=en
  23. I've seen most of his previous films and I expect I will watch this at some point but I also expect I will be repulsed and disgusted by some scenes. I hope the duckling mutilation was faked.
  24. Ah yes I know that technique... Thanks for clarifying.
  25. Nice grade. Was this handheld? How were you getting those smooth movements?
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