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  1. Well put. As far as I know jonpais is not a moderator. He just behaves as though he is. And his attempts to dominate every thread are becoming tiresome.
  2. Jon it's fact that you often come across as a sanctimonious prig. Your headmasterly tone grates very quickly. You're just another opinion on here not a voice of authority. And do you really need to reply to virtually every single post on here in every thread? We know you love everything about the GH5 and no other camera measures up in your opinion - but give it a rest please. I'd like to see interesting discussions develop without your constant interjection.
  3. It's waaaay more cinematic than your tack sharp home movies of adolescent Asian students. I guess some people just can't see the difference.? This is the video which convinced me to buy the BMPCC a few years ago. The performance footage just looked so organic and filmic. Especially when juxtaposed against the GH4 footage also used in the video. Each look has its uses and I'm not saying one is better than the other. But that particular filmic look is what I'm interested in You can't really look at this and say the BMPCC is not cinematic. P.S. Thank you Aaron for making it
  4. Reminds me bit of some of Kieslowski's early documentary shorts.
  5. @Oliver Daniel thanks for sharing all of that info. Appreciated.
  6. I couldn't help compare this to another famous director's handheld documentary: 'Junan' by Paul Thomas Anderson was shot mostly with a BMPCC (there's also some Go Pro and drone footage in there). He hadn't intended to shoot it this way but when his filming gear was confiscated by Customs in India he had to shoot it with what he had in his hand luggage i.e. The Pocket Camera. Despite the shakiness of the handheld footage, it still looks so much better than the Friedkin doc.
  7. I don't much like the hyper-real, ultra-crisp digital look of the GH5, but other than that, tremendous job - and I can't imagine how you managed to do all the post in 4 days. Well done.
  8. According to AV Club, he used a Sony mirrorless. https://www.avclub.com/william-friedkins-ridiculous-documentary-the-devil-and-1825345270 In any case, the image is quite horrible and digital. Kind of makes the documentary look cheap and trashy.
  9. Now, that's what I call cinematic...
  10. Apologies if I've missed this point, but is there any chance the hack will fix the terrible moire issues of the 5N? Or is that something which can't be corrected. Many thanks.
  11. Have a look at the trailer for this feature shot with a GH2. It's amazing looking, very cinematic - and it seems that only three lenses were used. According to the director, he used a Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 (Nikon mount), Nikon 28mm 2.8 and a nikkor 50mm 1.4 (all with a Nikon to M4/3 adaptor of course). The results look stunning. [url=http://vimeo.com/33025136]Musgo Trailer[/url]
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